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Leah (レア Rea) is from ABN Israel and the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Yeladot Shavit that first appears in Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones.


From ABN Israel

A member of the ABN Peace Department's 012th Holy Agent Corps "Yeladot Shavit"

Her ability to sing and dance for public relations purposes is prized even more highly than her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.

Her P3 levels are not public knowledge, but she is included on lists of ABN Gauntlet Knight aces, leaving no doubts that she possesses considerable talent.

Before she joined the ABN Peace Department, she was attached to the ABN Guidance Department. Her history before that is classified due to "undisclosed activities involving good deeds".


Leah has short brown hair and wears a nun outfit with black boots. Her Gauntlet has a shoulder guard resembling a pope mitre.


Leah and her allies love to espouse love and peace, though Leah often gives harsh orders and messages as part of her job.


Special Abilities[]

Trinity Comet Deathblow (SS)

It's said that they've mastered specialized tactics that will allow the three of them together to instantly kill a single  enemy Aerial Augmented Infantry ace. This sounds like an ace-killing finishing move, but it's rumored that this three-person attack would take out its users as well, so its true value is veiled in secrecy.

Friendly Observation (S)

She's capable of closely observing the status of friendly Aerial Augmented Infantry units at all times. She can
instantly make high-level battlefield judgements and assessments of each of her allies' performance. This ability is on the same level as Miyao's ability of the same name. However, in her case, all observations are
passed on to her superiors.

Substitute Weapon Fighting Techniques (A)

Even when not equipped with a Gauntlet, she's well-versed in hidden weapon techniques making use of everyday objects, and her combat ability is quite high. To her, anything can become a weapon, even pre-chewed gum or water bottle lids. In particular, her killing techniques with a pair of glasses are worth seeing.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Leah is first introduced in Chapter 2 with her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival.

In Chapter 23, after the drone revolt Leah shows concern over the fact that religious police vehicles are given more priority than emergency vehicles.

In Chapter 25, Leah and her squad are invited to Miyao's Christmas party, and she gets a bit emotional since Yeladot Shavit is supposed to be hated by others. During the final battle before the second global truce, Leah reluctantly tells her ally Gauntlet Knights that he and her squad have authorization to strike them down if they don't fight.