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This article is about an organization in Ciconia When They Cry.

The Latin American Treaty Organization (ラテンアメリカ大陸条約機構, lit. Latin American Continent Treaty Organization, alternatively written as 南米条約機構, lit. South American Treaty Organization) (LATO) is a faction consisting primarily of South American countries.


In the early part of the A3W era, they were blessed with rich spirit fields of Rare Spiritium and rapidly became the most prosperous countries in the world. LATO controls the main source of the world's Spiritium, so none of the other factions can say "no" to them.

They currently function as the central axis of the world and are filled with the headquarters of various international organizations.

That massive financial power is the backdrop for a strong military, and they refer to themselves as "The World Police", as America once did in the B3W era.

Their people are incredibly well off, and it's the number one most chosen region for "places I want to be reborn in".

LATO's citizens are wealthy and have no worries. The other factions watching them seem to be extremely jealous.


LATO countries consist of predominantly Central and South American countries. Azerbaijan is the only exception following the formation of the Abrahamic Brother Nations and pressure from other factions, forcing them to join LATO.[1]

Member Nations


LATO aims to maintain a healthy military balance worldwide through the International Peace Mediation Association and Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee. Through these organizations they also monitor 8MS development.

Though they acknowledge the existence of regional disputes, they set upper limits on the amount of arms that can be used and watch the situation closely. This policy is based on the idea that feuds resulting from a healthy military balance can calm the emotions of governments and people on both sides, resulting in a cooling-off period sufficiently long to allow them to talk it over rationally. [7]


LATO citizens live in wealth and luxury. The goodwill of the LATO people is such that they don't even steal when the opportunity presents itself.[8]


Gauntlet Knights

They are not participants in the latest International Battle Standard Festival, but are facilitating it via the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee. Unlike other factions, LATO's Gauntlet Knights form 2-member rottes. LATO's high military funding and status as World Police also means their Gauntlets have much higher specs compared to other models.[9]

Known Units

Other Military Units

Air defense is left in the hands of drones.[8]

Foreign Relations

Seshat invades a meeting with a high-ranking LATO executive and erases the memories of everyone present. The executive finds something wrong with his inability to remember and asks LATO to investigate, however he is told to ignore it.[9]

LATO recruits several politicians from other factions and appoints them as provisional directors for the signing of a global peace treaty. However, most of them are killed during an explosion incident at the IPMA HQ. LATO is suspected of masterminding it, though it is determined to be an accident and swiftly brushed off.[10]

LATO later arranges a second simultaneous global truce and pulls it off with no problems.[11]


  • The name of this faction is likely a reference to the real world NATO (北大西洋条約機構, lit. North Atlantic Ocean Treaty Organization). Specifically, the Japanese name the official website and the character bios screen (ラテンアメリカ大陸条約機構, lit. Latin American Continent Treaty Organization) emphasizes "Continent" as a contradiction to "Ocean" in the Japanese name of NATO.


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