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Chapter 1: Meeting Again is the first chapter of the manga adaptation of Rose Guns Days: Last Season's 1950 story arc.


In 1950 in City 23, Richard gives a passioned speech to gathered businessmen asking them to remember the incident that Chinatown caused a year ago, and that fellow Japanese must fight together. The crowd murmurs, and Cyrus clarifies that they're not saying to pick up guns, but to "support the home front." Richard says that only people who respect others giving their lives for their countrymen will be treated as countrymen, and that this is Madam Rose's decision.

Leo uses the shower at Jeanne's place as she cooks udon for him, as thanks for saving her earlier. Leo looks around the small house and sees a picture of Jeanne with her family. She explains that her two sons died in the disaster while her husband was a sailor on the Mikuma. Leo says he was in the army so he doesn't know about ships which disappoints Jeanne, but he assures her that the people who sank with the Mikuma weren't bad people.

Leo eats his udon and explains that he was away for 3 years taking care of overseas business. He and Jeanne talk about the state of Japan since then, with Jeanne saying it was originally thanks to Rose that the Dawn Shopping District she frequented was saved. However, Rose changed: the Primavera henchmen who harassed her earlier were stealing money from countrymen and claiming them as donations for helping other countrymen, and were now like a mafia. Jeanne heard that Rose got this way because of an incident last year, prompting Leo to ask for more details.

A year ago, Chinatown suddenly initiated several gunfights across down and got civilians involved. The younger sister of a Primavera executive was also killed, which Leo ponders about. Jeanne says the incident was still too much, and wants to slap Rose and fix her. Leo smiles in response and hopes she does it.

At a bar, some Wild Dogs talk about the claim that Chinatown committed the incident last year, with one not believing it because the Wild Dogs couldn't find proof, and that the higher-ups are just swallowing rumors. He says that Richard's been trying to take revenge ever since Stella got killed, and the other Wild Dog tries to make him shut up, fearing what will happen if someone heard them.

Charles suddenly bursts through the door, excited that Zel's come back. The patrons berate him for scaring them. Charles is called over to Nina's table, where she and Zel are sitting at. Charles excitedly asks why she came back, and Zel says she wants to explain once everyone gets here and asks where Oliver is. Charles gets a horrified look, and Nina lies that he's on a special job and will come late. Zel is happy to hear he's been respected in the group, as Charles and Nina have looks of worry.

The trio drinks as Zel talks about how she enjoyed life with her father working on a coffee farm, and that she's grateful to Rose. She asks how she's doing but Charles and Nina utter in confusion, and Zel takes this to mean something really did happen to her. The others recap the incident last year: attackers suddenly showed up and opened fire in public, resulting in the death of Stella. Rose was also shot while hosting a public forum but survived, but nobody's seen her since; the Wild Dogs were never told where she was. Eyewitness reports say the attackers looked Asian, and so rumors spread that it was all the doing of the Golden Dragon Society. Charles and Nina can't believe it's true, as they never found evidence that the GDS did it, yet the rumor spread so far and wide. They assume that the real mastermind wanted people to believe it was the GDS and spread information to support it. After some silence, they say that it's just a possibility, and that Primavera's been acting under the assumption it really was them.

Zel is asked why she came back to City 23 and why she left her dad behind, and Zel pulls out some letters. She says these came from Rose, and believes that she's being kept under house arrest.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapter "Coming Home."

  • The manga omits Nina and Charles agreeing to lie about Oliver's death and take Zel to the graveyard later.
  • The manga omits that the GDS rumors grew to the point that it was believed Special Forces troops were employed.

Artist Comments[]

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