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LOGiN (ログイン) was a Japanese gaming magazine published by Enterbrain.

LOGiN June 2005[]

The June 2005 issue of LOGiN featured a comic titled Written Explanation (始末書), illustrated by Naoko Kanazawa, aka piyopoo. In the comic, Kanazawa talks about a collaboration between Higurashi When They Cry and Cure Maid Cafe, where she gives a brief explanation of what Higurashi was and how she became obsessed with it. Kanazawa gained the chance to talk with Ryukishi07 and asked him about Shion Sonozaki's "motorcycle displacement", which he didn't have an answer for. When asked about his writing process, Ryukishi says he makes checkpoints and then connects them while looking at reader theories and responses. He likes to fill in the gaps with fun things such as making Satoko Houjou appear more often since she's popular. Kanazawa then asks Ryukishi what he has planned for the then-upcoming Tsumihoroboshi, and he replies that he wants to feature interactions between Rena Ryuugu and Satoshi Houjou. Kanazawa tells all the readers of LOGiN to read Higurashi and to send her any theories.

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