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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Kyrie Ushiromiya (右代宮 霧江 Ushiromiya Kirie) is Rudolf Ushiromiya's second wife and Battler Ushiromiya's stepmother.


Rudolf's second wife.

She had already worked alongside him for some time before the death of his first wife, at which time she openly took the position of his wife.

She has served as Rudolf's right hand in several shady pieces of business, guiding them to success. She is quick-thinking and well-trusted by her husband.

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Kyrie is a tall and well-endowed fair-skinned woman with short white hair that has bangs swept to the right and onyx eyes. She wears a long black coat, a purple long sleeved purple shirt underneath with a black tie with a cross on it, black buckled belt, black pants and black shoes.


Kyrie is a cool, calm and collected individual who is also quick-thinking, logical and very analytical. She is almost always analyzing people and situations using chessboard thinking, always considering the reasons why people might perform certain actions, down to the smallest things. Kyrie rarely loses her composure.

Kyrie has an extreme devotion and attraction towards Rudolf, bordering on obsession. Before they were married, she was sly and tried to get rid of girls who went after him,[2] and went as far as having a child with Rudolf to have him for herself. Kyrie also tried to set herself apart from other women by displaying knowledge about financial affairs and providing Rudolf with advice. When she and Asumu were both pregnant with Rudolf's children (the latter of which was married to him), she did not give up and wanted her child to be more superior than Asumu's, to the point that she wanted her and the child to be acknowledged by Rudolf.

Kyrie has a tendency to hold grudges, in particular with Asumu, who she believes stole Rudolf away from her. She wrote down many curses towards Asumu in a diary and reached a point where she plotted to kill her, but was saved the trouble when Asumu just died one day.[3] Even after Asumu's death, she hated her and to a certain extent, hated Battler; she was envious that Asumu could give birth and she couldn't. Kyrie even got rid of every picture of Asumu in Rudolf's house after marrying him and sent them to Battler.[4] She eventually developed a brother-sister like relationship with Battler, though she only acted like this because it was the mature way to act towards him. She even claimed to not care if Battler died as he is not her son, but would let him live as she knew Ange would be sad. As shown in Twilight of the Golden Witch,Kyrie breaks down upon learning Battler, who she has been resenting all those years, was her biological son all along.

In Requiem of the Golden Witch,when the gold was found and the murders between the siblings took place, she and Rudolf were the only ones who thought that the gold cannot be taken outside the island at that point and that the one billion cash card was the only thing she and Rudolf can use to gain a entire fortune. Because of that, Kyrie shows pragmatic behavior and sociopathic tendencies in not finding anything wrong with killing and enjoying it if she gains something and resolves her problems.


Kyrie displays some proficiency in wielding Winchester Rifles.

During magic battles, Kyrie displays an incredibly high envy level because of the years of jealousy she felt towards Asumu for giving birth to Battler, thus any opponent who faces her will slow down to a crawl.


Kyrie is a member of the Sumadera family, which was a sort of rival to the Ushiromiya family. Kyrie got a job working under Rudolf at his company and started dating him, even when he was already married to Asumu. Kyrie eventually got pregnant and was prepared to give birth on the same day Asumu was to give birth to her own child, however Kyrie suffered a miscarriage. Kyrie then developed extreme jealousy towards Asumu for being able to give birth to Battler, and this envy would last even after Asumu's death. Twilight of the Golden Witch reveals that Kyrie is actually Battler's biological mother while Asumu had a miscarriage. Rudolf bribed a doctor to switch the results, not wanting it known that he had an illegitimate child.

After Asumu died, Kyrie immediately married Rudolf and abandoned the Sumadera family, leaving her younger sister Kasumi to become the head. Kyrie gave birth to Ange a few years later.

The Twilight manga suggests that Kyrie and Rudolf were the true culprits behind the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, with Rudolf and Kyrie being killed by Eva after the event. After the events of 1986, Ange is adopted by Eva.





Rudolf Ushiromiya

Rudolf is Kyrie's husband. At family conferences, Kyrie sometimes speaks with other people, which Rudolf dislikes. Kyrie also does her best not to make Rudolf feel inferior in this way.[5] In times where Kyrie is able to get involved, she can corner people in negotiation, something Rudolf appreciates.[6]

Battler Ushiromiya

Kyrie is Battler's stepmother, but their relationship is more like a sibling one, as remarked by Battler himself. Kyrie doesn't consider Battler to be her son and sometimes treated him coldly just because he's Asumu's son.

In Twilight of the Golden Witch, Kyrie breaks down upon learning Battler, who she has been resenting all those years, was her biological son all along.

Ange Ushiromiya

Kyrie is Ange's mother, seemingly caring for Ange deeply, as she would let Battler live as she knew it would make Ange sad. However, in Requiem of the Golden Witch,it is revealed that Kyrie saw Ange as nothing more than a chain to hold Rudolf, never truly loving Ange as her daughter.

Role in the Story

Legend of the Golden Witch

Kyrie is first introduced with her family meeting the other members at Nijima Airport. She offhandedly mentions that Ange wasn't able to come to the family conference because she was sick.

Kyrie sits in on the siblings' finance meeting and learns that Rudolf's gotten into some trouble at work without her knowledge. She tries to keep Rudolf calm as he gets angry over Krauss's demands.

At dinner, Maria claims to have received an umbrella and letter from Beatrice and reads it aloud. Kyrie and the others discuss the possible meaning behind this prank. Later, Kyrie discusses with Battler the possibilities of there being a 19th person and teaches him chessboard thinking. Rudolf interrupts their meeting and says he wants to have a family talk later, ominously mentioning that he'll be killed. Rudolf and Kyrie go off to continue the sibling discussion throughout the night.

The next morning, Kyrie and Rudolf are found dead as victims of the first twilight.

Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. Her face seems to have been smashed after her death.

She was chosen by the Demons' Roulette. That's all there is to it.


Turn of the Golden Witch

Kyrie speaks with Rosa about how much Maria's grown. Rosa feels guilty since she considers herself a bad mother, and Kyrie tries to make her feel better.

Kyrie takes a break after the sibling conference and speaks with Beatrice a bit after seeing her arrive as a guest on Rokkenjima. Kyrie relays this information to the siblings and ponders with them about what Beatrice might be after if she's here on the island. Kyrie later shows confusion at dinner when Beatrice doesn't join them in eating. In the meta-world, Battler wonders if Beatrice really does exist as a 19th peson on the island.

That night, Kyrie and the other adults meet Beatrice in the chapel and acknowledge her existence as a witch. The next morning, Kyrie is discovered as a victim of the first twilight.

Her corpse was found in the chapel. The direct cause of death is unknown, but it seems her stomach was cut open and her intestines pulled out after her death. On top of that, sweets and candies were packed into her stomach.

And so, I give you the land of dreams. Happy Halloween.


Banquet of the Golden Witch

Maria claims to have received a letter from Beatrice and reads it out at dinner. Kyrie and the siblings discuss the possibility of a 19th person living in a secret mansion on the island as Kinzo's mistress. Rosa confesses that long ago, she did find a mansion hidden in the forest and met Beatrice, but caused her death.

The next morning, the siblings discover the victims of the first twilight (the servants and Kinzo), each locked in different rooms in the mansion. They obtain Winchester rifles from Kinzo's study and retreat with the cousins into the guesthouse. Later, Kyrie and the adults try to solve the epitaph. Kyrie theorizes that there's wordplay involved in the solution.

Rosa and Maria are discovered as the victims of the second twilight. Kyrie confirms her alibi with Natsuhi, Krauss, and Rudolf.

Kyrie goes to the mansion with Rudolf and Hideyoshi to retrieve food, with Kyrie and Rudolf guarding Hideyoshi with Winchesters as he manages the food cart. EVA-Beatrice locks them inside the mansion and then summons Leviathan and Belphegor to kill them. The trio splits up.

Kyrie overpowers Leviathan and kills her

Kyrie battles Leviathan and laments that she was envious of Asumu for being able to give birth. Kyrie establishes that she's had envy for 18 years in comparison to Leviathan's own and shoots down the demon stake with no effort.

Kyrie and Rudolf regroup to challenge EVA and try to shoot her, but she blocks it and summons Chiester 45 and Chiester 410. Kyrie and Rudolf try to run, but they are killed by the Chiesters' golden bow. EVA has some fun reviving and killing Rudolf and Kyrie again, then kills Hideyoshi and leaves. Their corpses are discovered by the survivors later.

Died in the hall of the mansion, her stomach pierced by a stake-shaped weapon.

The stomach isn't a particularly lethal spot. Isn't it enough to just kill her in some other, easier way and stick a stake in her corpse?


While debating with Battler, EVA claims that she used mind-control to send Kyrie to the mansion. Beato reconstructs the scene of Kyrie's death and discovers one of Hideyoshi's cigarette butts in her pocket. Battler uses this as evidence: it implies Kyrie was suspicious of Hideyoshi and Eva, and therefore went to the mansion for some other reason.

After Nanjo's murder, EVA unleashes a web of red and confirms Kyrie's death.

Kyrie reappears in the Golden Land after Beato denies witches.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

The siblings keep pestering Krauss for a chance to meet Kinzo in person, and Kyrie wants him to agree to several terms: they'll stop asking to see Kinzo until the day he dies, but they want to do an autopsy and confirm he died of natural causes; anything else will be Krauss's responsibility as Kinzo's caretaker. Krauss takes this to mean they all suspect Kinzo has been dead for a while and Krauss is hiding it. Kyrie asks for money paid to all of the siblings to seal the deal.

Kinzo appears before all of the adults at dinner and summons many witches and demons, resulting in six people killed for the first twilight. Kyrie and other survivors are captured by Gaap and teleported to the underground prison in Kuwadorian. Kyrie and the group ponder just how they could've traveled from the mansion to Kuwadorian, refusing to believe in magic.

They find a phone and call Battler and the cousins in the guesthouse, informing them of what has transpired. Kinzo arrives and announces his plan to test the cousins and use the prisoners as sacrifices. Kyrie is forced to call the guesthouse again and tell the cousins about their tests.

Kyrie and Krauss take out a goat together

The prisoners watch George and Jessica take their tests on a magic mirror when the goats summoned to guard them disappear. Using Shannon and Kanon's abilities, the group escapes and narrowly avoids Virgilia and more goats. They end up aboveground but start getting killed one-by-one by the Chiester Sisters, joined by Chiester 00.

Kyrie escapes into a guestroom and calls Battler in the guesthouse. As she narrowly avoids getting shot by Chiesters, Kyrie tells Battler to believe in magic and witches while also apologizing to him for being so envious of him for all these years. Kyrie is soon killed as Battler asks for clarification.

In the Tea Party, Battler investigates the island and inspects Kyrie's corpse. He finds several bullet holes around her and a stake inside of her forehead.

Her corpse was found in a guest room deep within the mansion.

There was a single hole right in the center of her forehead. It's probably reasonable to assume she was shot with a gun or something similar.

A demon stake was buried in the hole in her forehead, but it's hard to imagine that this was the cause of death.

I didn't miss! I missed on purpose to tease her, nyeh...!


End of the Golden Witch

Rudolf and Kyrie discuss how to get money out of Krauss to pay off their own debts, and Kyrie recommends Rudolf to some friends that could find some dirt on Krauss. They later arrange a meeting with Eva and Rosa.

The guest Erika and Battler solve the epitaph, and Kyrie and the rest of the family are present to see the gold. Despite Battler having full rights to the gold, the adults still argue over how it should be split, with Kyrie suggesting they talk to Kinzo and get his input; Krauss and Natsuhi reject it.

Battler, Kyrie, and the other adults have a discussion in the mansion's dining room when they discover a letter from Beatrice, which names Battler as the successor and Head of the Ushiromiya Family, and contains Kinzo's Head Ring.

The next morning, six people are found dead as victims of the first twilight, with some of them inside of Battler's room. Kyrie helps cover the corpses with blankets, and Erika soon arrives to inspect the scene.

Kyrie and the group go to Kinzo's study to talk to him but get no response from calling or knocking, and after entering they find he's nowhere to be seen. Kyrie gets Natsuhi to admit she was the last person to see Kinzo last night and accuses her and Krauss of keeping his death secret. Battler however manages to prove that Kinzo could've left the room.

Natsuhi is cornered

Hideyoshi is found dead inside of a closed room, and Kyrie and the group wonder who could've killed him.

Kyrie attends the Great Court of Illusions as a witness and is present for Erika accusing Natsuhi of committing the murders.

As of the game's suspension, Kyrie is still alive.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

During the love trial, Jessica chooses Kyrie as a target. She runs into her in a hallway and asks for advice, saying she likes someone and needs to complete a trial. Ange and Featherine watch, with Ange revealing that she found Kyrie's diary long ago filled with curses towards Asumu.

Kyrie tells Jessica about her rivalry with Asumu, and her regret that she couldn't fulfill Rudolf's needs for a mental partner and causing him to get with Asumu. Kyrie reveals she even prepared to kill Asumu herself, having been reduced to a mistress after her stillbirth, but a miracle caused Asumu to simply die instead. Kyrie tells Jessica to fight for her love, especially if she has a rival, and she needs to be prepared to kill.

Kyrie is stupefied at Jessica's power

Jessica gets the resolve to complete the trial and attempts to attack her, however Kyrie dodges and reveals she knew what Jessica was planning all along. Jessica then starts upgrading herself with magic, much to Kyrie's confusion, and keeps attacking her.

Leviathan arrives to assist Kyrie and helps her get into Krauss's study nearby. Kyrie locks herself in and presses her finger to the door, preventing Jessica from punching it down due to Kyrie's envy slowing her down. Kyrie prepares to grab a phone and call someone, but Jessica uses a fire upgrade to burn her to death from outside the room. Ronove cleans up the room and restores Kyrie's corpse.

The rest of the survivors find Kyrie's corpse locked inside of the study. Erika tries to examine it, but is unable to get enough information since she lost her Detective's Authority.

Her corpse was found in Krauss's study.

Furudo Erika didn't perform a detailed examination.


The anti-fantasy plot is later revealed: Kyrie joined Battler in playing a prank and faked her death. However, Erika killed her for real by decapitating her.

Her corpse was found in Krauss's study.

Her neck was completely severed by a blade.

The most perfect kind of corpse, both impossible to mistakenly identify as dead and completely recognizable.


In the Golden Land, Kyrie attends the love trial results with the rest of the family.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

The family attends a funeral for Beatrice on Rokkenjima, inside a miracle Fragment. Will goes to interview Rosa about her meeting with Beatrice long ago, where Kyrie and others discuss Kinzo possibly having a mistress.

During Yasuda's story, a flashback occurs where Kyrie brings letters from Battler to the other family members during a conference.

In the Tea Party, Bernkastel presents the supposed truth of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders to Ange and Lion. The adults solve the epitaph on the first day and make it to the gold room, where Beatrice reveals her plans, explains the bomb, and leaves out a cash card and some Winchesters. The adults squabble over the gold, which results in Natsuhi getting shot and killed by Eva, and Krauss killed after fighting with Hideyoshi.

Kyrie and Rudolf are the only ones left standing in the gold room

The group then argues over what to tell the police and how to deal with Krauss and Natsuhi's deaths, and settle on using the bomb to hide the evidence. Suddenly, Kyrie swiftly shoots and kills Rosa. Eva and Hideyoshi realize that Kyrie intends to kill them too, and before they can grab the fallen guns, Kyrie kills Hideyoshi, then seemingly shoots Eva and Beatrice. Kyrie directs Rudolf to activate the bomb, and then they set out to kill everyone else on the island so they can keep the cash to themselves and Battler.

At some point, Kyrie kills Gohda. She and Rudolf call the cousins in the guesthouse and convince them to come outside under guise of a test by Kinzo. Kyrie meets Jessica in the dining hall and beats her to death with her gun. She then calls Battler and tells him to come to the chapel and for Maria to wait in the guesthouse. Rudolf kills George meanwhile and meets up with Kyrie. Kyrie says they should convince Battler to go with them, but otherwise she'll kill him herself if she has to.

Eva manages to survive the slaughter and kills Rudolf before encountering Kyrie in the rose garden. Kyrie reveals she killed Maria and the other people in the guesthouse. Eva calls her a monster, but Kyrie asserts Eva would've done the same if circumstances were different. Kyrie says that she's no longer an Ushiromiya anymore since Rudolf is dead, and that Ange means nothing to her anymore. Eva is disgusted by Kyrie's cruelty and shoots her to death.

Will destroys the illusion of Kyrie killing Lion

Ange is unwilling to accept this as the truth and transforms into a pile of guts. Bern then shows Lion a scene in the parlor, revealing that even in Lion's ideal world, they are shot to death by Kyrie. Before the scene of Kyrie killing Lion can play out however, Will arrives to save them and insists there are no clues in any game pointing towards Kyrie and Rudolf as the culprits.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

A six-year-old Ange joins the family conference in 1986. At the Halloween party, Eva cries over the belief she's a failure of an adoptive mother to Ange, and Kyrie and Rudolf console her. Kyrie knows how much Eva tried to keep the truth from Ange and tried to give her the same love she gave George.

Ange comforts Kyrie after she learns the truth of Battler's birth

Kyrie and Rudolf later give Ange a riddle. Afterwards, they tell her that she'll face many problems in life, and she needs to remember the advice she's obtained from those who helped in the past. Later, Rudolf pulls Kyrie in private and confesses the truth: Kyrie is Battler's birth mother, but Rudolf had the results switched so he wouldn't have to manage two households. Kyrie is heartbroken at this revelation.

In the manga, Kyrie and the family instead take part in a hide and seek game. Ange overhears Rudolf and Kyrie's conversation and hugs her mother, not wanting her to feel sad when this is supposed to be their true family.

Beatrice welcomes the illusions to the party, where Kyrie has a nice chat with Leviathan and others.

Bernkastel creates a game for Battler and Beatrice to play, where Kyrie, Rudolf, and Battler are revealed as the culprits; Kyrie faked her death in the first twilight and escaped the dining hall later. Ange falls into the game, where she sees Kyrie and Rudolf kill George and Maria with guns. Swarms of goats soon appear, spouting "Rudolf family culprit theories" that insinuate Kyrie, Rudolf, and Battler killed everyone on Rokkenjima. More goats begin devouring Rokkenjima, and the Humans and illusions begin escaping to the Golden Land while fighting them off.

An adult Ange reads the Book of the One Truth and kills herself, then ends back up in the Golden Land where Kyrie and rest of the family welcomes her and console her.

Ange discovers the truth that her parents killed everyone on Rokkenjima

In the manga, the Book of the One Truth suggests Kyrie and Rudolf really were the culprits behind the Rokkenjima Mass Murders. When Ange returns to the Golden Land, she despairs and wonders just what she's supposed to feel. Beatrice, the servants, and the Ushiromiya family all admit their part in enabling the Mass Murders to happen in the first place, with Kyrie and Rudolf apologizing for not being good parents. Ange is given the strength to make her future better.

Erika begins assaulting the Golden Land with a horde of goats, and Kyrie and the rest of the party fight them back. Everyone is then killed when the Golden Land crumbles, but are later revived with Ange's powers as the Witch of Resurrection. Ange then sets off into the future, leaving her family behind in the Golden Land.

In the ???, Tohya is able to let go of his memories as Battler and returns to the Golden Land, welcomed by his family.

Other Appearances

Last note of the Golden Witch

Piece arrives and plays a game with Battler, Beatrice, and Ange in a game board similar to Twilight. Piece herself arrives on the island and meets Rudolf and Kyrie when they go outside together, where Piece kills Kyrie and erases her from Rudolf's memories. Piece then takes her place as Rudolf's wife and "Piece Ushiromiya".

It is revealed that Piece is actually a fantasy version of Asumu, coming from a world where Asumu lived and helped Battler and Shannon solve the epitaph. In this world, since Asumu was still alive, Kyrie never married into the Ushiromiyas yet remained as Rudolf's mistress, and so she gives birth to Ange Sumadera.


  • Kyrie was named after the Ragnarok Online skill "Kyrie Eleison". Asumu was also named after the skill "Assumptio", and in previous updates the two skills were incompatible with each other.[7]


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