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Kyousuke Irie (入江 京介 Irie Kyōsuke) is a doctor who works in Hinamizawa at the Irie Clinic and also manages the Hinamizawa Fighters baseball team. He first appears in Tatarigoroshi.


He is a doctor at the Hinamizawa clinic and is a very respectable man, except for his perversion.
On his days off, he is also the manager of the Hinamizawa Fighters, and is taken care of and very well respected by the villagers.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

The doctor at Irie Clinic, the only clinic in the village. He is also the coach of the little league baseball team called "Hinamizawa Fighters." He seems to have a very mild demeanor, but apparently has a thing for maids.

(From the Gou website.)


Irie has short hair and wears glasses with black rims. He frequently wears a lab coat over a black shirt and yellow tie, and his casual wear consists of a yellow shirt.


Irie is generally very aloof and has an obsession with maids. When it comes to helping others, he acts very serious and firm.




Satoko Houjou

Satoko is a frequent patient at Irie's clinic, and Irie sometimes jokes about making her wear maid outfits. Despite this, Irie genuinely cares for Satoko and wants to adopt her since she lives alone with Rika, however he is unable to due to being single; in this era, kids can only be adopted by a couple.



Irie is first introduced. As the coach of Hinamizawa's baseball team and the director of the Irie Clinic, he is shown to be very close to Keiichi's friends and all the other residents of Hinamizawa. He is also shown to be especially fond of Satoko.

He later meets Keiichi at Satoko's house. After holding back his anger from seeing Teppei Houjou, he drives Keiichi back home, explaining the Houjou family's history, and how it affected Satoko and her brother.

After Watanagashi, Keiichi comes to the clinic, and in his state of confusion, confesses to Irie about murdering Teppei. At first Irie thinks he's delusional, but after listening to Keiichi's account of what happened, Irie believes Keiichi and thanks him for saving Satoko while crying. Keiichi then reveals to Irie that some people, including Satoko, witnessed Teppei alive after the incident, and starts telling Irie a contradictory version of the events. Irie, now convinced that Keiichi's gone crazy, leaves the room and asks his staff to prepare black tea with sedatives in order to get Keiichi's mental state examined. He is interrupted by another staff member, who tells him that Takano was found dead in the mountains. Irie, shocked by the recent deaths of "Risa" and Takano, swears that he won't let this become part of the curse. He is again interrupted, this time by a phone call from Ooishi. Keiichi, who was eavesdropping on the whole conversation, takes this opportunity to escape from the clinic, and curses Irie while crying. A few days later, Irie is found dead by police, having committed suicide from overdosing on sleeping pills.


During Toshiki Inugai's kidnapping case, Irie is contacted by the kidnappers, as he was the closest doctor. Irie examines Toshiki and finds that he has scars from old surgeries. Toshiki, having faked pain in order to get outside help, tries to get Irie to contact the authorities.





The Connecting Fragments section shows Irie's past in becoming a doctor and his research in finding a cure for Hinamizawa Syndrome.

Other Appearances

  • In the Outbreak OVA, Irie commits suicide after the village is placed on lockdown.


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