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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Kyou (キョウ Kyō) is the fifth ranked of the school youkai. Known as Kyou of the Mirror (鏡のキョウ Kagami no Kyō), he oversees a magic mirror that can travel to other worlds.


The Fifth Ranked School Youkai. He is the guardian of the mirrors that lead to other worlds. He also controls the different personalities that humans show.

He has a nihilistic and wild personality, and is particularly vicious to humans. Apparently this is because of a grudge against humans from when he was still an animal spirit.

Even if he tries to falsify how he's feeling with a poker face, his emotions still come out through his tail. This is a source of much dismay to him.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Kyou has olive green hair, dark eyes and brown cat ears. He has a furry tail and wears a kimono printed with the kanji for mirror ( kagami).


Kyou is said to be vicious towards humans, but he is very calm and reserved otherwise; he is not cruel like other youkai. Kyou has a habit of saying random words in English.


Kyou managed to become a school youkai long ago when the other ranked members did all the work. Kyou oversees the mirrors at school, which at times can become portals to alternate worlds. Kyou polishes them every day.

Role in the Story

Second Night

The Lunar Festival

Kyou is introduced attending the moon viewing festival with the other school youkai.

Welcome to the Mirror World

Kyou gets Marie's help in cleaning the mirrors at school, both the ones in this world and the ones in another world. He brings Marie to a mirror world where everyone's personality is flipped and tells Marie that the Kyou of this world stopped cleaning the mirrors on his side, so every other mirror got dirty.

It's revealed that the Kyou of the other world was captured by the mirror Marie, Geragera Marie, so that she could lure the prime Kyou and take over his world. The two Kyous meet and banish Geragera Marie back to her world using portable magic mirrors.

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Kyou and other school youkai reminisce on the past.

After School

Kyou shows the reader a comedic dream world where the characters mingle and have fun.