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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Kururu Isshiki (一色 くるる Isshiki Kururu) is a character appearing in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. She is a chatty and playful girl, and a member of Polaris.


A girl one year younger than Keitarou who goes to the same school as him. She teases Keitarou about his attitude.

(Translated from the Hoshiwatashi website).


Kururu has amber eyes and short pink hair tied into pigtails with red ribbons with a portion of her forelocks braided back. In her casual outfit, she wears a short green camo crop-top beneath a red plunging v-neck pinafore dress with spaghetti straps that exposes her midriff.

Kururu's school uniform consists of a sailor shirt, short skirt, and short stockings.


Kururu is very talkative. She speaks to Keitarou in a condescending and playful tone despite being in a lower grade than him and likes to tease him with suggestive remarks and actions. Kururu especially likes to tease him when in front of others and has a habit of taking pictures of him.

Kururu claims to not be very devout to Polaris and freely talks to outsiders without a care, but she will sometimes take responsibility for fellow members and apologize to other people for them. In secret she sticks to the religion's beliefs.


Kururu's parents are members of Polaris, with Kururu's father acting as a liason between Polaris and the Three Families.[1]


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


Kururu is introduced when she brings Inori's friends to the nurse's office and thanks Keitarou for helping her. Kururu and Keitarou are left alone in the office, where Kururu teases him for possibly having a crush on Inori and makes some lewd remarks. Keitarou doesn't recognize Kururu at all since she didn't ride the school bus, and the girl explains her parents drive her to school.

Keitarou and Kururu then start a friendship and bid farewell after school. While with her friends later, Kururu looks at a gallery of Keitarou pictures on her phone, taking interest in the fact he's the son of Mr. Maebara.(Oniokoshi Chapter 1)

Keitarou speaks with Marutake later and gets pointed out to a procession of Polaris cars. He sees Kururu in one of them and realizes that she's also a member of Polaris.(Oniokoshi Chapter 2)

Kururu and Keitarou fool around

Kururu goes shopping with Inori and enters a store alone, coming back out to learn that Inori was harassed by some delinquents but was saved by Keitarou and his friends. Kururu is introduced to the rest of the group, then apologizes to them for Inori's behavior and explains her status with Polaris.(Oniokoshi Chapter 3)

Kururu spies on the club for her father.

Kururu is inducted as a club member thanks to Keitarou and has a picnic with the group. Kururu brings up the curse of Oyashiro-sama happening 40 years ago, and Kihiro and Tamaki are quick to deny that such horrific events happened in the past. When asked about life in Polaris, Kururu says it's boring except for the Hypnos Flute, where they play music whenever members go crazy. Keitarou asks if Inori could play with them as well, but Kururu suddenly acts creepy and accuses Keitarou of preying on Inori because of how weak she is. Keitarou tries to play it off as nonsense.

The club then plays President. Kururu makes up some rules and claims they're Polaris house rules, which Keitarou goes along with. Afterwards, Keitarou invites Kururu to come to the Watanagashi Festival. Meanwhile Kihiro discovers she really did make up those rules, but chooses not to tell anyone else. While admiring the Hinamizawa scenery from the Furude Shrine lookout, Kururu muses to herself that they should rename the village to Polaris Town.

Kururu returns home and takes a "purification bath", then dresses up in robes and gives her father a status update on all the club kids. Her father, whom she refers to as "Comrade Canopus", tells her to keep spying on them.(Oniokoshi Chapter 4)

Kururu joins the club for the Watanagashi Festival the next night and partakes in the Five-Demon Fire Fight. Keitarou also introduces her to all of the stall vendors.(Oniokoshi Chapter 5-1)


Kururu looks at her phone ch1.png

Kururu and her friends retrieve Inori from the nurse's office after she fell down some stairs and was brought there by Keitarou. Kururu toys around with Keitarou and becomes friends with him, and takes a picture of his angry face. After school, while riding home in her car, Kururu looks at pictures of Keitarou, Tamaki, and Sakiko on her phone with an intense gaze.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 1) (Hoshiwatashi Chapter 2)

Keitarou and his friends run into Kururu apologizing to another girl on behalf of a Polaris girl, and the group learns she's a member of Polaris. Kururu explains her status with them, and Keitarou hands her a survey, wanting to know what Polaris kids feel about Hinamizawa. Kururu questions Keitarou's goals, saying that maybe some people like Polaris's rules.

Kururu promises to protect Inori

After bidding farewell, Kururu crumples up the survey given to her and then talks to Inori in a classroom, telling her about how suspicious Keitarou and his friends are. Kururu hugs her and promises to protect her. The next day, Kururu is driven to schoool by her dad and meets Inori, who found a letter from Keitarou in her locker.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 3)

Kururu and other Polaris kids in traditional wear.

At home in the Polaris community, Kururu assuages the concerns of kids who answered Keitarou's surveys and asks them to keep it secret and to tell her about it next time. Inori appears and reads out Keitarou's letter, in which he apologizes for his behavior and just wants to befriend Inori. Kururu takes note of Keitarou's usefulness as Keiichi Maebara's son and expresses how valuable he would be to Polaris. The next day, Kururu asks Keitarou to meet her in private behind the school, where Inori is also waiting.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 4)



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