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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Kururu's father, also known as Comrade Canopus (同志カノーパス Dōshi Kanōpasu) is a character appearing in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. He is a member of Polaris.


Kururu's father appears as a middle-aged man with glasses. He wears a suit and tie with the Big Dipper constellation emblazoned on his suit.


Kururu's father is calm and collected. Even when being yelled at, he remains calm.


Kururu's father acts as a liason between Polaris and the Three Families.[1] Within Polaris he has the nickname of Canopus, which Kururu addresses him as in official circumstances.


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


Kururu's father speaks with the Kimiyoshis.

Kururu's father heads to the Kimiyoshi residence where the mayor and Kisaku talk with him about a recent wave of harassment against Hinamizawa. Kisaku gets angry and accuses Polaris of masterminding it, and Kururu's father remains calm and says Hinamizawa should instead apologize to Polaris for doubting and discriminating against them. Kisaku demands to meet Polaris's Holy Mother himself, but Kururu's father says this discussion is merely between him and the head of the Kimiyoshis. He suggests that if the Kimiyoshis are going to use the council to pressure Polaris, then all of Polaris can join the council and settle things in the next mayoral election.

At home, he seemingly forces Kururu to take a purification bath, making her throw up the club's food she ate earlier. A dressed-up Kururu relays to him information about Tamaki, Sakiko, Keitarou, and Kihiro that she gained from watching over them. Her father tells her to continue; Kururu refers to him as Canopus in this conversation. Canopus then meets with the Holy Mother and confirms that tomorrow's preparations are ready.(Oniokoshi Chapter 4)


Kururu talking to her father.

Kururu's father attends a meeting with the Three Families and the town council. Some elders accuse Polaris of illegally dumping trash, to which Kururu's father asks for proof. Kururu's father speaks for Polaris and asks that they be allowed to peacefully coexist with Hinamizawa, but Kisaku gets angry at Polaris's apparent selfishness. Kururu's father then asks that all of Polaris be allowed to join the town council. Mion says they can't refuse entry due to Polaris making up half of the village's population. Kisaku makes another remark against Polaris, and Kururu's father, seeing an opporunity, says that Polaris's treatment of Hinamizawa has gotten them to where they are now, and they can stop treating them idealistically at any time.

Kuruu is driven to school by her father the next day, who tells her to keep an eye on the schoolkids since Hinamizawa's on edge.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 3)


  • Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky, with Sirius the most brightest.


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