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Krauss Ushiromiya (右代宮 蔵臼 Ushiromiya Kurausu) is Kinzo Ushiromiya's first child and acts as Kinzo's caretaker, managing his fortune and assets.


Kinzo's first child.

As the oldest of the four siblings, he leads the family conference. However, the other siblings think he is trying to get all of the inheritance for himself, and this further strains the tensions between them.

He is a real estate investor and has put a lot of money into the development of a resort. However, his results have been harshly criticized.


Krauss is a man with gold colored hair, grey eyes and wears a red suit with a blue under shirt, yellow tie, and white boots. He bears the One-Winged Eagle on his shirt collar and the lapel of his suit jacket.


At first, Krauss is shown to be an arrogant person due to being the eldest and the one was thought by many to be Kinzo's successor. He is disliked by his siblings, especially Eva, whom he had rivalry with and seemed to look down upon as she was a woman. He also appeared to be insensitive to his wife's feelings in Legend of the Golden Witch, incapable of understanding her.


Krauss's caring side

Krauss is also not as smart as he appeared to his siblings and is trying hard to gain approval from his father. As seen through Natsuhi's point of view, he truly loves his wife and daughter despite them being the result of an arranged marriage, as well as his siblings. Krauss also has a friendlier, more childish side which was never shown to his siblings.


Krauss is good at boxing, which he took up during his college years. Despite having a measly power level of 6, Krauss can amplify his strength to immeasurable levels when the right conditions are met, especially by the use of loser flags.


As shown in End of the Golden Witch and hinted at since the first game, Krauss is not doing well as a businessman and was often tricked by other people, causing him to fall into a huge debt.



Ushiromiya Family


Eva Ushiromiya[]

Eva and her brother Krauss spent their childhood in an intense sibling rivalry. Eva constantly outperformed Krauss in school and in their accomplishments, and believed herself to be a more suitable successor to the headship as a result. Krauss however would repeat the same gender essentialist sentiments that Kinzo did, reiterating that her ambitions were conceited for a woman and that the role of successor ought to naturally go to him, the firstborn son. Eva despised Krauss for his attitude and the injustice of her situation, and continued to push herself in order to outdo Krauss in any way she could. While their rivalry is less overt as adults, she views him as incompetent and continues to make verbal jabs towards Krauss over issues as minor as the family dinner.

Rosa Ushiromiya[]

Krauss is Rosa's oldest brother. The Turn of the Golden Witch Tea Party shows that when she was a child, Krauss would hit his younger sister and break her toys for seemingly no reason. As adults, Rosa is very resentful of Krauss because he refuses to help her financially by giving her her share of the family inheritance. During family conferences she is particularly targeted by her brother, which causes Rosa to quickly lose her temper.

Role In the Story[]

Legend of the Golden Witch[]

When the family hears about Beatrice's letter and the challenge to find the gold, Krauss initially shows disbelief before revealing to Natsuhi that he actually believes it's true. He shows her into a locked room containing a single gold bar, verifying the letter's validity.

Krauss was later murdered in the first twilight. It appears his death took place a little after midnight, right after Eva and Hideyoshi went to rest.

His corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. The direct cause of death is unknown, but it seems the side of his head was smashed after his death.

This is the beginning of everything.

Turn of the Golden Witch[]

Krauss was also chosen by the key for the first twilight. He acknowledged Beatrice's existence and was killed.

His corpse was found inside the chapel. The direct cause of death is unknown, but it seems his stomach was cut open and his intestines pulled out after his death. On top of that, sweets and candies were packed into his stomach.

Welcome Maria. Happy Halloween.

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

Holed up in the guest house with the other survivors. Was killed alongside Natsuhi by the Chiesters and dragged outside.

His corpse was found in the rose garden arbor. The cause of his death is assumed to be strangling with a rope-like object. A stake-shaped weapon was sticking out of his thigh.

If only there wasn't that stupid epitaph, I wouldn't have needed a stake. What a pain.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Krauss goes to Kinzo's study to convince him to join the family conference and is met with physical and verbal abuse, being lifted into the air by Kinzo with just a single finger before being thrown to the ground.

After the first twilight, Krauss is captured and imprisoned along with Kyrie, Nanjo, Kanon and Shannon. As part of Kinzo's plan, he's forced to call Jessica and passes along instructions for the test of leadership. He later mounts an escape with the other prisoners and faces off against Virgilia and a goat butler, putting his boxing skills to great use. He is murdered by the Chiesters soon after.

His corpse was found in a guest room deep within the mansion. About half of his head was destroyed. It's probably reasonable to assume that he was murdered with a powerful gun or something similar.

A demon stake was buried into the damaged area.

No one can escape from the Chiesters' golden arrows.

End of the Golden Witch[]

It's revealed that Kinzo had died before 1986, and Krauss and Natsuhi were trying to keep this secret from the family. They make up a story that Kinzo is just doing research in his study and refuses to come out, with the servants excluding Gohda joining in on the facade.

Later, The Man From 19 Years Ago kidnaps him and uses his life to threaten Natsuhi over the phone.


Went missing from his personal room on the second floor of the mansion.

There were large traces of blood left behind, making the situation similar to those of the other victims. He is the only victim of the first twilight whose corpse was never witnessed.

It's revealed during Natsuhi's trial that Krauss was killed soon after Natsuhi heard his voice over the phone.


Was murdered sometime after the early morning call from which Natsuhi learned he was still alive.

His corpse was not found, but his death was guaranteed by Bernkastel with the red truth.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Alive by the time of the game's suspension.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

In the Tea Party, Krauss is shot during a scuffle with Hideyoshi by his own rifle after Eva shot Natsuhi.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

Was killed on the Second Twilight in Bernkastel's game.

During the battle in the Golden Land, Krauss delivers a series of boxing strikes to Erika.