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This page provides a summary of the TIPS in Kotohogushi.

Miko Outfits 101[]

This TIP is unlocked after Chapter 4: A Peaceful Life.

Hanyuu speaks to an injured Riku after having beaten him up again and asks why he’s so fixated on miko outfits. Riku asks if she’ll wear one afterwards, and Hanyuu says it depends on what she hears. Hanyuu asks if he's attached to them as a memento of his mother, thinking it would make him very considerate and serious despite his carefreeness. Riku says he doesn’t remember his mother; his real parents died when he was little, and Priest Furude adopted him. Riku grew up without a mother since Furude’s wife passed away. Hanyuu apologizes for asking something inconsiderate, feeling some tugging at her heartstrings.

Riku says he’s fixated on miko outfits because he simply loves miko outfits. Hanyuu, displeased by the answer, asks what kind of torture he’d like. Riku asks for forgiveness and Hanyuu says she thought he was rational and reasonable, enough for her to go through humiliation, and starts cackling. Riku swears that he had no intention to insult her, and Hanyuu then asks why he owns such perverted uniforms. Riku says when he was tailoring them, he imagined what they would look like on the naked Hanyuu he saw that day and got carried away. Hanyuu gets more enraged.

Hanyuu swears she will never wear Riku’s outfits so long as he continues to think such wicked thoughts and asks to have one that adheres to common sense. Riku asks if she’ll do it if he makes a normal one, and Hanyuu says the chance she’ll have a change of heart is as low as the odds she’ll marry him. Both are taken aback by that last statement. Hanyuu ends the conversation and goes to clean the garden.

Outside, Hanyuu tries to cool her head, her heart pounding fiercely. Riku longingly says her name.

The Bride and the Groom’s Father[]

This TIP is unlocked after Chapter 6: To Love and Be Loved.

At the shrine, Hanyuu speaks to Riku’s father in private while Riku is at a village assembly. Hanyuu confirms that Riku’s told his father the news, feeling that she’s caused the old priest a lot of trouble. Priest Furude is proud to be Riku’s father however. Hanyuu asks what he thinks about their marriage. Priest Furude says he can’t entirely approve, as the villagers are still reeling from the demon attack 20 years ago. It would be inconvenient for someone like Hanyuu to be part of his family. Priest Furude says this is not a problem with himself or Riku but the village, as they fear that their peace will be broken again. Even though they praise Oyashiro-sama, any sight of a demon would bring panic.

Hanyuu says it may have been better for her to leave, but she couldn’t imagine opening her heart to someone like Riku. Priest Furude sympathizes and says that Riku was insistent on claiming Hanyuu as his wife and will take no other. He says he is content with that and Hanyuu starts crying, asking if he really does want someone from another world to marry his son. Priest Furude asks her to take good care of Riku.

Hanyuu looks at the sunset. She knows she will die alone one day and can’t stay with Riku forever, but she wants to remember spending time with someone more important than her life. Priest Furude assures her that he and Riku will do something about special events in the village. Hanyuu says that if the truth about her gets out, then he shouldn’t hesitate to slay her, and to hold a ceremony with her body as a sacrifice to quell the demon’s anger.

Priest Furude is shocked, but Hanyuu says she’s taking caution to prevent that at all costs. Hanyuu gives him a letter with written instructions for how to slay Ryuun. Human weapons have no hope of fatally wounding them, so Priest Furude must entrust that weapon to a skilled warrior and have them kill her. Priest Furude accepts the request, understanding why Hanyuu decided to tell him and not Riku.

Hanyuu confirms that the priest oversees the village’s ancient writings and gives him something else related to the legend of the demons, passed down through Onigafuchi Village. As they are now, fear of the demons will remain.

Swordsmanship 101: Beginner’s Course[]

This TIP is unlocked after Chapter 11: The Meaning of Kindness.

Hanyuu is surprised that Ouka wants to learn sword skills. Ouka saw Hanyuu practicing her sword swings earlier near the shrine, but Hanyuu never thought she’d ask to be taught. Hanyuu says that Ouka is supposed to be the miko of the Furude Shrine, so why does she want to learn to use violent objects like swords? Ouka meekly says she just wants to fight off bandits who might break into the shrine. Many people have been moving into Onigafuchi recently, and she wants to be able to protect herself in the worst-case scenario. Hanyuu asks if that’s really necessary since she’s keeping Ouka safe now. Ouka says that Hanyuu leaves the village a lot, and she can’t rely on her forever. Hanyuu decides to give Ouka some light instruction.

Hanyuu hands Ouka her sword and asks her to attack. Ouka feebly accepts it and charges at Hanyuu, who effortlessly swats her hand away and knocks her down. Hanyuu tells Ouka that swordsmanship is intended to kill opponents, and during training she might hurt her opponent, herself, or kill others in the worst-case scenario; Ouka must have the resolve to injure her opponents. Ouka looks crestfallen at this harsh reprimand, and Hanyuu hopes it will teach her something. Hanyuu goes to help up Ouka when she suddenly stands up and asks to try again. Hanyuu accepts and Ouka charges at her again, surprising Hanyuu with the determined expression on Ouka’s face. Hanyuu regains her composure and knocks her down again, harder than the last time.

Hanyuu sees she used too much strength, but Ouka quickly stands back up and smiles. Ouka wants to try once more, and Hanyuu says she won’t go easy just because she’s a child. She also will not allow Ouka to give up or complain now that she's so determined. Ouka happily agrees and bows.

Hanyuu goes to retrieve a wooden sword and is amazed at what she just saw. Ouka’s second swing was supposed to be slow, but when Hanyuu reached out to knock it away, Ouka changed her trajectory and changed the direction of her body by stepping her foot out; it wasn't a normal sword move. Hanyuu wondered if it was a fluke or something else…

Swordsmanship 201: Advanced Course[]

This TIP is unlocked after Chapter 12: Looming Shadows.

Hanyuu teaches Ouka the resolve to use sword skills. First off, Ouka should never let her guard down, even against an unskilled opponent. A woman’s strength has limits no matter how much she trains, and Ouka cannot escape that disadvantage when it comes down to brute strength. Ouka asks if just holding a sword won’t scare off enemies, and Hanyuu affirms it. They might be bewildered but will feel curiosity and scorn afterwards; an amateur who cannot gauge strength is almost never scared. There is one definitive way to win in that situation: psychological superiority. The first move is important in establishing it, and if Ouka can seize that chance then the enemy will be practically defenseless.

It is easy to hit with slashes, but enemies can defend easily because those are just lines; thrusts manifest as single points and are harder to defend and avoid. As such, thrusts are the deadliest move the physically inferior woman has in her arsenal. The ideal thrust consists of a feint to create an opening and then a killing blow, however Hanyuu says it’s too advanced to teach to Ouka right now.

Hanyuu asks what the easiest and most effective location to strike in a thrust is, and Ouka replies the chest or throat. Hanyuu says when you attack someone, they will instinctively try to protect their vitals and move their hands. Hands are also what primarily move when they attack. Thus, it’s easier to go for the hands since humans have slower reaction times to defending them.