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Summary (Original)

This page provides a detailed summary of the chapters in the original text version of Kotohogushi.

Part 1[]

Hanyuu walks to the quarry in Yagouchi. It had two roads leading into it, and one went unused. Villagers were afraid of Onigafuchi Swamp because of rumors surrounding a mangled corpse found at the swamp, probably the result of a beast or bandit. Hanyuu found the story convenient for her. It had been a while since she last visited the swamp, as sediment turned the water muddy after years of buildup. Hanyuu looks at her reflection in the swamp, lamenting that her horns were a constant reminder of her duty. She summons her sword Ryuuou and then looks at the stars in the sky, the Evening Star, and then looks at a red jewel that fell out of a necklace she's wearing. Hanyuu remembers "his" kind words.

Part 2[]

An enraged Hanyuu looks all over Furude Shrine after getting out of the bath and finds Riku Furude cleaning outside. Hanyuu tears into him for leaving out a miko outfit for her as a change of clothes in the bathroom. Riku goes on about the greatness of miko outfits but Hanyuu has enough. She was forced to wear the outfit, tearing off her towel to reveal the red and white miko uniform underneath; Hanyuu finally fell for his plan. She rambles over the feel of her outfit despite feeling pleased at Riku’s compliments.

Hanyuu narrates that she first met Riku three years ago and has been living with him since. He has a good reputation among the villagers and is kind, but Hanyuu just couldn't understand Riku's miko fetish. Hanyuu asks if he’s aware he’s a priest serving a god, but Riku goes on about how they’re in a time of peace. Hanyuu beats him up.

Part 3[]

Hanyuu and Riku watch the cherry blossoms fall. Hanyuu never knew her parents and was given her mission when she was just a child, never having much opportunity to interact with others. Hanyuu feels happy that Riku has a different kind of affection for her than anyone else.

Soon, the third summer since Hanyuu came here will be approaching. Last year was very peaceful, and she hopes nothing else will happen this year. Riku asks how long her search for "demons" will take. Hanyuu explains that her people came to Earth from a distant land long ago, and it was difficult to coexist with the natives. There were concerns that interbreeding could create monsters that killed mindlessly. Hanyuu stops explaining and thinks she's boring Riku, but he says he finds it intriguing.

Riku asks Hanyuu how she went about finding demons. Hanyuu says she put a sclerotium marker in the village when she first came here. It’s harmless to humans, but a member of Hanyuu's race who inhales it will awaken the factor related to their hunting instincts in three years. Hanyuu will the locate the person it reacts to and pass judgement. Hanyuu hopes for the best outcome where no reactions occur after three years, meaning there are no more Putus in this land and the people with Grifys factors have antibodies. She remembers a time when a half-blood was killing humans in a different land, and it was too late to provide treatment. Other animal species were driven to extinction by feral half-bloods.

Riku asks what she’ll do if she doesn’t find that demon and peace comes to the village. Hanyuu ponders, and realizes that she'll just head to the next land and say goodbye to Riku. Hanyuu's heart starts aching at the idea of that, and she starts crying.

Riku interrupts Hanyuu’s worrying by asking if she’ll keep staying with him always. Riku confesses that he loves her and grabs her hand. He made a prayer to tell Hanyuu something if she ever wore a miko outfit. In this village, it was a custom to give someone a handmade silk garment as a sign of courtship. Riku apologizes for acting so weird a lot, but he truly wishes to be with Hanyuu for the rest of his life.

Hanyuu was feeling happy that Riku felt the same way, but her joy disappeared in an instant and was replaced with anger. She lets go of Riku and runs towards the shrine grounds. Riku grabs her and Hanyuu says this must be a cruel joke. She does love Riku too, but she can’t believe Riku’s confession. Hanyuu starts crying, a first for her. Riku says he’ll wait as long as it takes for her to believe him. Hanyuu unhoods her horns and asks if he can really still love her with those. Hanyuu remembers that Riku called her a demon when they first met, and Riku apologizes and says he's different now. Riku says again that he loves her, but she still thinks he's lying. Hanyuu begins to accept Riku’s words but says he should have confessed when she was wearing an ordinary outfit. Riku says he’ll reflect on that, and Hanyuu embraces him and wails.

A year passes, and Hanyuu and Riku become happy and even have a daughter together. Hanyuu desperately wanted her world to continue forever, but then it happened.

Part 4[]

Hanyuu tells Riku she's leaving the village, as another demon has appeared. Four days ago, a stonemason’s corpse was found dismembered at Onigafuchi Swamp, who had gone missing earlier while going home drunk and supposedly took the forbidden road to Yagouchi, falling to the curse. Riku already knew this and wanted to keep it hidden from Hanyuu until they learned more. Riku has no idea what he would do if Hanyuu died while fighting a demon, and his wife laments that many hunters have become the hunted in her time. Hanyuu still needs to go, as the demon’s hunting instincts will eventually be awakened and it will become harder to hurt, let alone kill. Riku asks why she still has to leave, and Hanyuu mentions rumors that the foreigner living in Furude Shrine may be the avatar of a demon. Riku says it’s an unfounded rumor, but Hanyuu's already heard the whole thing.

Earlier, Hanyuu went to the assembly hall to bring Riku something and heard him raging over rumors that the foreigner wore a hood to hide her horns. Riku insisted that she actually wore a hood to hide her scars. The elders said nothing back, surprised by Riku’s sudden anger. Hanyuu was aware that if the demon infestation continued, the villagers would try to prove their suspicions of her, and it would be more troublesome if her horns were revealed. Riku begs Hanyuu to stay as he can convince the villagers, but Hanyuu still worries about their daughter Ouka and the thought that other children will hear rumors from their parents and treat her badly. Hanyuu promises to return once she’s disposed of the demon, but she doesn't know how long it will take.

Riku has been worried for a long time after seeing moments where Hanyuu would get a strange look in her face and stare into the distance for a while. Hanyuu says before she met Riku, all she ever thought about was how she would die and when. Human bodies age as they grow old, mature mentally, and die, but it is the other way around for her people. Their bodies never aged, but their minds regressed as they grew older. They preserved their lives not through cellular metabolism, but through interlocking and reconstitution of molecules. Their thoughts and minds grew simpler as a result, a process called infantilization. Orders sent to their body systems that kept them alive eventually became simplified or omitted, and so their molecular bonds collapse. They were called a “free body” or ghost in this state, unable to change between astral forms and physical forms. Ghosts drift forever, maintaining their primitive consciousness and unable to interact with other lifeforms. Supposedly there are exceptions where Ryuun can share abilities and memories by “sympathizing” with the lifeform they use as a medium.

Riku is aware that he’ll die one day, but he doesn’t want to imagine what will happen to Hanyuu afterwards. Hanyuu says she’s been living for too long and forgot how sacred death can be. Hanyuu promises to return and takes off her necklace and gives it to Riku: a device which will allow Riku to speak to her from far away, in case of emergency. Hanyuu gives Riku one last embrace.

Part 5[]

A group of thieves who disguised as demons killed people and scared away the villagers, hoping to raid the houses later. However, a real demon appeared and began massacring them. The demon thinks about how pathetic these humans hiding really are, awaiting the presence of one who would ignite his desire to fight.

Hanyuu arrives and challenges the demon.

Part 6[]

Feral half-bloods detected nearby brethren and made their presence known, and Hanyuu was sure that some miscreants were behind this incident. However, she let them run around as bait to attract the beast. Feral half-bloods instantly bore bloodlust towards purebloods the second their instincts awaken, wanting to have a fight to the death. Hanyuu could also feel a bloodlust stirring inside her, her urge to kill growing rapidly. Hanyuu says the beast managed to stay in hiding for three years, almost waiting for the marker to run out.

Hanyuu engages the demon. She delivers a slash to its chest but the wound regenerates, and she sees it has reached terminal symptoms. Hanyuu thought she could take him prisoner and treat him, but she has no choice now. Hanyuu delivers a creed and takes a stance: the Twin Earth pose, a one-hit-kill technique which could deal fatal blows against a feral half-blood even when weakened. With a single stab, it severs the heart's four blood vessels and sends pureblood blood flowing into the half-blood, which was like a poison to them.

The demon charges and Hanyuu prepares to deliver the finishing flow but misses completely, a first for her. Hanyuu is knocked aside as punishment. She catches her breath and takes a glimpse at the demon’s chest, seeing that it’s wearing the same necklace she gave Riku earlier. Hanyuu realizes that Riku must have learned that these demons were bandits and went there himself to get evidence to tell Hanyuu, got cornered by them, and had no choice but to awaken his instincts to protect himself. Hanyuu sobs, not wanting to believe it was true. She suspected the possibility when she and Riku first met and were attracted to each other, and always gave him medicine and checked his blood, but got negative results every time. Even while being so close to him, Hanyuu could never sense anything.

The demon hits Hanyuu again, managing to get hold of her sword. Hanyuu figures this is still an advantage for her since the demon is trying to attack with an unfamiliar weapon. The demon swings down with the sword and Hanyuu blocks it with both hands, cutting them up and sending her blood trickling down the blade to burn the demon’s hands. Hanyuu regains her sword and delivers another slash, dealing more damage due to her blood soaking into its wounds.

Hanyuu wonders about this demon's apparent intelligence and strategy, determining that it must be a free body. The demon confirms that it was indeed a free body. He was a pureblood, and in a previous world that Hanyuu may not remember, he was killed by her. The pureblood became a free body when he died, and he discovered he could go back in time by manipulating space-time factors using the high-order molecules in his body. The demon proceeded to attempt revenge on Hanyuu by going back in time repeatedly and possessing bandits, but kept getting killed by her. Finally he possessed Riku, the one person she would be unable to kill.

Hanyuu is at a loss for what to do, and the demon reminds her that if he dies then Riku dies too. Hanyuu angrily slashes at him, the demon enjoying it and laughing. Hanyuu continues attacking wildly, her movements slowing down and exhausting as the demon gets another hit in. Hanyuu feels like this might be the end and wonders if she’ll become a free body when she dies.

The demon prepares to deliver the finishing blow but Hanyuu takes another glimpse at the necklace and blocks the attack with her sword. She remembers Riku’s parting words, wanting to fulfill his wish to live and not to die. Hanyuu extends her claws and slashes at the demon, blinding him. The demon thinks she’s gone feral as well. Hanyuu says she’ll never forgive the demon and picks up her sword again.

Hanyuu resumes the Twin Earth stance and sheds tears, apologizing to Riku for having to kill him. She swears to become a demon, taking in the sins and living as a wrathful god to be hated by all until the day she dies. The demon says he’ll just abandon his body and go back in time again, then suddenly pulls off his necklace and holds it out. The demon voices his trouble separating from the body, and Riku’s voice echoes in Hanyuu's head, telling her it’s alright. Riku says that no matter what happens, he will always love Hanyuu. She thinks that if this were any other time, she’d bashfully hit him and turn her head; memories like that were as clear as yesterday. Hanyuu voices her love for Riku and promises never to forget this pain.

Hanyuu bids farewell to Riku as her husband tells her to take care of Ouka.

Part 7[]

Five years later, Hanyuu returns to Furude Shrine in spring, seeing that the villagers have continued to maintain it. On that fateful night, the villagers had armed themselves and went to Onigafuchi Swamp where they found several dead bandits, the body of Riku who looked like he was fighting them off, and the torn remains of a miko outfit. The villagers understood they accused the Furude priest’s wife of being a demon, and the two were encouraged to prove their innocence by fighting off bandits but failed.

To atone, the villagers decided they would adopt Ouka, seeing her as the daughter of the village’s saviors. Under the guardianship of the Kimiyoshi family, the village mayors, and the Sonozakis, the village officials, Ouka was raised so she could run Furude Shrine herself when she was of age.

After the battle, Hanyuu lost most of her ability to sustain a physical body. She wasn’t entirely a free body, but she couldn’t maintain a body that could be seen by humans, so it seemed like she went missing. Hanyuu believed there was a mental aspect as well. Hanyuu wished the best for her daughter as she recovered at other Lynoses and fought more demons and humans posing as them in various lands.

Hanyuu saw it as atonement. She looks at the same cherry blossom tree she and Riku saw that day, reminded of many happy memories with her husband. Until recently, Hanyuu would cry uncontrollably whenever she thought of Riku, but now it only works when she taints her happy memories with sorrow. She isn’t sure if she’s growing numb or stronger, but her feelings for Riku never fade. Not once did she regret ever meeting and marrying him.

Suddenly, a girl appears and asks who Hanyuu is with a “meep”. Hanyuu is shocked since nobody should be able to see her. Hanyuu could see that this girl definitely resembled her daughter. The girl asks what business she has at her father’s tree. Hanyuu tries to hold back her feelings and introduces herself. The girl introduces herself as Ouka Furude and nipahs. Hanyuu narrates that her frozen time has begun moving once more.

Continued in Miotsukushi-hen.