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Higurashi When They Cry.
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This article features content originating from lost media, and so information about it is limited.

Kokorokuzushi-hen (心崩し編, lit. Heart Breaking Chapter) is an arc exclusive to i-mode phones. It is preceded by Niesagashi.


From Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Complete Analysis Book:

From the point of view of Wakaba Inoue, a girl who appeared as a key person in Niesagashi, we will follow the "series of mysterious deaths" that occurred in Hinamizawa in the past. The mysteries will be unraveled through the interaction between Keiko Suzuyama, a female reporter, and Wakaba and the relationship between Wakaba's stepfather and the special forces Mountain Dogs.

「替捜し編」のキーパーソンとして登場した、少女・猜上若葉の視点で、雛見沢で過去に起こった”連続怪死事件”を再度追っていく。女性 記者鈴山恵子と若葉の交流や、若葉の義理の父親と特殊部隊山狗の関係などをとおして謎が解明するのだ。

The concluding arc of the adventure game version of Higurashi.

This is the solution arc of Niesagashi that began distribution in August 2007. Wakaba Inoue, who played an important role in the previous arc, appears as the main character. Wakaba lost her parents and built a good relationship with her stepfather. However, a certain incident triggered the collapse of the relationship and the tragedy began. Like the last time, you can enjoy the change of story depending on the player's choice and the adoption of multiple endings. To see the true ending, you will need judgment and insight.

アドベンチャーゲーム版 「ひぐらし」の完結編

07年8月に配信がスタートした「賛捜し編』 の解決編。前作で重要な役割を果たした、猪上若葉が主人公として登場する。両親を亡くした若葉は、義父と良好な関係を築いていた。しかし、ある事件がきっかけと なって関係が崩壊し、悲劇が始まる。前回と同様に、プレイヤーの選択によってストーリー変化が楽しめるほ か、マルチエンディングを採用。真のエンディングを見 るには、判断力や洞察力が必要となってくるぞ。

Plot Summary[]

Main article: Kokorokuzushi/Summary

From Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Complete Analysis Book:

Wakaba Inoue is an elementary school student who attends Hinamizawa Branch School. She loses her parents in an accident but puts her up for adoption with Hirohumi, who claims to be her distant relative. Wakaba gradually opens up to Hirohumi's dedication. However, one day, she witnesses her stepfather chasing down the "outsider" reporter Suzuyama, whom Wakaba has befriended. Since then, Wakaba can no longer trust her stepfather.