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Someday... (いつか…… Itsuka......) is the seventh and final chapter of Kokoroiyashi-hen.


Rika wants to know why she and Hanyuu can't go to Tokyo together, even after Hanyuu threw a tantrum about it. Hanyuu says she wanted Rika to know that unlike her, she could go anywhere, and that Rika wouldn't do anything unless she said she wanted to go to Tokyo. Rika says she doesn't want to be without her and tries to drag her out, but fails. Hanyuu says she needs to learn to be separated from her parent.

Rika asks why she's rejecting being together so much. Hanyuu says that while they were wandering for a hundred years, Rika lost sight of her appropriate age. Everyone needs to overcome various things, and also need to learn to leave their parents. Hanyuu wants to see what a grown-up Rika looks like, and in order to do that she needs to separate from her. Hanyuu says it's not like death however, and that Rika can always come back; Hanyuu cries as she says she'll always be waiting for her. Rika starts crying as well and says she only wanted to go to Tokyo because she believed Hanyuu wanted to leave Hinamizawa.

The rest of the club return to find Rika apparently crying by herself. Hanyuu tells Rika that their feelings will always be connected, and that she can still taste whatever delicious things Rika eats. Rika wipes her tears and tells her friends to keep going. They begin to ask about Hanyuu, but Rika says she went home because she had something to do. Everyone is confused, but they agree to keep going. Rika gives one last wave to Hanyuu.

Rika begins to cry again. She's a witch who's lived for a hundred years, yet she feels such sadness when separated from Hanyuu. She realizes how much of a child she is when she tries to stop herself from crying, only to cry even more. The club begins to worry about her.

The club finally reaches the train station, where Ooishi is waiting and says they all need to return home now. Keiichi, Satoko, Rena, and Mion quickly hop into his car before he can finish speaking, and ask to skip the police station and just go home. Rika is surprised. Keiichi says they don't know what's going on, but they need to go home to Hanyuu. Rika cries and gets in the car. As they all drive home, Ooishi tells them of how worried their parents are, and asks how their little adventure was. Everyone starts talking about how fun it was, with Rika happy that everyone took her into consideration.

Home alone, a sad Hanyuu cheers herself up by trying to eat all the cream puffs in the fridge, but starts crying over Rika. Rika shows up behind her and tackles her in a big hug. Hanyuu wonders what's going on, and Satoko says they should be asking the same thing. Rika is relieved that Satoko can see Hanyuu again and that she didn't just disappear. Rika then gets mad and starts beating up Hanyuu. Meanwhile, Keiichi and Rena get home to find their parents and Chie hanging out. Shion tells Mion that Oryou found out, so they should go apologize together. Ooishi tells Akasaka about what happened, and he gets incredibly confused.

Hanyuu sees that these were precious memories they made in summer of 1983. In spring of 1984, Rika finally arrives in Tokyo. She managed to do it after persuading Chie and making arrangements. She calls Hanyuu and says she's already planned a meeting spot with Akasaka. Hanyuu gives her a bunch of reminders and warnings, and asks to get some souvenir cream puffs. In the end, this was Rika's first step to growing up.