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Happening?! (ハプニング?! Hapuningu?!) is the fourth chapter of Kokoroiyashi-hen.


The club is surprised to end up in Satoko's trap mountain, which she doesn't remember building at all. Keiichi is still being strung up by a rope, which is about to break. Keiichi apologizes to everyone since he'll be retiring first, and disappears somewhere once the rope breaks. Rena and Mion set out to retrieve him. Satoko looks worried. Hanyuu asks Rika to remember what happened both three years ago and one year ago. This was the trap mountain Satoko set up when she was on bad terms with her parents, and when she was being abused by her aunt and uncle. Satoko hadn't come here since Satoshi's disappearance, and it was actually different from the mountain they used against the Mountain Dogs, so perhaps Satoko hasn't forgotten. They need to help Satoko forget when she was L5.

Rika realizes what to do as Rena and Mion interrogate Satoko for advice on how to help Keiichi. Rika tells them to stop, as Satoko doesn't remember setting all these traps, so they shouldn't be pressing her. Rena and Mion apologize, and Satoko thanks Rika for helping her. The club soon finds Keiichi, suspended over some bamboo spikes and narrowly avoiding impalement. Once they get Keiichi down, Satoko hugs him.

The club walks around some more but still don't know where they're going. Mion says they'll find a place to relax and continue towards the train station in the morning. Rika tends to a tired looking Satoko. Keiichi lends his hand since it's dark out and the footing is bad, so they're all going to hold hands as they walk. Satoko is a little embarassed, but then she thinks about Satoshi and gleefully takes Keiichi's hand. Rika cherishes this moment of the club walking hand-to-hand.

Mion realizes that she's seen this place before. As kids, Mion and Shion explored these woods and found a hut. Hinamizawa villagers used to use it as an emergency food storehouse during the war. When the twins explored long ago, they brought canned food from Kasai, with Mion being asked to help Shion get over her canned food dislike. Shion threw all the cans away, but they should still be inside the hut. They soon find the cans, but they're swelling and leaking, meaning they've gone bad. Hanyuu says not to worry as she'll share her cream puff with Rika, but soon finds it's all smushed. Rika is shocked that that was the only thing Hanyuu brought with her. Rena saves the day by revealing she brought a bento set in her backpack and lays it all out.