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"The first summer vacation for Rika and the club members begins. (梨花と部活メンバーたちの初めての夏休みがはじまる。)"
— Tagline from Comp Ace September 2008 issue.

Kokoroiyashi-hen (心癒し編 Heart Healing Chapter) is a manga-exclusive Higurashi When They Cry arc set after Matsuribayashi. It was illustrated by Yuna Kagesaki and serialized in Comp Ace magazine. A short omake advertising the arc was published in Comp Ace's September 2008 issue on July 26, 2008, and then began serialization from August 26, 2008 to February 26, 2009 with 7 total chapters. All chapters and the omake were later collected into a single volume.

Publisher's Summary[]

The world beyond June 1983...depicted in a new Higurashi When They Cry work!!

Peaceful days have come to Hinamizawa after escaping the death loop. Rika is excited to spend her first summer vacation with her friends. However, what was supposed to be a fun summer vacation turned into the complete opposite. Rika comes up with a travel plan, and gets into a bad situation...What will become of her summer vacation?!

昭和58年6月より先の世界――。「ひぐらしのなく頃に」のその後を描く新作登場!! 昭和58年夏――。死のループを抜け出した雛見沢村には平和な日々が訪れていた。梨花は仲間とすごす初めての夏休みに心躍らせていた。しかし、楽しいはずの夏休みは計画とは裏腹に何一つ上手くいかないはじまりだった。そんな梨花のもとに旅行の計画が持ち込まれ事態は大変なことに……。一体、梨花の夏休みはどうなってしまうのか!?


After escaping 100 years of death, Rika and Hanyuu are looking forward to a fun summer vacation, but Rika worries that she's forgotten how to act like a child. They decide to go on a trip to Tokyo with the club, however when their parents and guardians refuse, the group plans to sneak out of Hinamizawa.


Chapter Name Magazine Release Date
Chapter 1 Comp Ace October 2008 August 26, 2008
Chapter 2 Comp Ace November 2008 September 26, 2008
Chapter 3 Comp Ace December 2008 October 26, 2008
Chapter 4 Comp Ace January 2009 November 26, 2008
Chapter 5 Comp Ace February 2009 December 26, 2008
Chapter 6 Comp Ace March 2009 January 26, 2009
Chapter 7 Comp Ace April 2009 February 26, 2009



Comp Ace September 2008[]

The omake shows a preview of an upcoming Higurashi arc, Yuriutsukushi-hen (百合美しい編 Yuri is Sweet Chapter). Rena and Mion say they're finally going to become Comp Ace's stars since they hardly had any screen time and have only faced tragedy. They lovingly hold hands, but Rika knocks Mion down with a flying kick and destroys the arc title banner. Rika and Hanyuu say they'll be the stars next time, and that Keiichi and Satoko won't get starring roles at all. The wounded Mion gets up and says Rika was deceived, and that the main characters are purely ornamental. She plans to be in charge of the good episodes, and the rest of the club continues to argue among themselves. The narrator asks what will happen to the real starring rle and says to look forward to the next issue.

Artist Omake[]

Kagesaki relates that when they were asked to draw for Higurashi, they tried to think about 1983. Keiichi says that if they go to Tokyo, there's a certain place they need to go, but Mion covers his mouth. Keiichi says there's a place in Tokyo where they do adult issues, and Rena asks if he's trying to get the manga full of mosaics.

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