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This article is about character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.

Kirimi-chan (きりみちゃん) is an inhabitant from the world of love and dreams who travels to Hinamizawa. She appears in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei in a collaboration event with Sanrio.


Kirimi-chan looks like a salmon filet.

Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Kirimi-chan appears in Kazuho's "Kirimichan" card artwork.

It's Nice to Have Friends...Right?

Rena discovers a magic mirror in the junkyard and takes it home. She makes a wish to have lots of kyute friends and winds up summoning Kitty, Purin, Cinnamon, and Kirimi-chan into the house. Kitty speaks on behalf of the group and says they are inhabitants of the world of love and dreams; they were playing together before suddenly ending up in Hinamizawa.

When Hanyuu arrives with a shrunken down Rika and Satoko, the group sets out to undo their wishes. They head to Furude Shrine to find more crystals to power the mirror, with Kitty and her friends following the club throughout Hinamizawa to see that other villagers are shrinking to kyute size because of Rena's other wishes. Once they get to the shrine however, a tsukuyami appears and devours the mirror, growing to a bigger size. Kitty gives her support to the club members, and she and her friends transform into outfits for the club members to wear; Kazuho starts wearing Kirimi-chan

The empowered club members defeat the giant tsukuyami and retrieve the mirror, with Kitty and everyone turning back to normal. Kitty and friends bid farewell, disappearing when Rena wishes for them to go home.

"Kirimichan" Kazuho Kimiyoshi

Kirimi-chan visits Kazuho, Nao, and Miyuki's house, and Nao is so inspired that she starts drawing immediately after taking a shower and winds up getting sick. With Kazuho and Miyuki stuck at school without Nao able to make lunch for them, they call Kirimi-chan and have her make some jelly sandwiches. Kazuho is at first disappointed since she expected something salmon-related for lunch, but sees that Kirimi-chan's sandwiches really are good.

It's revealed that Kazuho has no cooking skills, and so Kirimi-chan offers to teach her how to cook. They cast a magic spell to make a delicious dinner, however Miyuki and Nao are dubious as to its quality, and Miyuki ends up gagging when she tries it. The girls desperately ask for Kirimi-chan to come back and teach Kazuho some proper cooking skills.


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