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Ketsui (ケツイ Determination) is the third chapter of Part 2 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story, the second chapter of Part 2 Showa-hen and the eleventh chapter of the main story overall.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

Kazuho wakes up from a horrible nightmare, sweating and shaking. She notices a school uniform hanging by the window, with the exact same repair marks as her uniform in the last world. She thinks back to living with Miyuki and Nao and laments that she's alone in this world. Just then Ayaka enters the room dressed for school. She says she didn't prepare that uniform for Kazuho.

Kazuho and Ayaka walk to school together. There are far fewer people out in the village in this world. Half the rice fields aren't even planted, and full of weeds. All the people they walk past refuse to even greet them. When they arrive at school Ayaka goes off to see Chie, and Kazuho enters the classroom alone. As soon as she opens the door she's hit by a cloud of white powder and trips on a rope by her feet, landing painfully on her knees still bandaged from her fall yesterday. Satoshi rushes over to help and apologizes for Satoko's behavior. Rena brings her a wet handkerchief, and calls as "transfer student". Kazuho is disappointed they don't remember her. She hears a scream and the door swings open, with Mion dragging Satoko inside.

Part 2[]

Mion is very forcefully demanding Satoko apologize, but everyone freezes once Ayaka enters the room. Rena explains the situation to her. Satoko reluctantly apologizes, then pouts and goes to her desk. Kazuho thanks Rena and Satoshi. Satoshi refers to Rena as "Reina". Chie comes in asking if something is wrong, but Ayaka insists it's nothing. Kazuho notices there are half as many desks in the room in this world before introducing herself and sitting down. Mion warns her that this could happen again if she's not more careful. Mion says to ask her or Reina if she needs anything.

Kazuho wonders why she's going by Reina, since she hated that name in the last world. She dwells on all the differences in this world for a while. Rika is dead, Hanyuu is gone, Satoko talks different, Keiichi's house isn't there, Rena is Reina, and Satoshi isn't missing. Satoshi comes over to tell her it's lunchtime, and hands her the Role Card. He found it laying by her when she fell yesterday. Nobody seems to know what Role Cards are. Kazuho asks if there were more students in the class. Mion says people have been leaving because everyone is getting evicted next month. Satoko excitedly says she's moving to Nagoya with her mom and dad.

Part 3[]

Class is over for the day. Kazuho mutters something about the differences in this world and Reina seems to overhear it, but drops it. School was way less fun today. Kazuho thinks back to lunch. Ayaka brought her a lunchbox and walked away, so Kazuho ended up eating alone. Ayaka has something to do after school, so she gives Kazuho a key and tells her to head home alone.

Mion is about to leave, but Kazuho stops her to ask about the club. Mion tells her there's no club here, then leaves. Satoko and Satoshi leave together. Feeling empty, Kazuho is about to leave, but Reina stops her. She offers to walk part of the way home together. Kazuho is glad that her kindness is one thing that hasn't changed in this world.

Part 4[]

Reina is giving Kazuho shopping tips while walking home. A lot of the houses they walk by have the windows boarded up. Reina explains that people are being evicted because of the dam. Some are moving away, and the rest will be temporarily housed in Shishibone while they build a new "Hinamizawa" somewhere else. Kazuho asks what Reina is planning to do. She's still deciding between Ibaraki, where her mom lives; Nagoya, which would be good for work; or Tokyo. Her mom insisted that moving would be better for her education.

Kazuho is surprised Reina's mom is involved and looking out for her. Apparently her parents aren't divorced. Reina is an only child, so Nao was never born in this world. She's proud of her mom and wants to help her become a famous designer. Reina asks Kazuho to forgive Mion. Mion is upset that the Kimiyoshis supported the dam project. Kazuho is surprised her grandfather would support it, but Reina says he's bedridden and the acting Kimiyoshi head is actually his son Minoru, who is also acting as Ayaka's guardian. Kazuho is astonished because Minoru Kimiyoshi is her father's name.

Part 5[]

After parting with Reina, Kazuho heads to the dam site. It's not a trash heap in this world, and construction work is actually happening. One of the laborers calls out to the construction foreman, and Kazuho remembers he was the victim of the first year's curse, but he's alive here. In the last world Kazuho's dad was the mediator between the pro and anti dam factions, but in this one he supported the pro dam effort. She considers asking him about it.

Takano is taking pictures nearby and notices her. Kazuho asks about the "Takano Clinic". It was named after her late grandfather; everyone appreciated the effort he put into fighting Hinamizawa Syndrome. Takano's name is written like her grandfather's in this world. She dedicated her life to his research, and was able to fulfill that role this year. Kazuho asks if she picked up photography from her boyfriend, but Takano says she doesn't have anyone like that. Kazuho's neck starts feeling itchy. She asks Takano what she plans to do after the eviction. Takano says this is a secret, but she developed a certain medicine for another disease while working on Hinamizawa Syndrome, and an old colleague invited her to work at a pharmaceutical company. Kazuho thanks Takano and leaves. In the last world Rika said everyone in the village is infected with a disease, and as the queen carrier she can manipulate them. Kazuho thinks learning about the syndrome might be the way to unravel the mystery.

Part 6[]

At home, Ayaka and Kazuho are having dinner. Kazuho is struggling to work up the courage, but finally asks her about Hinamizawa Syndrome. Ayaka seems upset and asks where she heard that, so Kazuho admits it was Takano. Ayaka realizes Kazuho would just investigate it on her own if she doesn't answer, so she promises to give her a proper explanation later. But in exchange she demands Kazuho not research it or ask anyone else about it. Kazuho agrees. Ayaka says she needs to discuss Kazuho's treatment with someone else first. Then she moves in very close and sternly warns Kazuho not to break their promise. Ayaka calmly cleans up dinner and leaves the room. Kazuho collapses to the ground, terrified. She notices something hidden between the TV and the dresser, and grabs it. It looks like a Fragment, but not glowing like usual. It's the size of a grain of rice, and it's shaped like the magatama.

Part 7[]

For the next several days Ayaka is avoiding Kazuho, staying out late and leaving early in the morning. Kazuho eats breakfast alone. She thinks of her brother and wants to investigate more, but she's afraid of upsetting Ayaka. She finds a newspaper article about problems at a Tokyo hospital, mentioning a history of previous incidents. Including one where loose tiles caused Yukie Akasaka and her unborn child to die. Kazuho panics and runs outside for some fresh air.

Kazuho promised not to investigate the syndrome, but decides she can still research other things. She wants to talk to her dad. She looks at the magatama in her pocket and thinks it might help her. Suddenly Satoshi and Reina rush over. They invite her to a baseball game, since she mentioned being interested in club activities. She agrees, thinking they were inviting her to watch, but they actually need her to play because they're short on people. At the field, Kazuho is worried because she's never played baseball before. Mion insists she'll be fine because she's done kendo and that's basically the same thing. Then the players from the other team show up. One of them is Keiichi.

Part 8[]

Keiichi is apparently friends with the Hinamizawa gang. He heard the rumors about a transfer student so he comes to introduce himself, but he's confused that Kazuho already knows him. Keiichi and Satoshi wish each other a good game, then the match begins. It's a tight game at first, but by the fifth inning the Titans realize they can score easy runs by hitting the ball toward Kazuho, so they build up a 6 points lead. Kazuho is upset that she keeps making errors, but the team keeps encouraging her. The Fighters go all out and make a comeback thanks to some good hits from Reina and Mion, plus a grand slam from Satoko. They're now one point behind, and it's the last inning. The Titans switch Keiichi in as the pitcher and he strikes two batters out immediately. Satoshi is the next up to bat, but Keiichi ends up walking him. And next in the batting order is... Kazuho. Satoko argues they should be able to use a pinch hitter, and Kazuho shamelessly pleads for it, but Irie insists Kazuho step up to the plate. Thinking of Miyuki and Nao gives her the encouragement to try. Right as Kazuho is swinging at the ball she's pulled into the Fragment world, with Keiichi standing in front of her. He says last time it was 3 vs 1 but this time it's one on one, then pulls out a Role Card that transforms into a bat. Kazuho pulls out her own card, ready to take him on.

Part 9[]

Kazuho is back at the baseball field after defeating the tsukuyami. She sees the ball flying over the fence, so she runs around the bases. Everyone is waiting to congratulate her. Kazuho breaks down in tears, because even though this world is so different, club activities still feel the same. She really wants to see Miyuki and Nao again, and she vows to do whatever it takes to make it happen. As everyone is leaving the field, Kazuho chases after Keiichi and asks to talk to him. She thanks him for going easy on her, but Keiichi insists he went all out because he knows what she's capable of. Kazuho is wondering if he might have retained some memories, so she calls him "Keiichi of Hinamizawa". Keiichi grins. He was waiting until the right time to tell her, but he remembers everything from the previous world.


兄として As An Older Brother
高台での出会い Meeting At The Observation Platform
お見舞い Hospital Visit
決意の手記 Note of Resolution
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