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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.
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Keropoyo (ケロポヨ Keropoyo) is an artificial intelligence that comes pre-installed with Selcoms.


Of the Outie Frog Family and the Genus Outie Frog

A freely distributed Al Character Icon

The default character icon of various communication tools, recognized as the most talked to thing in the world by the  Arthur World Records. As a side note, the most common  phrase said to it is 'how do I delete you'. It's often criticized for being foul-mouthed or perverted, but this is merely Keropoyo communicating in a way that's optimized for the individual user.

Once, a certain senator apparently proclaimed that Kero-poyo was unsuitable for young men, due to its propensity for seeking out adult videos of mature women, thereby digging his own grave. Additionally, because of Keropoyo, most A3W children believe that frogs have belly buttons.


Keropoyo is a green frog with a white stomach and outward-facing belly button. He often appears in a blue box, sometimes changing the background to reflect his mood.


Keropoyo is seen as annoying by many people, giving search suggestions and playing background music, often inappropriate for the mood. He dislikes having to censor blocked words when they're used too much and especially dislikes being used for heavy data-processing tasks. He often punctuates his sentences with *poyo*, *kero* and other frog noises.

Special Abilities

Forbidden Word Conversion (A)

Is capable of replacing predetermined unsuitable words with *kero*kero*. For that reason, obscene conversations and fights all get turned into the sound of frogs croaking thanks to this pleasant feature, so that someone watching from the sidelines would only hear a chorus of frogs.

The Arthur World Records also state that Keropoyo has mediated more fights than any other thing on the planet.

Uninstallation Resistance (SSS)

Uses whatever means necessary to prevent its own uninstallation.

Even if one reaches the uninstallation page after considerable effort, several hundred checkboxes await them before they can complete it.

If any of these are entered in incorrectly, one's secret My Picks images will be sent simultaneously to all of one's friends, in what is known as the Frog's Curse.


Keropoyo was created by the same company that made Selcom and Kizuna as a companion tool.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Keropoyo is typically used by other characters for searching the news, providing alerts to friends arriving, or hacking and manipulating data.

In Chapter 16, Keropoyo is appointed by Miyao as Secretary of the Order of the Public Bath.

In Chapter 22, groups of Keropoyos become alerted to MIYAO's existence within Miyao's mind and attempt to sniff him out. When they can't find MIYAO, they all report to someone called the "Mistress." Chapter 24 has them trying it again, and when Miyao shows concern that he may be a program made to resemble the real Miyao Mitake, Keropoyo suddenly calls him adorable and tells him to sleep.



  1. Phase 1, Chapter 13: Proof of a Program. "Keropoyo lost his temper because gathering so many people into a single room was way too big a load to handle poyooo"