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Keiji (ケイジ) is a character appearing in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei in the event Trick Encounter, The Flower Theater.


Keiji has the exact same appearance as Keiichi Maebara and wears a jester outfit.


Keiji was part of a the Circus Hayashibara troupe and trained in tightrope and trapeze acts, but always ended up with the part of a clown, much to his displeasure. After being made the main clown when the previous one got injured, Keiji quit.

Role in the Story[]

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei[]

Trick Encounter, The Flower Theater[]

After Keiji quits the circus, the circus members try to get him back and start a search for him. Keiji walks around Okinomiya and ends up getting harassed by delinquents when he knocks their bikes over, but Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao save him, assuming he's actually Keiichi because of his similar appearance. Keiji leaves in a huff.

Keiichi meanwhile is found by the circus and made to cover for Keiji during their show. Kazuho and Miyuki meet Keiji at the baseball field, who confesses his dislike and problems surrounding his clown job, and is convinced to return to the circus after remembering that he wants to make the audience happy.

After Keiichi finishes performing at the circus, he gives Keiji a pep talk and encourages him to communicate with the other circus members should he have problems. Keiji takes his words to heart.

"Sudden Circus" Keiichi Maebara[]

Keiichi and Keiji bond. Keiji explains how he does school homework through mail, and Keiichi talks about his own struggles with studying in school and making friends. Keiji plans to study management so he can inherit the circus.

Keiji shows Keiichi how to do sawing magic tricks. Keiichi talks about how he hurt someone a long time ago and regrets it, and Keiji sees that he himself never hurt anyone when he left the circus because Keiichi and his friends were there to cover for him.



  • Keiji's name may be a pun. A common fan nickname for Keiichi is K1, as "ichi" can mean "1" in Japanese. "Ji" can also mean "2" in Japanese, therefore Keiji can be nicknamed "K2".