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Kazuho Kimiyoshi (公由 一穂 Kimiyoshi Kazuho) is the main protagonist of the mobile game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.


The granddaughter of Kiichirou Kimiyoshi, the former mayor of Hinamizawa. Lost her entire family in the disaster in 1983, and she's currently living in a dormitory with the support of her distant relatives. Likes Japanese food. Has a habit of saying "I'm sorry."

(Translated from the official Mei website by DoctorDiablo.)


Kazuho has short gray hair and wears a blue hoodie. Her school uniform is a white shirt with a blue skirt, white socks and black shoes. Her "Wonder Alice" outfit resembles a light blue maid outfit with pink armor and gauntlets.and a black bow on her head.


Kazuho is a very timid girl and gets confused easily, but she has determination to find answers. When she gets nervous she calls out for her dead brother.


Kazuho is the daughter of Kanae Kimiyoshi (公由 香苗江 Kimiyoshi Kanae), Kiichirou's daughter, and Minoru Kimiyoshi (公由 稔 Kimiyoshi Minoru) who married into the Kimiyoshi family. She also had an older brother, Rei Kimiyoshi (公由 怜 Kimiyoshi Rei). She lived in Okinomiya as a little girl and had dreams of joining the Hinamizawa school games club. After her family and brother died in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Kazuho gained help from distant relatives and went to live in a school dormitory.

In 1993, after receiving a pager message apparently from her dead grandfather Kiichirou telling her to come to Hinamizawa, Kazuho goes to investigate the long-abandoned village. There she meets Tamurahime no Mikoto, gaining the power to use Role Cards and battle monsters called tsukuyami.


Kazuho can tap into Fragments and draw power to create Role Cards, using them to transform and fight monsters. Tamura suggests that this may involve Kazuho being of the "horned people".



Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei[]

In the prologue, Kazuho heads to Hinamizawa to investigate it after the lockdown is lifted. She gets chased by a monster called a tsukuyami and is helped by Tamurahime no Mikoto, who helps her unlock the power to transform using Fragments and fight it. Tamura also addresses Kazuho with a katakana reading of her name, カズホ. Kazuho is then told to go into the ritual warehouse in the Furude Shrine and meet up with another girl.

Kazuho enters the warehouse and comes back out to Hinamizawa in 1983, having gone back in time. She soon meets Satoko, Rika, and Miyuki Akasaka, the latter of which also has the power to fight tsukuyami. Kazuho introduces herself to them, and when Miyuki hears she's a Kimiyoshi, she offers to give her a bike ride home to Mayor Kiichirou's house, much to Kazuho's confusion. As they ride, Kazuho comments with confusion that she's really in Hinamizawa, which Miyuki later questions her about. Kazuho struggles to come up with an answer for Miyuki, getting feverish and soon passing out.

Kazuho wakes up the next morning in Miyuki's house, who makes her breakfast and gives her a school uniform to wear. Kazuho meanwhile reads a newspaper and becomes shocked to see she's really in 1983, drawing more suspicion from Miyuki. Rena soon arrives to take them to school, getting confused when she doesn't recognize Kazuho. Miyuki makes up a story that she's a transfer student, and Rena seems to freeze for a bit before readily accepting Kazuho as the new student, much to the latter's shock.

Kazuho and Miyuki head to school with Rena and meet Mion on the way, with Kazuho later introducing herself to the class. Kazuho and Miyuki have a private conversation during lunch where Miyuki reveals she's also from 1993 and hands Kazuho a notebook containing a list of victims of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

Kazuho and Miyuki meet Midori Kawata at the junkyard.

Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao go to visit Kazuho's home should be only to discover an empty lot there. They go to the Okinomiya library to do research and run into Kawata again. After Kazuho admonishes Nao for suddenly acting rude to Kawata, the group asks her to find the address of a certain girl, with Kazuho giving her older brother's name and passing it off as the girl's name. Kawata takes an interest and pulls out some materials related to a case she was pursuing, revealing that Kazuho doesn't exist in this world since her family died in a murder-suicide during the dam war; Kazuho's mom died while she was still pregnant with her. Kazuho falls unconscious and is brought to the Irie Clinic.

Kazuho learns that during the dam war, her family went on a trip somewhere and started acting very different when they came back. Mion intimidates Kazuho and says she will "transfer", referring to Kazuho's earlier conversation with Keiichi. Kazuho determines that Mion cannot do anything to her despite having broken several "rules" in this world and realizes that she's "invulnerable".

The Great Hinamizawa Disaster victim list updates to remove Kazuho's family from it, with Kazuho's own memories becoming fuzzy when she can't remember what her family looked like.

Shion goes to help Kazuho's group. Later, Mion is possessed by a tsukuyami and attempts to kill Kazuho.

During the chaos of the villagers killing each other near the Furude Shrine, the group battles a possessed Ooishi and defeats him. Kazuho sees he dropped a black card and puts it in her pocket. The group retreats to the Irie Clinic, where Kazuho contacts Tamura and learns that her group needs to return to 1993 since the boundary is breaking, but they need more power to open a portal. Kazuho is told to go after a strong tsukuyami in the junkyard when the line is cut, and she sees that Shion was actually Mion in disguise and attacked Irie.

Mion and several villagers invade the clinic, but Kazuho's group manages to defeat them and turn Mion back to normal. Kazuho tells the 1983 people that she, Miyuki, and Nao are from the future, and warns them of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. They go to the junkyard and fight a tsukuyami-possessed Rena, turning her back to normal as well.

Kazuho determines that Rika was behind Keiichi's exile from Hinamizawa and Mion's memories getting rewritten. Rika admits her deception and explains that she was also behind the villagers going crazy, infecting them all with Hinamizawa Syndrome in order to generate more Fragments. The group believes that Rika has lost her mind and needs to be brought back to her senses, but Rika fuses with Hanyuu, and the resulting amalgamation attacks them.

The fused Rika is defeated and dissipates. Kazuho starts thinking she really killed Rika when the real Hanyuu appears and explains that those two were actually tsukuyami doppelgangers. Hanyuu explains that the real Rika was taken away to another world, and this world is about to be destroyed by the tsukuyami. Kazuho receivse a magatama, one half of an artifact called the "susuke no tamawari", with the other half said to be in her world. Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao go to the ritual warehouse and prepare to return to the future once more. The '83 group promises that they can hold their own against the monsters approaching in the distance.

The trio steps inside, however when Kazuho steps back out she finds she's still in 1983. She tries to get back inside the relocked warehouse when Ayaka Furude appears, saying only the Furude family head can enter. Ayaka shows no knowledge of anyone named Rika and says the date is June 4, 1983 when Kazuho asks.

Kazuho runs away in shock and heads to the Maebara residence only to find an empty lot. After seeing that many villagers she knew in the previous world were now acting cold to her, Kazuho collapses and falls unconscious when Satoshi Houjou approaches. Kazuho is brought to the Irie Clinic, where Satoshi introduces himself. Kazuho calls him Rei, thinking he's her brother, and Satoshi says he isn't and goes to ask Irie if he knows anyone like that. Irie and Takano then enter the room, however Satoshi refers to her as Dr. Miyoko for some reason. Satoko and Ayaka then enter, where Ayaka makes up a story for Kazuho, saying she's the mayor's granddaughter and just came in from Tokyo. Everyone except Satoko seems to accept this information.

Ayaka offers to bring Kazuho home but Takano asks to have a private chat first. Kazuho is on guard due to Takano's actions in the previous world, but this Takano seems more sympathetic and says she also experienced the feeling of having no allies to rely on. As Kazuho leaves, she sees the clinic is actually called the Takano Clinic.

Ayaka brings Kazuho to the Furude main house, explaining that she'll be attending school the next day and that her clothes and books will appear soon. Kazuho is confused by Ayaka's apparent knowledge of this phenomenon and asks what happened to Rika. Ayaka says that she died 5 years ago. Kazuho struggles to sleep that night, wondering about all the strange things she saw that day. She realizes that Satoshi is Satoko's brother and was the boy Shion talked about in the previous world, yet nobody else seemed to know about him. She decides to trust Ayaka.

Kazuho has a nightmare where she sees people bleeding from every orifice on their bodies while corpses litter the streets, being reminded of the chaos in the previous world.


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