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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.
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Katsuya Kumagai (熊谷 勝也 Kumagai Katsuya) is a detective in the Okinomiya police station and Kuraudo Ooishi's subordinate.


A detective at the Okinomiya police station.

He uses light footwork and is one of Ooishi's most trusted subordinates.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Kumagai doesn't have a sprite in the original visual novel. Console ports give him dark hair with a brown suit. He is frequently shown as a middle-aged man though the Tsumihoroboshi and Minagoroshi manga show him as younger.


Kumagai is much more calm compared to Ooishi, though he is also very eager at times.




Near the end of the arc Ooishi tells Kumagai to bring a car around so they can rescue Keiichi when he calls the station.


Kumagai and the rest of the police keep close watch on Mion and her house, suspecting her for masterminding the recent disappearances of the mayor and Rika. They send Keiichi and Rena into the Sonozaki household and later raid the place when Rena calls for help.


The credits reveal that Kumagai went missing alongside Ooishi during an investigation.


Ooishi reunites with Akasaka in 1983 and reveals to him that, while investigating the fifth year victims of the curse, Kumagai and his car suddenly disappeared.


In 1982, Kumagai and Ooishi investigate the death of Satoshi's aunt and interrogate him for his alibi.

The credits show that as of 2004, Kumagai resides in Shishibone City.


On the night of the festival, Kumagai and the police investigate the deaths of Tomitake and Takano.

The police fall under a misunderstanding that Kasai and the Sonozaki family are trying to hunt down Rena when in reality, Kasai believes Rena found one of his belongings. Ooishi is convinced by Rena that there's a plot by aliens to overthrow the village because of what's written in Takano's scrapbook, and so he prepares the police to raid various Sonozaki properties.

Ooishi and Kuamgai talk with Mion and Akane to resolve the misunderstanding and negotiate. Akane pulls out a suitcase full of Takano's other scrapbooks, explaining that they found those in her house after she passed away; all of Takano's books are shown to be speculative fiction about Hinamizawa's past, nothing more. Akane offers to give the police the scrapbooks as a sign of friendship if they agree to call off the raid, with Ooishi excusing himself as Kumagai takes over. Kumagai asks that the police receive any other scrapbooks the Sonozakis find and for Rena to be turned over to them immediately when she's found. Akane adds to the second condition that they want to appoint Rena a lawyer and that she can only be questioned in their presence, and that if the police find Rena then they must call the Sonozakis immediately. Kumagai accepts the deal and leaves with the scrapbooks.

Kumagai and the police later try to defuse the situation at the school, where Rena has taken the class hostage and is threatening to blow it up with gasoline. Kumagai manages to tell Keiichi about the nature of the bomb and tells him where and how to defuse it. He later tries to stop a special police unit from raiding the school and potentially making things worse.


On the night of the festival, the police investigate Tomitake and Takano's deaths. Despite having found a burnt corpse that was identified as Takano's, Ooishi and Kumagai are convinced she's still alive. They receive a call from Rika who believes someone is out to kill her, and Ooishi and Kumagai begin driving to her house from Okinomiya.

They stop when Ooishi notices a suspicious van parked near a phone facility. Unbeknownst to them, the Mountain Dogs were sabotaging communications into the village as part of Takano's plan. Kumagai attempts to radio the station and tell them about the van but he gets shot in the head by a sniper and is killed. The Mountain Dogs dispose of his corpse and car soon after.


Kumagai cooperates with Ooishi in a 48-hour operation where they claim Rika has been found dead, disrupting Takano's plan. Kumagai's job is to stop people from coming to the station and trying to verify the state of Rika's corpse.


  • As of this writing,* Kumagai's name has been mistranslated many times in MangaGamer's official English releases:
    • Watanagashi translates his name both as Kumatani[1] and Kumagaya[2].
    • Tatarigoroshi's credits translates his full name as Katsuya Kumatani.
  • In Meakashi's credits, Kumagai's full name appears to be written as Tetsuya Kumagai (熊谷 達也 Kumagai Tatsuya).


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