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Kanon (嘉音), also known by his real name Yoshiya (嘉哉), is a young servant who works for the Ushiromiya family and Jessica Ushiromiya's love interest.


A young servant.

He performs his duties silently and diligently, but is not so highly regarded as a servant due to his unsociable nature.

There are multiple other servants with the "on" (音) character in their pseudonyms. He and Shannon just happened to be the ones on duty that day.

So far, he is the last furniture created by Kinzo.

Making use of all his previous experience. Kinzo managed to implement a set of flawless specs. Kanon was also given a heart, but it was much weaker than Shannon's.

Perhaps because Kinzo felt a sense of approaching personal danger related to his fortune as he neared the end of his life, he bestowed Kanon with the rare power to fight and protect.

However, he hasn't yet matured very far and is unable to properly control his own power and speed.


Kanon appears to be a frail boy with medium-length dark gray hair and blue eyes (gray eyes in the manga and Golden Fantasia). He wears a black collared shirt with a purple cravat in the middle and red shorts. He also wears striped socks, brown shoes and his signature red hat.

For his casual wear, he wears a long black overcoat with a stand-up collar that covers the lower half of his face, dark pants with buckled belts tied together and wrapped around the knees, and black shoes.


Kanon is a serious and fervent servant, carrying out his master's orders thoroughly. He is also a bit frail and antisocial. He highly disapproves of Shannon's feelings and relationship with George, as he believes that he and Shannon are furniture, and thus not allowed to feel love. Kanon denies any human emotions in himself yet struggles with his feelings for Jessica.


Kanon can manifest a red energy sword and is shown to have some agility. Kanon is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and capable of battling and defeating Lucifer in Banquet of the Golden Witch.

He is stronger when with Shannon, as they were originally one piece of furniture. He can also link up with Shannon to deploy a magic interference field, as shown in Alliance of the Golden Witch when they use it on the Chiesters.

Dawn of the Golden Witch shows that Kanon has some proficiency in firing Winchester Rifles because of private sessions with Kinzo.


Kanon is an orphan who was raised in the Fukuin House, with Shannon acting as his older sister. He was the last of the furniture created by Kinzo, having a weaker heart than his sister's. Like many other Fukuin children, he would later work for the Ushiromiya family.

See Yasuda's page for more information.



Ushiromiya Family




Kinzo Ushiromiya[]

Kinzo was responsible for creating Kanon as furniture. As a servant, Kanon is greatly trusted by Kinzo, as he is allowed to wear the One-Winged Eagle crest on his uniform. Dawn of the Golden Witch reveals that Kinzo would often take Kanon with him to fire his Winchester Rifles in private.

Krauss Ushiromiya[]

Kanon is mainly very distant towards Krauss. He later somewhat regrets that aloofness, as Krauss had always been nice to him when no one else was around. Kanon describes this nice behavior as like being classmates. He assumes it comes from Krauss thinking that Kanon got bullied a lot by Kinzo.

Natsuhi Ushiromiya[]

Kanon thinks that Natsuhi views him as an enemy after a rumor spread that she isn't as strict towards male servants. Kanon mainly pities her because to him, she seems deeply pained. This comes from him seeing her crying alone.

Jessica Ushiromiya[]

Jessica and Kanon are in love with each other, however Kanon sees himself as furniture and believes he is not allowed to love humans, often rejecting Jessica's advances. Despite this, Kanon carries a spare bronchodilator and will jump to Jessica's aid when she needs it. In Dawn of the Golden Witch, Kanon finally admits his feelings for Jessica, and the two begin to build their relationship.

Genji Ronoue[]

Kanon answers to Genji, since Genji is the head servant. Kanon is simultaneously grateful and resentful to him to the point that he feels neutral about him. Overall, he would call Genji the closest he has to a father.

See Yasuda's page for more information on this resentment.

Chiyo Kumasawa[]

Kanon is very grateful towards her because she had helped him a lot. Kanon wants to repay her but doesn't know how. Similar to how he views Genji as a father figure, Kanon thinks of Kumasawa as a mother figure.


Kanon sees her as a big sister and deeply cares about her. He also envies her because he isn't able to show his affection for Jessica in the same way Shannon does towards George. Kanon is normally reserved, but when someone attacks Shannon he can get very angry and will do anything to protect her.

Toshiro Gohda[]

Kanon appreciates Gohda's love for cooking and likes his food, but he mostly dislikes Gohda for his perceived arrogance.

Role in the Story[]

Legend of the Golden Witch[]

Kanon's first appearance is in the rose garden, where he is very distant and shy. Battler assists him when his wheelbarrow full of fertilizer bags topples. Kanon doesn't even give his age when Battler asks him.

On the second day, he is on the morning shift and thus is the first to notice that Gohda is missing. When trying to phone Gohda, he also notices that the phone line is cut. Natsuhi later sends him on a search for the missing persons, where he finds the red magic circle on the shed. After the rest of the family sees and reacts to what is inside the shed, it's evident that he cares for Jessica because he tries to calm her down.

Later, he is in the kitchen with the other servants, where he laments Shannon’s death. He is convinced that Natsuhi was a chosen target because of the blood on the door. When Battler enters the kitchen, Kanon explains to him that the witch Beatrice is the culprit behind the murders. He also explains that Beatrice has no form and can transform herself into golden butterflies.

When dinner time arrives, Kanon and Genji go to Eva and Hideyoshi’s room to inform them about it, but they realize that something is off. They try to unlock the door, but it’s locked with a chain on the inside. Kanon goes with Kumasawa to the storehouse to get a wire cutter. When they come back, they were greeted by the first magic circle of the moon, painted in red on the door.

Shortly after discovering the murder of Eva and Hideyoshi, the group notices a weird smell. Kanon is the first to notice where it’s coming from. He runs headfirst into the boiler room where he confronts Beatrice. He wants revenge for Shannon’s death, but Beatrice shoots a stake-like object in his chest, which he pulls out. When the rest of the group catches up to him, they find him lying in a pool of blood. Nanjo and George carry him into the servant’s room with the hope to save him there, but his wound is too severe and thus, he is declared dead.

Found in the boiler room with a weapon resembling an ice-pick sticking out of his chest.

How presumptuous of lowly furniture like that.

Kan d

In the Tea Party, Kanon is convinced that the culprit of all the murders must be a witch. When Beatrice herself appears and Battler denies her, Kanon's wounds reappear and he dies once again.

Turn of the Golden Witch[]

This time his first appearance is when Beatrice is picking on Shannon. He greatly dislikes Beatrice and tries to protect Shannon from her. At the end of this encounter, both him and Shannon receive a small bruise on their hand from Beatrice as a reminder of their meeting with her.

Later, Shannon is casually talking to Beatrice while Kanon watches them silently. After Beatrice leaves, he tries once more to convince Shannon to stop talking to Beatrice. He then gets into a debate with Shannon about them being furniture. Shannon really wants him to understand that even though they are furniture, they can become human and be together with the ones they love. With that she gives him the brooch Beatrice had given her, a magical brooch that can grant love. Because the brooch is Beatrice's, he wants to get rid of it, but he would never throw away anything Shannon gives him, so he keeps it for the time being. As a last way to persuade Kanon, Shannon uses the question of “What color does the sea look to you?” to convince him that they can become human.

Because of Shannon, Jessica invites Kanon to the school cultural festival, where they pretend to be a couple. Kanon later watches Jessica and her band perform on stage. The performance and Jessica’s guitar skill leave an impression on Kanon.

After dinner on the same day, they talk about the festival. Kanon compliments her on her skill, and Jessica notices that he’s envious. To get the idea of being furniture out of Kanon’s head, she introduces him to the idea of creating another self, which she does to escape the pressures of being in the line of succession of the Ushiromiya family. After some more chatting, she wants to know his real name, but Kanon doesn't tell her. Even after all her attempts of convincing him, he still insists on just being furniture. He ends up crushing Jessica’s feelings, because in his eyes he’s just furniture that can’t love a human like Jessica.

Those painful words make Jessica leave, and then Beatrice appears with a cackle. Kanon sees her as the main cause of this situation and thus gets mad at her. In his eyes, she’s the one that gave him and Jessica those feelings that can’t be fulfilled. With that he takes the brooch and destroys it.

On the day of the conference, he tries to cheer Maria up after Rosa crushes her candy.

When Beatrice appears in human form, Kanon brings her to the VIP room. She tells him about her plan of collecting the interest from the ten tons of gold. To humiliate Kanon, she pressures him into kissing her shoes. After threatening to use Shannon for the second twilight, he gives in and does what she wants.

Around 18:00, he warns Shannon about Beatrice's plans for her ceremony. He’s convinced that his deal with the witch won’t hold if Shannon accepts the ring from George. Kanon wants to survive with Shannon until the very end and reach the Golden Land, where they can become human. Shannon believes that's not necessary, since they are both able to love someone despite being furniture.

The next morning, Kanon and the other servants wait in front of the chapel as Rosa and Genji arrive. Kanon informs her about the missing key. Rosa gives him and Gohda the task of calling the police and bringing Nanjo to the chapel. After opening the chapel to reveal the gruesome scene within, a furious Jessica runs to the VIP room, accusing Beatrice of being responsible. Kanon and Gohda chase after her.

When they reach the VIP room, Kanon tries his best to calm Jessica down. Jessica demands the master key from Kanon to open the VIP room door. Kanon complies, and when the group enters they discover Beatrice is missing, instead finding a letter left behind mocking them. Kanon asks Gohda to leave them alone, realizing how hurt Jessica is.

Kanon and Jessica go to the latter's room. Kanon offers to stay with her and protect her when Beatrice suddenly appears. Beatrice says Kanon and Jessica are going to become the victims of the second twilight and summons a goat-like demon that conjures a magic purple sword. To protect Jessica, Kanon conjures a similar red blade, lamenting that he had to reveal himself in front of Jessica like this. Kanon duels the goat and defeats it.

Beatrice scoffs and summons another demon: Asmodeus, one of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. Asmodeus proves to be too fast for Kanon; she transforms into a stake and attempts to pierce Kanon, but Jessica stands up and takes the hit for him. Beatrice then summons Satan, who also transforms into a stake and successfully stabs Kanon. The two victims reach out for each other. Jessica asks Kanon what his real name is, but she dies before he can respond. Beatrice uses her magic to make Kanon's corpse disappear.

The witch erased his corpse for fun. That alone caused an incredible uneasiness among the survivors.

If that which exists resides in the human world, then that which does not exist is truly fantasy.

Fantasy takes the form of what they fear.

Kan m

There's no corpse. And yet, he's dead.

The witch said so in red. So, he definitely is dead, even though there's no corpse.

Kan d2og

The group heads to Jessica's room, as she and Kanon hadn't come back for a while, and discover only Jessica's corpse. The group discusses how Kanon could be the killer, and Kanon and Jessica's ghosts appear to lament how their reasoning is false. Battler successfully defends Kanon and claims he couldn't have killed Jessica.

The rest of the servants and Nanjo prepare lunch in the kitchen and hear a strange noise coming from the back door. They open it to find Kanon, who is drenched with blood and has a very deep wound in his chest. Kanon curses Rosa, claiming that she killed Jessica and is going to kill everybody. They bring Kanon to the servants’ room and bandage him up, however Kanon says it doesn't hurt and starts poking around inside his stab wound, disgusting Kumasawa. Shannon notices that something is off about Kanon's behavior and procures a handkerchief with a spiderweb attached to it. She tries to touch Kanon with the spiderweb, saying it'll prove he's real.

Kanon recoils and summons a purple sword, slitting Nanjo and Kumasawa's throats with it. Genji and Gohda manage to restrain Kanon, with Genji taking the handkerchief and pressing it against Kanon's face, burning his skin. He then bursts into golden butterflies.

In the fight against Beatrice in Natsuhi’s room, Beatrice turns one of her goats into Kanon. He attempts to attack, but is smashed in by Shannon’s barrier and turns into golden dust.

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

At 24:00 Kinzo calls Genji, Shannon and Kanon to his study, where they are greeted by Kinzo himself, along with Beatrice and Ronove. Beatrice informs them that they all have been chosen as the sacrifices for the first twilight, and with that she burns Kinzo to death. In contrast to Genji and Shannon, Kanon doesn’t want to accept his death. So, Beatrice summons Lucifer of Pride as his opponent and promises him that he can choose the sacrifices if he’s able to defeat all the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. Shannon is worried about Kanon and does not want him to fight, but he is so determined for a chance to become human that he doesn’t listen to her.

At first, Lucifer and Kanon duel with their energy swords and the latter seems to have the upper hand, but then Lucifer turns herself into a stake and bounces from wall to wall at immeasurable speed. Kanon isn’t able to follow her, but he starts to provoke her and with that she tells him where she’s aiming at. He holds his hand in front of his heart so Lucifer only pierces his hand, and thus he survives her attack. He grabs her by the neck, thinking he has won, but Beatrice reminds him that he must win against all Seven Stakes. Beatrice then summons the other six Stakes and Kanon realizes that he has no chance of winning. Kanon’s actions were enough for Shannon to take action and she uses her shield to protect Kanon from the attacks. But even with both their power together, it would only be a matter of time before the shield breaks. Thus, Genji steps in and sends both of them gently into eternal sleep, so they can evade the torture Beatrice has planned for them.

The next morning, the adults find Kanon’s corpse in the chapel next to a letter with the key to the parlor.

As part of her attempt in self-redemption, Beatrice revives Kanon, and he appears as a ghost in front of the blinded Jessica. The only thing he’s able to do as a ghost is talk to her, so he guides her with his words out of the servants’ room. While they’re walking to the parlor, they have a love chat and Jessica hides behind the curtains. After that, he thanks Beatrice for giving him a chance to talk with Jessica one last time.

In the Golden Land, Battler is greeted by Kanon, who is holding hands with Jessica.

His corpse was found in the chapel. The weapon used on him is assumed to be a gun or spear-shaped object.

For Kanon, the chapel. Let him continue to protect the Lord's precious place, even after death.

Kan d3

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

While the siblings discuss the inheritance, Kanon and Genji meet up with Kinzo. After a quick talk, they all go down to the parlor. Kanon watches as Kinzo collects the sacrifices for the first twilight. When Kinzo is done, a big pitfall opens beneath Kanon that swallows both him and Shannon.

Kanon wakes up with Shannon, Krauss, Kyrie and Nanjo in a dungeon-like cell. At first, he and Shannon talk about the Golden Land and how great it could be for them. Shannon describes it as heaven, but Kanon doesn’t believe her. Then, the tests for Jessica and George start, and Kanon and Shannon are only able to watch them through a three-sided mirror. The struggle of their loved ones motivates them and they want to give it their all as well.

Kanon uses his energy blade to cut through the metal bars so the group can escape the cell. After that, the group encounters some more metal bars that are harder to cut through for Kanon and the Chiesters notice the escaped prisoners. Together, Shannon and Kanon are able to repel the Chiesters and even hit them back, causing them to have to reboot. The group then encounter the third bunch of metal bars, which Kanon is barely able to cut through before Virgilia neutralizes his and Shannon’s magic. After some more fighting, the escapees reach the well which leads to the back of the mansion. On their way out, Kanon, who was the last one, is hit by a shot from the Chiesters and falls back down the well.

Battler was not able to find his corpse.

No matter how he's killed with magic, without a corpse, he's a definite suspect. Now that's definitely anti-fantasy.

Therefore, I guarantee his death with the red truth.

Now that's definitely anti-mystery...!

Kan d4og

End of the Golden Witch[]

On October 5th 1985, Kanon, Krauss and Natsuhi meet in the rose garden and talk about how to cover up Kinzo’s death. Later that day, he informs Natsuhi on how smoothly things went and that the siblings all think Kinzo is still alive.

In 1986 we see him first with Genji and Shannon, while discussing how they will manage to cover up Kinzo’s death this year. Later in the parlor, during the introduction of Erika, he stands next to Gohda, who is trying to impress the others with his knowledge of tea.

Around midnight he enters the parlor with Shannon to serve some tea. There they talk a bit with the adults and Battler, who wants them to stay in the parlor as well. Everyone then hears a loud knock at the door. In response to that Kanon opens the door and finds only a letter on the floor, which he brings back to the siblings.

The next morning, he greets the other servants, and they notice that Genji is missing. So, he goes together with Kumasawa to Genji's room to wake him up. They noticed duct tape sealed along the door, which they break to enter the room, only to find Genji with his neck slashed open. Because of the murders, Kanon gathers with everyone else in the parlor.

When the siblings try to enter Kinzo’s study through the window, he attempts to prevent that by intentionally forgetting about a ladder that would have been tall enough to reach it. He and Shannon also try other small tricks, but they were unable to prevent Rudolf from entering the study. In the following discussion about Kinzo’s whereabouts, Kanon is very distant in contrast to the other servants. He mainly confirms things that support Natsuhi, like her being very pedantic in regards to checking things.

His only role in the Great Court is to confirm that he broke the seal of Genji’s room. Besides that, he is only a silent spectator.

Kanon is alive when the game is suspended. His fate afterwards is unknown.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Right before the conference, Kanon is chatting with Shannon while cleaning. He shows some concern for Shannon because he thinks that she isn’t paying enough attention to cleaning, instead thinking about George. As a reaction to that, Shannon starts teasing him with questions about his relations with Jessica. With that they start their debate about being furniture again; Kanon, as usual, isn’t convinced that humans and furniture can be together. Thus, he’s also convinced that George wouldn’t love her when he learns that Shannon is furniture. This makes Shannon interested in how much Kanon really likes Jessica, because to her, he’s in love but doesn’t want to admit it. Her belief is quickly followed by a confirmation by Kanon that he indeed has feelings for Jessica. We also learn that turning down Jessica’s confession (in Turn) really hurt him, and he actually wishes to be with her. Thus, he accepts that he isn’t just furniture, and finally is able to see the sea as blue.

When the family arrives, Kanon and Gohda greet them, and the guests comment on Kanon being in high spirits. Because of this, he later asks Jessica if he looks different. She tells him that he normally doesn’t greet anyone first, and so this time was different. He then tells her that Shannon and George will likely get married, and when that happens, he will quit working as a servant. With this he also confesses his feelings for Jessica, and they talk about how to address each other from now on. Kanon now calls her “Jessica-san” instead of “milady” and we learn that Kanon’s real name is Yoshiya (嘉哉).

Later in the servant’s room, he notices a ring on Shannon’s finger, and he realizes that he must act fast. First, he plays cards with the cousins, to later talk with Jessica alone. He praises her guitar skills and says that he wants to learn from her. He continues with the question “What do you love about me?”. It takes him a bit to realize how foolish that question was, and promises to become someone Jessica could love even more. After all of that, he again starts talking about him just being furniture, but this time he really wishes to become human and be with Jessica. Hence, he shows her the brooch that could grant them this miracle.

Right after that, Kanon and Jessica wake up in a Western-style smoking room and are greeted by George and Shannon. Kanon then explains to Jessica that they are in a trial which determines whose love will be granted. The two demons overseeing this trial, Zepar and Furfur, introduce themselves. Jessica is confused about the situation, and we learn that it’s not possible for her to be with Kanon if Shannon and George marry.

Kanon’s first task during the trial is to kill Rosa. He briefly talks to her about how love can make you do stupid stuff before killing her. Maria sees this and instantly attacks him. Kanon can’t fight back because Sakutarou’s diplomatic immunity makes his blade disappear, and Maria can crush Kanon with her shield. Luckily for Kanon, Shannon intervenes because Maria is her target and ultimately kills her.

When everyone is locked in a room by Erika, Kanon is in the cousin’s room.

After the logic error occurs, the rest of the participants, including Kanon, are informed of Battler's suspension from the love trial. Shannon and Kanon insist on a duel with each other for the final decision. Both receive a dueling pistol each, with a single magical bullet that instantly kills no matter where the other person is hit. While taking their 19 steps for the duel, Shannon and Kanon thank each other for the good times they had. After the signal, Kanon immediately shoots and Shannon is seen lying on the ground. However, Shannon wasn’t hit by anything; rather, she had dodged Kanon’s bullet. He runs towards her to snatch her gun. In the following grapple both lose their guns and grab whichever one they find, then aim at each other. Kanon had grabbed the one that had already been fired, and thus loses the duel.

Back in the cousin’s room, he vanishes in front of everyone. Now as a ghost, he explains to Beatrice how she can save Battler from the logic error. He emphasizes that witches aren’t the ones to solve puzzles but the ones that create puzzles for others to solve.

He runs through the rain and towards the guest room, where Battler is. On his way he reflects about everyone and his life, and notices how much he truly appreciated everything about it. To save Battler, he locks himself up in the room and hides in the closet. Then, his body melts into golden butterflies and vanishes.

After Beatrice’s victory over Erika, everyone is revived in the Golden Land, with Kanon finally able to be with Jessica.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

Will is greeted by Kanon at the reception desk. We later learn that Kanon and Shannon take turns manning it, and neither of them are allowed to leave; only one of them can be there at a time. Thus, Shannon refuses Will's request to see Kanon.

In the Tea Party, Kanon is introduced to Battler in the rose garden. When the Rokkenjima Mass Murders begin taking place, it is unclear what happens to Kanon.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

Kanon greets everyone in the parlor.

Solving Kanon’s and Shannon’s riddle gives us a conversation between the both of them, where they talk about how good it is to be in the cat box. In the spirit of the quiz tournament, they want to settle their duel this time with quizzes, but the result is not seen.

During Bernkastel's game he disappears after Shannon is killed. Bernkastel confirms his death in red.

Later, he and Shannon protect the gates of the Golden Land from the swarms of goats, while Battler and Beatrice are coming up a plan with Lambda. When Erika arrives for negotiation, she’s greeted by Shannon and Kanon. Later in the fight against Erika, he comments on Jessica’s good moves.


  • Shannon and Kanon were originally going to have the last name of Ronoue, implying they were Genji's children.[2]
  • Kanon's real name, Yoshiya, can be read as the number 16 with Japanese numeral wordplay. "Yo" and "shi" both mean "four" (四) in Japanese. "Ya" (八) means "eight". Adding the numbers together (yo + shi + ya, or 4 + 4 + 8) equals 16. This is possibly a reference to the true number of people on Rokkenjima. It could also relate to Zepar's rank in the Ars Goetia being 16.
    • "Yoshiya" is also the syllables in "Sayo" flipped around, with an "I" inserted in the middle. "I" sounds like "ai" (愛), meaning love.
  • Kanon's birthday being October 6th may represent the day when Yasu "created" Kanon.
  • In the 07th Expansion All Character Settings Collection, Yoshiya is written as 嘉也.