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Kaiki (カイキ Revolution) is the eighth and final chapter of Part 1 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story, and the eighth chapter of the main story overall.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao explain everything to the rest of the group about how they time-traveled from 10 years in the future through the god Tamura, and that the Great Hinamizawa Disaster will occur through a gas eruption. The group reluctantly believes them. Nao admonishes Kazuho for having a private phone call with Tamura and never telling anyone. Kazuho laments that she never noticed the possessed Mion was disguised as Shion, and Mion regrets that she ever did all that. Mion says that when Kazuho tried to reason with her, she felt her “inner voice” telling her to kill Kazuho. The group wonders if this inner voice was being used by the mastermind.

The group decides to split into two groups: one group will go to the junkyard to defeat the tsukuyami and get the Fragment while Irie, Akasaka, and Mion will bring the still-sleeping Satoko to the Sonozaki main house.

Part 2[]

The Sonozaki house group leaves the clinic while everyone else heads for the junkyard. Kazuho is disturbed by all the corpses she sees along the way. The group wonders what happened to Kawata but figure she’s still alive since she didn’t seem like a normal person. The group also wonders what was up with Takano and her men, as they attacked them while seemingly sane. Kazuho asks about “that girl” that Keiichi and Shion always talk about, and wonders if they can somehow get her assistance. Nao doubts she can really be trusted.

The group reaches the junkyard and finds Rena waiting there, who has been possessed. She summons hordes of tsukuyami to attack as she accuses Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao of manipulating her and siding with Keiichi and Shion, who bullied Rika. The group tries to convince Rena to come back to her senses, but she ignores them and attacks Kazuho directly. Before Rena can deliver a fatal blow, Nao stops her by throwing rocks and calls her big sister, causing Rena to hesitate.

Part 3[]

A flashback is shown to Nao’s life before she came to Hinamizawa. She was the daughter of Rena’s mother and Akihito Houtani, and went to a private school with dreams of becoming a clothing designer like her mother. Her parents divorced when she entered elementary school, with Nao living with her mother and visiting Akihito once a month; Rena’s mother also maintained a good work relationship with Akihito and was a manager at his company. Due to her mother always being busy, Nao often comes home alone to handwritten messages. Nao also regularly visits her grandmother, who’s in a nursing home with dementia, and is often mistakenly called “Reina”, a girl who apparently looks similar to Nao. Nao didn’t know who Reina was, and whenever she asked people close to her, they would deny it and get uncomfortable. One day, Nao sneaks into her mother’s study to look at her clothing design articles and discovers a folder full of magazine clippings about the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, as well as a photo of a young Reina Ryuugu.

Part 4[]

Nao explains her story to everyone else, and reveals that she is indeed Rena’s younger half sister, having finally learned who Reina was after asking Akihito. Everyone is shocked. Nao tries again to make Rena come to her senses, telling her that the only one to hate is her, but Rena insists she doesn’t have a sister. Rena starts choking Nao to death, and when everyone tries to save her, Nao says this is fine since she came to Hinamizawa to apologize to Rena and get killed if possible. The group manages to set Nao free, but Rena soon closes in for another attack.

Part 5[]

Flashback to Nao's house, where Mom just came home. Mom says she won't be home again for a while because her company is disbanding and she's trying to find people to start a new one. Nao asks if Dad is going with, but Mom says she despises working with him. Nao can tell they're in a bad spot financially. A few months later, after school, the teacher is complimenting the dress Nao just finished making. She planned to do another project with a classmate, but she's not here. Apparently her dad committed suicide jumping from a building. They discuss the recent recession. Another teacher calls Nao into her office to say her tuition isn't being paid. Nao asks her dad for financial support at their monthly meeting, but he says he can't help because it would upset Mom. Nao deduces he's been seeing another woman, and that's the real reason for their divorce. Dad suggests they use the compensation money the govt paid to families of Disaster victims. Nao refuses to accept that.

At home, Nao finds a letter with a photo of Rena inside and slips it in her pocket. She thinks about her sister constantly and starts talking to her as if she's there. One day Mom comes home and tells Nao to pack her things; they're moving and she's going to public school. Mom also throws away Nao's sketchbook and tells her to give up on becoming a designer because the job pays poorly. Nao refuses and runs away from home. She cries in a park and holds a box cutter to her throat. She realizes she's the reason her mom divorced her first husband, and if not for that Rena would've never moved to Hinamizawa, so she blames herself for her death. Nao decides to go to Hinamizawa and kill herself so she can meet her sister and apologize.

Back at the trash heap, Nao blocks Rena's attack with her box cutter. They're in a deadlock. Kazuho has a flashback to talking with her brother about an ancient sword passed down through the Sonozaki family and how it can cleanse souls. Then Kazuho attacks, and Nao rushes at Rena.

Part 6[]

The group defeats Rena and the tsukuyami all vanish. Keiichi rushes over to help her, and after confirming she's all right he gives her a big hug. Kazuho goes to gather the Fragment that dropped, but just then Shion screams. Nao is holding the box cutter to her own neck and saying she needs to die to make amends for ruining people's lives. Kazuho tries to talk her down, then Rena steps forward and convinces Nao she did nothing wrong. They're both glad they got to meet each other and cry together.

Part 7[]

Everyone regroups at the Sonozaki house. Mion is surprised Rena is with them, but glad she's safe. They haven't seen any villagers or tsukuyami since dawn, so they think they'll be safe until dusk. Nao apologizes for not telling them the truth about herself sooner, but Miyuki and Kazuho say they already knew. Nao throws a small tantrum over them not telling her. Mion offers to trade little sisters with Rena. Keiichi says Mion and Rena are lucky to be the only club members with siblings, but that stands out to Kazuho. She asks Mion, who tells her everyone else is an only child, including Satoko. They get interrupted there. Satoko is finally awake and brought tea for everyone.

Part 8[]

The group is having a strategy meeting. Miyuki tries to give back the sword, but Mion says they may still need it. They never found the Fragment they need at the dump, so they think whatever possessed Rena ran off with it. They're also confused that a black card didn't drop either, like when Ooishi and Mion were defeated. Mion and Rena realize they met the same person right before they were possessed, so the group goes to the shrine to confront the mastermind: Rika.

Part 9[]

Kazuho accuses Rika of getting Keiichi kicked out of Hinamizawa, and using some power to rewrite Mion and Rika's memories. Rika laughs at them for taking so long to figure it out. She says she has the Fragment they need, and it's possible to obtain even larger Fragments by infecting someone with Hinamizawa Syndrome a second time. She explains that the whole town is infected and she can manipulate them because she's the queen carrier. She's the one who made everyone go crazy at the festival. Rika finally managed to escape from June 1983 after countless tries, but monsters appeared just a few months later and slaughtered everyone right in front of her, so she's fed up with repeating everything again. She'd rather destroy the world than continue suffering through it.

Akasaka says the Rika he knows would never give up, and never hurt the people she cares about. Everyone offers to help Rika, but she says it's too late. Rika summons Hanyuu and the two fuse together. Everyone resolves to wake Rika up from her nightmare, then they attack.

Part 10[]

Rika falls to the ground defeated. The darkness around her dissipates, and she completely vanishes. Kazuho starts freaking out, thinking she really just murdered Rika. She keeps staring at the ground but Rika never reappears. The others try to comfort her, saying they're all responsible because they fought together. Suddenly a voice calls out saying nobody is to blame. Hanyuu is standing where Rika disappeared. She says that was a false image of Rika, and some powerful being took her soul to another world. If they don't bring her back all worlds will be destroyed.

Hanyuu hands Kazuho a magatama and says they'll need it. Mion recognizes it as an old Furude family treasure, the "Sukuse no Tamawari". It's part of a pair, and the other one is in Kazuho's world. Hanyuu tells them they need to leave because the tsukuyami are about to devour this world, then she vanishes while inaudibly saying "I'm sorry."

Page 11[]

Kazuho opens the door to the ritual storehouse. They hear the tsukuyami roaring in the distance and realize they have no time. Akasaka tells the others to go ahead and says he'll stay behind to keep the monsters from following them. The others all decide to stay in their world too, to avoid causing time paradoxes. Kazuho says she can't leave them to die, but Satoko says they'll survive as long as they can defeat the tsukuyami and escape.

Rena says goodbye to Nao. Nao clings to her and cries, unable to leave her after finally managing to meet her. The monsters are getting closer, so the remaining club members go off to fight them. Miyuki tries to stop Akasaka, but he tells her she's a great daughter and entrusts her with a book he found while investigating Hinamizawa, then runs off. Nao is still trying to stop Rena, and vows to stay here if Rena won't come with. Rena says she's glad she got to be a big sister and she loves Nao, then puts her hat on Nao's head. Rena asks Nao to solve this mystery, then pushes her away and charges at a monster. Nao keeps screaming her sister's name as Kazuho and Miyuki grab her and drag her through the gate.


Miyuki wakes up in front of a worn down abandoned ritual storehouse. She hands Nao the hat she dropped, and Nao hugs it. Miyuki looks around to determine if this is their Hinamizawa, and is shocked to see Hinamizawa is flooded by a dam. Kazuho is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Kazuho wakes up in front of a less dilapidated ritual storehouse and can't find Miyuki or Nao. She searches the shrine grounds but can't find any people anywhere. She finds a newspaper dated June 1983 with a headline about the final Watanagashi festival. She calls this the worst possible bad end.


秘刀・玉弾き The Hidden Sword: Tamahajiki
本当の「幸せ」を求めて A Dream Of True Happiness
謎の女、2人 Two Mystery Girls
教え子からの連絡 Message From A Student

The Hidden Sword: Tamahajiki[]

Akasaka washes his face in a Sonozaki residence bathroom and laments his powerlessness. When he returns to the main room, he sees Irie trying to stop Mion from leaving, who’s carrying the Tamahajiki no Katana. Mion insists that she needs to bring the katana to the junkyard and help the others, as Rena’s waiting for them there, and claims to hear a voice. Suddenly, Mion falls unconscious. Irie prepares an IV drip and explains that he overheard that the Tamahajiki no Katana was an ancient treasure with a strange power. He thinks Mion was just sleepwalking and confusing dreams with reality, but Akasaka believes it’s important to get the katana for the others. Irie agrees, and Akasaka goes out on foot.

A Dream Of True Happiness[]

This TIP is from the perspective of Rena's mother. She had a dream to become a clothing designer ever since she was little. Inherent sexism in the industry made it impossible for her to advance in her career so she abandoned her dream and settled on raising a family. Years later, a coworker actually supported her work and she realized she should've never given up on her dream. Time passes and she ends up pregnant with that coworker's kid, so she decides pursuing that dream again means more to her than her family. But she knows that makes her a terrible person and vows to be a better mother for her second child.

Two Mystery Girls[]

Ooishi wakes up under the shrine confused about what is going on. Midori suddenly shows up and shoots him in the leg. She demands the card that turned him into a monster, but he doesn't have it anymore. She says this world is already over, and she plans to kill him to prevent him from turning into a monster again. Miyabi suddenly appears and saves him. Then Midori responds "About time you showed yourself. Long time no see, Death God Miyabi Saionji".

Message From A Student[]

Tomoe Minai receives a call from a policeman named Watanabe. He's asking for her help investigating the dismemberment murder case of another policeman named Kurosawa. Tomoe says she's the director of the police museum now so she has no authority to help, but she agrees to have tea with him and have a long chat about other matters.