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Kagurashi-hen Part 4 (神楽し編 其の四 God-Entertaining Chapter Part 4) is the fifteenth and final episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the fourth and final episode of Kagurashi.

No preview images were released for this episode like they usually were.[1] Previews were uploaded after the episode's airing.

Synopsis (Translated)

At the end of an eternal battle, Rika has acquired the Onigari-no-ryuuou, a divine sword that can truly kill those who live in loops.

As various thoughts come and go, Rika makes her final decision...

This is the "graduation" of girls who fight against their fate as those who are not human.[2]

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Plot Summary


Eua removes her staff from in front of Hanyuu's face and sets her on the ground. Hanyuu says she was once like her, never believing in miracles no matter how many worlds they went to or how many blessings came their way. Hanyuu thought there was no way to change her fate and that miracles would never happen, but she learned; Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Shion, and even Satoko taught her that miracles happen when you make them happen.

Eua hits Hanyuu with her staff again and sends her flying. Eua expresses her tiredness, saying that Hanyuu is just so boring and drops several pieces of furniture on top of her.

First Half

On the bridge, Rika stands above Satoko wielding the Onigari-no-ryuuou, preparing to swing it down. Satoko accepts her impending doom, telling Rika to erase her and make some better friends at St. Lucia. Rika says that doesn't sound bad. Satoko says that after she kills her, Rika will realize she was much happier in Hinamizawa, and that Satoko was the only one who ever cared for her for than anyone.

Rika exclaims that she knows that already and tosses the sword aside. She decks Satoko in the face and beats her up, saying she knows all about how much Satoko cares for her. Rika also cared about Satoko more than anyone, for years. The sword falls into the river. Rika says she could never erase Satoko from her world, so she'll beat her up and drill those math problems into her head. Satoko fights back, refusing to do anything involving studying. All she wants to do is be with Rika. Rika yells at her to stop being selfish, but Satoko retorts that she needs to not drag her into her dream.

Sotsu ep15 hanyuu sword.png

Back in the Sea of Fragments, Hanyuu emerges from the junk pile and shambles towards Eua. She raises her hand into the air. Eua questions what she's doing, and Hanyuu says a miracle will never side with her. Eua points her staff and Hanyuu says she won't give up no matter what tragedies befall her, as a miracle will always be with them. Above her, a vortex swirls and drops the Onigari-no-ryuuou into Hanyuu's hand. Eua is shocked at the sight. Hanyuu proclaims that she and Rika will destroy their fate and make their miracle happen, charging at Eua.

Eua laughs and sends more furniture flying towards her, but Hanyuu slices through all of them. The gods clash. Hanyuu calls on all of her friends and everyone in Hinamizawa, destroying several Fragments and saying they are all much stronger than Eua thought. Eua says it's interesting and commends Hanyuu for her performance. Eua is sent back and Hanyuu charges more power into her sword.

Sotsu ep15 eua crack.png

Hanyuu calls on the Onigari-no-ryuuou to devour Eua's sins and strikes through her. A crack appears in Eua's horn, and she cackles while simultaneously au-au-ing and shrinking. Eua's form shimmers like static as she transforms. Hanyuu reminds Eua that if she showed a miracle, she would disappear from this world forever. The miniaturized Eua says that though Hanyuu's a failure, she did attack her miraculously. Eua cackles and disappears into the vortex above.

Satoko and Rika continue fighting in a river, both refusing to give up on their dreams. They reinforce how much they want to be with each other and deliver one final punch in a cross-counter and collapse.

Sotsu ep15 river talk.png

Satoko and Rika return to their teenage selves and lie in the river looking up at the sky. Rika apologizes for leaving Satoko all by herself and promises to help her study. Satoko appreciates the sentiment. She has no idea how many years it's been, but she feels it was worth it in the end. Satoko also apologizes for being stupid and says she'll never study that hard ever again. Rika figures as much and asks how long she forced her to study. Satoko has no idea either, and Rika says that as looping lives, they develop "allergies" and just break out in hives when they look at a problem. Satoko says she thought she could stay in Rika's class if she studied. Rika says she must not be cut out for schoolwork if she did all that work and still failed.

The girls sit up and stare at each other. Keiichi, Mion, and Rena then appear and wonder what happened to the two, as they're beat up and their clothes are soaked. The girls admit they had a fight but refuse to elaborate.

Sotsu ep15 satorika.png

As the club drives back in Mion's van, thinks are awkwardly silent as Rika and Satoko sit disgruntled in the backseat, refusing to look at each other. Mion asks what the problem is and offers to help, getting no response. Rena says there's no need to push the issue since they must have talked it out already. As she asks Rika and Satoko if everything is settled, they merely reply that they're fed up with each other.

Seeming to sense the motive behind the girls' conflict, Rena offers her thoughts; arguing that no matter how close people may be, being together all the time isn't always a must. Mion adds that family members and even twins will go their separate ways, but it doesn't mean that they've severed ties.

Keiichi tells Satoko and Rika that his definition of "true friends" refers to those who believe in the strength of their bond and that they'll regain what they had before when they reunite someday—no matter how far apart they may be or even when there seems to be no opportunity for a reunion at all. Mion follows up, emphasizing that friendship isn't supposed to be a shackle determining that they always have to be together.

As Rika and Satoko listen to their friends' advice, they tentatively reach across the seat and grasp each others' hands; seemingly coming to an understanding. And for a moment, it appears as if they're reverted back to their childhood selves once more.

Second Half

Sotsu ep15 wanyan.png

In Hinamizawa, the cherry blossoms fall as Keiichi, Rena, and Mion meet up to send their precious "friends" off on their journeys. At the Furude Shrine, Rika puts on her St. Lucia uniform and packs her things, taking with her a calendar marking the date as March 29, 1987. At the train station, Keiichi, Mion, and Rena wish Rika the best as Satoko watches the scene unfold from a few feet away. The scheduled bullet train bound for Tokyo arrives at their platform and Rika gets on as she bids everyone farewell. Satoko solemnly approaches them and faces Rika who seems at a loss for words. Mion awkwardly tries to lighten the atmosphere joking that Rika would be back in just three years—if she doesn't end up repeating a year or more. Rena and Keiichi promptly drag Mion away after that remark to offer the best friends some privacy, and Mion comically bemoans how she hasn't delivered Shion's farewell message yet.

Satoko sees that this is goodbye and sardonically cheers Rika on, encouraging her to have fun "all alone". Rika counters her with a dry remark about how she already knew that she'd make lots of good friends at the academy. Satoko says she will, but Rika still regrets Satoko won't be there. Both of their eyes glow red as Rika says they're the only loopers to exist in this universe; and because they live forever, sometimes they need to be apart so they don't grow tired of each other and maintain their friendship.

""When something else cries.""

Satoko reminds her that regardless, she will chase after Rika if she ever loses sight of her and Rika counters that she'll run away. The girls promise to go their separate ways but decide that they will see each other once again "when 'something else' cries" as they join their palms together.

"Satoko: 'Even so, if I ever lose sight of you again, I'll start searching for you right away.'
Rika: 'If you chase me, I'll run the other way.'
Satoko: 'If I tire of chasing you, you'll try to find me instead.'

Rika: 'If you go north, I'll go south.'
Satoko: 'If you go east, I'll go west.'

Rika: 'We'll see each other someday...'
Satoko: 'We'll see each other soon enough...'

Both: 'When something else cries.'
— Rika and Satoko bidding farewell

The train leaves the station, and both watch the other as they part ways.

Life in Hinamizawa continues. Ooishi and Kumagai are seen making a visit to the local graveyard just as Akane and Oryou leave, walking past them. Ooishi gives a small chuckle and wishes them a good year, raising the bouquet he has brought as an offering. At the Hinamizawa school, Chie tends to her garden as Tomita and Okamura bring her the tools. Kiichirou is seen in a residential area at the village, engaging in conversation with some villagers. Keiichi's parents are relaxing at home with some green tea and ohagi. At the café from Flower Road, Rina takes a sip from her teacup and Kasai is reading the newspaper at a different table. Okonogi and a man appearing to be Skylark 13 prepare to board a plane at Gogura Airport, as Okonogi pauses to look back and remove his sunglasses with a triumphant expression.

Sotsu ep15 satoshi.png

Akasaka is seen engaging in his solo karate training at a dojo. At the Irie Clinic, Irie welcomes Takano and Tomitake, happy to see them back. In the clinic's basement, Satoshi awakens and wonders where he is. As he remembers Satoko, he begins to sit up but stumbles off his bed into the bedside counter. The large teddy bear he had bought for Satoko's birthday long ago falls on top of him as he blankly stares at it.

Satoko walks back home looking somewhat dejected, when she hears her uncle Teppei call out to her. Driving up to her on his scooter, he boasts about how he secured a large amount of groceries on sale including plenty of beef and declares they may as well have a "Sukiyaki party". As Satoko begins to wave him off, she is interrupted by an excited Shion tackling her in a hug from behind announcing that her "Nee-Nee" is here to see her. Snuggling up against Satoko, Shion regrets that she wasn't able to see Rika off and blames her uncle Yoshiro for her coinciding part-time job shift. She then greets Teppei, offering to join the family for dinner after eyeing the groceries. Teppei welcomes her and they share a hearty laugh, seemingly in a congenial relationship.

Watching them, Satoko muses to herself that she can't keep up with all this. She quietly declares to Rika that she'll soon catch up to her. Raising a hand to the sky, Satoko's eyes glow red with a faraway look. Announcing her resignation, she addresses "Satoko Houjou" and declares that she is returning her "self" back to her. Still facing the sky, she snaps her fingers and the wind blows upwards as a flurry of stray cherry blossom petals are whisked away by it.

Teppei and Shion questioningly stare at Satoko's strange pose. Satoko responds with a hearty laugh saying she can't wait for the Sukiyaki party. Shion says they should invite everyone else for dinner, and Satoko sees the rest of the club members walking up to them and calls to them excitedly.

Sotsu ep15 preview (6).jpg

Hanyuu sits atop the tall torii to the Furude Shrine overlooking the village, observing the joyous incidents unfold. She smiles in satisfaction as she watches over the village.


The opening theme Analogy and ending theme Missing Promise are not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
1:16 1:49 N/A N/A Eua grows tired of Hanyuu
2:53 4:17 N/A N/A Rika and Satokofistfight
5:42 7:56 N/A N/A Hanyuu wields the Onigari-no-ryuuou
9:10 10:52 N/A N/A Rika and Satoko apologize
12:29 13:56 N/A N/A The club talk about the meaning of friendship
18:24 23:50 You -Sotsugyou- N/A Satoko bids farewell to Rika


  • A wanya plush appears in Rika's baggage.
  • Rika and Satoko's final conversation mimics the end of Umineko When They Cry, where Bernkastel and Lambdadelta go separate ways and promise to reunite when something else cries. The last lines of Rika and Satoko's dialogue are verbatim Bern and Lambda's.

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