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Kagurashi-hen Part 3 (神楽し編 其の参 God-Entertaining Chapter Part 3) is the fourteenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the third episode of Kagurashi.

Two of the preview images were first featured on a paid Niconico stream on September 20, 2021.[1]

Synopsis (Translated)[]

The one with the witch's eyes points a gun at Rika, who knows the whole truth.

It was the beginning of an eternal battle between the only two people who can repeat it.[2]

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Plot Summary[]


Sotsu ep14 intro

Satoko ducks down when she sees Rika pull out a gift box and gloats since she's uncovered the trap. Rika reveals it was just a teddy bear and formerly was a trap, sternly asking how Satoko knew.

Satoko's eyes glow red as she shoots Rika in the head and then herself, lamenting that she was found out like this. The club stands horrified.

First Half[]

Rika wakes up in another world, dressed in her swimsuit as the rest of the club plays in the water nearby. Rika cradles her head in shock when Satoko suddenly appears and asks if she had another nightmare. Rika bats her away and says those weren't nightmares at all, and that Satoko was involved in them. Satoko shuts her up by stabbing her neck with a fork, then repeatedly stabs her as she angrily asks if Rika's blaming her for everything. Satoko says this was all Rika's fault and kills herself soon after Rika's death.

In the next world, Satoko and Rika are cooking with Rika chopping up meat. Satoko suddenly hits her with a hot frying pan, with Rika desperately wondering why. Satoko says this is all because she dreamed of going to St. Lucia and continues beating her with the pan.

In the next world, Satoko smacks Rika into a rice field with her schoolbag and continues deriding Rika's desires to leave this "hick town" and experience high society. Satoko beats Rika with her fists as she says that Rika can be happy in Hinamizawa since Keiichi and everyone else is here. Satoko's beatdown continues across several more worlds as she asks why Rika thinks those other girls will like her. Satoko says that Rika hated studying but would stick with her anyway and calls her a liar.

Sotsu ep14 festival

Satoko gives one last punch but Rika blocks it with her ritual hoe, the two of them now in the middle of the watanagashi ritual dance as the crowd watches in confusion. Rika takes offense and starts attacking Satoko with the hoe, asking what it is that makes her a liar. Their battle results in a torch falling over and setting the stage on fire. Amidst the flames, Rika asks Satoko what problem she has with her wanting to experience new things and asserts that Satoko could've been better if she just studied more.

When Rika hits Satoko, they're now in the St. Lucia main hall, where other girls watch in horror. Satoko calls back to Rika's attempts to ride a unicycle and kicks her, saying that she never does well no matter how much she studies. The setting changes to them wearing gym clothes in the Hinamizawa school, where Rika says she'll make Satoko study harder since going to St. Lucia with her is her dream. She trips Satoko and hits her with a chair.

Satoko says she went along with it, but Rika abandoned her when they went to the academy after she promised it. The girls tumble out of the school window and into another world, rolling down a rainy hill. Rika says she must've reached out to Satoko many times at school. Satoko tries to stab Rika with a pointed stick, saying she did help at first, but Rika was always hanging out with other girls. Rika says Satoko just didn't like them and always turned them down, and Satoko replies she was just giving them space. Rika kicks Satoko into another St. Lucia world, thinking Satoko's blaming her for Satoko failing her own classes. Satoko punches Rika again and says she never fit in; all she wanted to do was make Rika happy.

Sotsu ep14 rika vs satoko 1

The girls end up on the roof of the school, a full moon shining behind them. Rika points Rena's cleaver as she says Satoko should've learned to study by the time she reached high school. Satoko takes a stance with Satoshi's bat and repeats that she hates studying. The girls reinforce their own desires to be with each other and clash with their weapons. They wound each other after a second go. Satoko attacks again as she repeats her dreams of staying in Hinamizawa, and Rika does the same repeating she wants to stay in St. Lucia.

Second Half[]

Sotsu ep14 eua and hanyuu 1

In the Sea of Fragments, Eua sits atop a lavish bed, greatly pleased watching Rika and Satoko's rooftop duel. Hanyuu is still restrained. Her eyes glow red as she tries to charge up power, but Eua notices and suggests she stop. Hanyuu ignores her and begins glowing gold, her restraints beginning to break when Eua suddenly hits her with her shakujo and makes her cough up blood. Hanyuu's restraints reform. Eua asks what she planned to do when she escaped, wondering how a failure could defeat that from whence she came. Eua caresses Hanyuu and says that she might have what Hanyuu doesn't, but Hanyuu in turn does not have anything Eua doesn't have. Eua says her victory is certain, and Hanyuu retorts that a miracle can defeat certainty. Eua asks her to show a miracle then, promising to do as she asks if she succeeds. Hanyuu pleads for Rika to grant her a miracle.

Satoko and Rika's duel reaches its peak, the girls heavily wounded and dripping blood. Satoko asks the other to stop being so stubborn, asking if she knows how much trouble she's caused her. Rika asks what's up with Satoko's tone and where her exaggerated mannerisms went. Satoko asks what happened to Rika's facade, and the other says this is her true self; Satoko should know since she's a looper. Satoko says looper powers are wonderful and charges at Rika, who blocks the attack and is shunted close to the side of the roof. Rika says that Satoko is just as stubborn as she is and Satoko agrees, as that is the reason why she won't ever let Rika go. Satoko knocks Rika over the side and bashes her into the side of the school with her bat. Rika says that if Satoko really is a looper, then she knows what can kill her.

Sotsu ep14 super rika

In the ritual storehouse, Rika swipes her hand across Satoko's throat, causing blood to erupt from it. Satoko looks at Rika in shock and sees she's holding the Onigari-no-ryuuou fragment, lamenting her carelessness. Rika grips the fragment, Hanyuu's last gift, and is powered up, gaining a new shrine maiden outfit. Rika charges at Satoko with her newfound power, and in the junkyard, Satoko grips a familiar object and smacks Rika with it, sending her flying.

Sotsu ep14 super satoko

Rika sees that Satoko is now wielding the Onigari-no-ryuuou itself. Satoko asks Rika to come at her, using the sword's power to gain her own shrine maiden outfit. Rika charges up again and says that at this point, their real battle begins.

Satoko and Rika fly across the air and exchange blows, with Satoko reminded of the time a bunch of basins fell on her. Rika says she would've won if Satoko didn't set that trap and is blasted into the ground, forming a crater. Satoko alights and says she can defeat her even without traps. She swings her sword down and Rika blocks it with her fragment, invoking club rule #2: always strive for victory with everything you got! Satoko doesn't believe Rika can beat her, but Rika says that even in the darkest depths of despair, she knows fate can be changed.

Power builds up and erupts with the clashing of the Onigari-no-ryuuou and its fragment, sending the girls flying. They see the fragment has merged with the Onigari-no-ryuuou and made it whole again, the artifact embedded in the ground and waiting to be wielded. The girls start running up to it, with Rika taking it. However, Satoko knocks it out of her hands and sends it flying again. The girls continue to race for the sword, traveling between multiple worlds and stumbling over each other. Evey world they go to, the sword seems to be further from their reach.

Eua asks if Hanyuu is enjoying the show, as the girls are trifling with everlasting death and are trying inflict it upon each other, yet they really don't want to. Rika and Satoko want the other to be with them in their desired world, with Eua finding the situation incredibly entertaining. Rika and Satoko struggle over the sword on a rainy bridge, with Satoko suggesting they both die right now. Rika says they should go kill everyone else then, wiping everything out with a Big Bang and restarting the universe. Satoko is surprised but she smiles.

Sotsu ep14 the end?

Rika summons forth more power and obtains the sword. Satoko lies on the ground, awaiting her friend to kill her and erase her from the world. She thinks Rika will make much better friends at St. Lucia Academy, and Rika says that doesn't sound bad.

Sotsu ep14 hanyuu trap

Eua wonders if Rika will really kill Satoko, thinking maybe she'll take her own life instead. Hanyuu summons more power herself and breaks free from her restraints. She flies towards Eua but the woman stops her with her shakujo again, an inch from her face. Time seems to stand still as Eua says that if Hanyuu's miracle is ready, then she'd better use it quickly. Otherwise, Hanyuu can just disappear without a trace.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:22 1:40 N/A N/A Satoko kills Rika
1:40 3:11 Analogy Analogy Opening
5:16 7:19 N/A N/A Satoko begins attacking Rika throughout many loops
8:18 11:58 N/A N/A Rika responds to Satoko's accusations
16:57 18:57 N/A N/A Rika and Satoko go all-out
19:00 21:20 N/A N/A The girls race for the sword
21:53 22:11 N/A N/A Eua places Hanyuu into a predicament
22:12 23:41 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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