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Kagurashi-hen Part 2 (神楽し編 其の弐 God-Entertaining Chapter Part 2) is the thirteenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - SOTSU and the second episode of Kagurashi.

Synopsis (Translated)[]

Eua is watching the story of Rika and Satoko when Hanyuu appears in front of her. When Hanyuu learns the true identity of the person who caused the tragedy Eua has arranged, she becomes incredibly distraught...[1]

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Plot Summary[]


Sotsu ep13 hanyuu surround

Hanyuu announces that she's finally found Eua, the latter admitting that she never thought Hanyuu would be able to find her wavelength within the Sea of Fragments. Eua giggles, saying that Vier losing her memories has spoiled her fun. Hanyuu takes a step forward and becomes surrounded by multiple Fragments, asking what Eua is planning. Eua says they both have pieces on the board, so they need to watch them destroy each other. Hanyuu peers into the Fragment of the deranged Keiichi's rampage at Angel Mort and sees the distraught look on Rika's face, becoming horrified herself. Eua relishes in Hanyuu's reaction, saying that a game has to have players after all.

First Half[]

Sotsu ep13 angel mort

"Just give up already, Rika. The key to your happiness lies with me."

Rika goads Keiichi into killing her and eating her brains to cure his maggot problem, making Hanyuu exclaim in concern. Keiichi prepares a fork to poke Rika's head with when riot police suddenly break in and attempt to restrain him. Hanyuu demands Eua to explain what she's done to this world. Eua asks if she's entertained, as the real fun is about to begin and directs her to look at another Fragment. Satoko gets up after playing dead and chuckles when she sees Keiichi struggling with the police. Satoko goes up to Rika's corpse and laments that she's all alone now, as there's nobody to support her fragile heart except Satoko herself. Satoko tells Rika to just give up already, saying that her happiness lies within Satoko's own and shoots herself with her gun.

Hanyuu is shocked to see that Satoko is a looper and chides Eua for giving her power. Eua responds that Hanyuu did the same for Rika, and Hanyuu says that was a mistake. Hanyuu says Eua's also made a mistake and takes a battle stance, her eyes glowing red. Eua does not take lightly to Hanyuu's insinuation and asks her dear failure to choose her words more carefully.

Sotsu ep13 hanyuu restraint

Eua launches an energy blast. Hanyuu defiantly says she still has some power even as a failure and tries to block it with a barrier but gets sent flying. Eua then restrains Hanyuu to a wooden apparatus and says that long ago, Hanyuu diverted one of Takano's bullets to protect her friends and asks if she thinks another opportunity like that would just randomly occur again. Hanyuu insists it wasn't random chance and that Eua wouldn't understand.

Eua begrudgingly admits that Hanyuu is a part of her and summons another Fragment in front of her, saying she'll allow Hanyuu to enjoy this spectacle with a front-row seat. This Fragment shows Rika waking up and Satoko performing the watanagashi on her. Hanyuu is horrified and begs Satoko to stop, but Eua says she's Oyashiro-sama and so she needs to watch her miko perform her duty.

Hanyuu closes her eyes and turns her head away as Satoko tortures Rika, and Eua summons more restraints to force Hanyuu to watch and quiet down. Hanyuu cries and struggles to say something, and Eua cackles before allowing her to speak. Hanyuu profusely apologizes to Rika and struggles in her restraints. She asks Eua to stop it, as Satoko is Rika's best friend and has always supported her, but Eua continues cackling and calls her entertaining. Rika apologizes as Satoko tears her guts out and swears not to make the same mistakes. Satoko says that she needs to burn those words into her mind until she's certain she can remember them.

Second Half[]

Sotsu ep13 river

The Club has fun swimming in the next world. After the festivities, Rika begins telling Satoko about her nightmares and her wish to stay in Hinamizawa with everyone. Hanyuu pleads for Rika to stop, as this isn't the world she fought for. She asks Rika to realize what's happening, but Eua says the cat can't possibly figure out Satoko is her enemy. Hanyuu whispers something in response.

At school, the club stands around with Keiichi surprised that Rena yelled at her dad. Rena says he was always coming home drunk, and that she talked to his friend Rina who agreed to help. The peaceful world continues as normal: the Irie Clinic gets "refurbished", Tomitake informs Rika of what Takano's done, and Satoko tells Rika all about how great the village is as they hold hands while watching the Hinamizawa sunset from the shrine.

Sotsu ep13 preview (5)

The next morning, Rika jolts awake when she recalls memories of being killed by Ooishi. She sees Satoko sleeping peacefully by her side and fixes her bed covers, then tears off the calendar page to reveal it is June 23, Thursday. Rika goes to Da Vinci and picks a teddy bear off the shelf. The next day, Rika prepares a gift box for the bear and suddenly recalls memories of Satoko shooting and killing Ooishi. She cradles her head and wonders just what is going on.

Sotsu ep13 guntoko 2

The club celebrates Satoko's birthday, having planned it as a surprise. Satoko is sad because of Satoshi, but Rika says she still wanted to celebrate with everyone. The club gives their gifts, and Rika pulls out her gift box when Satoko ducks down and covers her head. Rika once again remembers Satoko killing Ooishi and asks how she knew, and Satoko says she can recognize a trap from anywhere. Rika reveals the gift is just a teddy bear and says it was a trap box last night. She seems to remember Satoko shooting her in the head in the previous world and asks again how Satoko knew. Hanyuu says the one thing that will lead Rika to the truth is a miracle.

Satoko's eyes glow red as she aims her gun at Rika.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:50 1:12 N/A N/A Hanyuu sees what Rika's gone through
1:13 2:42 Analogy Analogy Opening
5:25 6:26 N/A N/A Satoko's true colors are revealed to Hanyuu
7:05 7:40 N/A N/A Eua restrains Hanyuu
9:54 11:03 N/A N/A Satoko tortures Rika
11:14 13:15 N/A N/A Hanyuu apologizes to Rika
13:58 15:37 N/A N/A Rika promises to stay in Hinamizawa
16:18 17:41 N/A N/A Rika sees how peaceful things are
21:03 22:11 N/A N/A Satoko is exposed
22:12 23:41 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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