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Plot Summary
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Chapter List

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
惨劇の現場 Scene of the Tragedy
陰謀の兆し Signs of Conspiracy
協力打診 Cooperative Consultation
夏美との出会い Encounter with Natsumi
巴と夏美 Tomoe and Natsumi
明かされる真実 The Truth Revealed
巴の死 Tomoe’s Death
捜査中止命令 Investigation Stop Order
暁と大石 Akira and Ooishi
公由家の惨劇 The Kimiyoshi Family Tragedy
闇からの囁き Whispers from the Dark
対決、そして和解 Confrontation and Reconciliation

Scene of the Tragedy

Signs of Conspiracy

Cooperative Consultation

Encounter with Natsumi

Tomoe and Natsumi

The Truth Revealed

Tomoe’s Death

Investigation Stop Order

Akira and Ooishi

The Kimiyoshi Family Tragedy

Whispers from the Dark

Confrontation and Reconciliation