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This article is about a character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.

Given the nature of Higurashi Mei as an alternate continuity to the original Higurashi, some content on this article may spoil the original story. Proceed with caution.

K1 (ケーイチ Keiichi) is an alternate version of Keiichi Maebara who appears in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei event "Super Space-Time Academy Z". He and his comrade Lady Mii are space police officers.


K1 wears a metallic gray space suit.


K1 is very rough and serious.


In K1's world, a volcanic eruption in 1983 eradicated most of humanity when the gas spread to other countries, reducing the population to the ten-thousands. 1000 years later, K1 joined a space federation whose goal was to rebuild humanity and restore Earth to its former state.

It is later revealed that K1 and Lady Mii are actually space criminals who want to profit off of the vaccine to a virus rampaging across the galaxy.


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Super Space-Time Academy Z

K1 and Lady Mii are first introduced when Kazuho and company wake up one day to find themselves in a spaceship. The girls are all confused and K1 explains that they were all reborn from DNA samples taken from the last remnants of humanity. Mion is set off by the fact that K1 acts nothing like Keiichi when he uses a device to knock her out. He explains what happened 1000 years ago to Hinamizawa and the state of the Earth.

K1 explains that his job was to study Earth's history and use an environmental program to restore extinct animals and wildlife, including the victims of the disaster long ago; that's why Kazuho and everyone was revived. Satoko accuses him of treating them like animals, to which K1 shows indifference. Suddenly, the group is transported to a recreation of Hinamizawa, where K1 leaves them behind and says they're going to study the group in their "natural habitat".

That night, everyone except Kazuho goes crazy and starts attacking each other. K1 reappears and reveals that the true cause of the disaster long ago was not volcanic gas but a virus that was spreading all across the universe, one that makes victims lose their reasoning and act impulsively. K1 aimed to create a vaccine from natural resistance and eventually discovered Hinamizawa, using tech to revive Kazuho who has the antibody.

Kazuho wants to help cure the galaxy, but K1 goes on about how much money he wants to make from selling the vaccine and how much effort he put into making it happen. Lady Mii captures Kazuho and is about to inject her when Hanyuu appears. K1 recognizes her as a space police officer. Hanyuu orders for his surrender but K1 fights back and soon gets knocked out.

Hanyuu tells Kazuho that this world definitely exists within the Sea of Fragments. Kazuho soon wakes up in her normal life in 1983 and realizes that the superhero show she and her friends were watching on TV earlier had a similar plot to her "dream".