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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
"The anguish of the human world comes when you want someone to acknowledge you, but you don't know what it is you should be striving for. I had a time like that too. I wanted to be acknowledged by someone, but I didn't know what I wanted them to acknowledge about me. And since I didn't know what to strive for or how far I should go to be acknowledged, I did a lot of crazy things. (...) It sounds bad, but that's how it is. Rich is the one who is content with what they are, they say."
— Amakusa to Ange, Alliance of the Golden Witch

Juuza Amakusa (天草 十三 Amakusa Jūza) is a former guard of Eva Ushiromiya and Ange Ushiromiya's bodyguard in the 1998 world, hired by Tetsuro Okonogi to watch over her. He first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.

Profile Edit

A former guard of Eva's. He's fundamentally a thrillseeker, willing to take on dangerous jobs for very little pay.

At one point, he did work as a guard for Ange, but after repeatedly violating Eva's strict orders not to speak to her, Eva grew to dislike him and fired him.

Ange seemed not to mind having him around, as he would often chat with her.

This man, who has traveled between the Japan Self-Defense Force, the Foreign Legion, and non-government military companies, has skill a counter-sniping and protecting VIPs.


Amakusa is a tall and muscular man with long white hair that is tied in a ponytail with bangs covering the right side of his face and dark eyes. He wears black clothing, boots, a chain connecting the lapels of his jacket and a black hat. He also wears a golden cross on his jacket. He has gray eyes and has a pale skin complexion.


Amakusa is a hot-blooded and open young man who cannot stand boredom. He is a laid-back and womanizing man with the outrageous ability to understand guns and other technology. Though, he has a greedy side for money, and throughout his life at different military camps/armies he has had a record of absences for no important reason. He is also quite talkative which resulted in him being fired by Eva.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Having served in various military forces, Amakusa is skilled in counter-sniping and VIP escorting. According to the Dawn of the Golden Witch TIPS, he is also extremely skilled in undertaking dangerous jobs. He is trained in unarmed combat, being able to take down one of Kasumi Sumadera's guards with a simple chop to the neck.


Amakusa has been in the Japan Self-Defense Force, the Foreign Legion, and non-government military companies. He was also once a part of the French-Foreign League, but for unknown reasons he was exiled from France.

After some years had passed, he was hired by Eva Ushiromiya to be her bodyguard. At one point, he worked as Ange's bodyguard, but after repeatedly breaking Eva's strict order not to talk to her as well as flirting with her, he became disliked in the end and was fired. After some time, he was training military recruits at Blackwater before he was employed by Okonogi for a large sum of money to protect Ange in 1998.

Relationships Edit

Role in the StoryEdit

Alliance of the Golden WitchEdit

When Ange is escaping from Kasumi, she is caught by one of her guards, who is quickly dispatched by Amakusa. Ange recognizes him from her childhood, as Amakusa was the youngest of many bodyguards hired by Eva Ushiromiya.

Amakusa helps Ange in her journey to Rokkenjima, driving her to various locations and helping fend off Kasumi's men.

Dawn of the Golden WitchEdit

Amakusa goes with Ange to the author Tohya Hachijo's house. He wakes up a sleeping Ange to remind her of the meeting with the author.

Amakusa is initially shocked to meet Tohya, saying that he had seen her as a man at some major book signings. Amused, Tohya explains that the man was merely a body double and that she was actually the woman standing next to him, overseeing the proceedings. Amakusa does not appear in the meta-world when Tohya reveals that she is Featherine Augustus Aurora.

In the Tea Party, Amakusa holds a private phonecall with Okonogi, implying that his loyalties lay with him rather than Ange. Amakusa is asked to assassinate Kasumi and her men, with Amakusa having retrieved a black golf bag with a "toy" inside.

Twilight of the Golden Witch Edit

Amakusa only appears once in the main story — in the world of 1998, when Ange is traveling with him as her designated bodyguard. Ange tells him she has lost purpose of why she seeks the truth behind the Rokkenjima incident and is probably trying to find out only as an act of revenge against Eva. Amakusa tells her of the child soldier problem — how orphans or abducted children are recruited as soldiers at a young age and continue to use guns and violence, long after their time at the battlefield, having lost their sense of purpose. His final words of advice to her are "Please don't become a child soldier".

In the Trick ending, Amakusa appears on the boat to Rokkenjima, accompanying Ange on her journey. He is shot to death by Ange, who theorized he had been sent to assassinate her.

In the Magic ending, Amakusa appears as Ange's contact person, assigned by Okonogi. He drives Ange south as she steps into a new life of her choosing after leaving the Ushiromiya family.

Twilight of the Golden Witch (manga) Edit

When Ange visits the Fukuin House along with Tohya and Ikuko for a Halloween party, a character who is implied to be an older Amakusa is seen handing a basket of sweets to Tohya.

Other Appearances Edit

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa Edit

in The Seven Sisters' Valentine, The Seven Stakes of Purgatory are given the task to find a valentine for Valentine's Day and give them Ronove's baked chocolates. Asmodeus picks Amakusa as her valentine.

Amakusa tries to return the favor in Beatrice's White Day and defends Asmodeus when she gets attacked by the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps.


  • Given that Jūza (十三) literally means the number 13 in Japanese, Amakusa is likely a reference to the character Hibari 13 from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Although Hibari 13 originally did not have a sprite, the later adaptations of Matsuribayashi released after Alliance of the Golden Witch, including the manga and the console ports, would retroactively give Hibari 13 an appearance that resembled Amakusa.
  • He listens to M.Zakky, one of the composers of the background music of the Umineko sound novels. The background music itself is actually music coming from his radio.
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