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Ciconia When They Cry.
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"All is in the name of guiding humanity down the right path."
— Jestress, to the Three Kings

Jestress (ジェストレス Jesutoresu) is a servant of the Three Kings.


Area of Origin Unknown
Affiliation Unknown

Not only is her true identity a secret, but even her face is always covered by a visor, making it impossible for anyone to see it.

She seems to be a high-ranking member in some sort of secret chivalric order.


Jestress has blonde hair and wears a mask adorned with an eye and a pink hat with a green bow. She also wears a pink snow jacket and green skirt. Unmasked, she has amber eyes. Her Gauntlet is completely black with a single solid shape.


Jestress has a jovial personality, often making fun of the Three Kings. When speaking with Toujirou, she acts more relaxed.


Special Abilities[]

??? (SSS)



Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Jestress acts as a mouthpiece for the Three Kings, relaying information to them and sending orders on their behalf. She has a few conversations with Toujirou, brushing off his flirting and revealing that her goals are not as they seem. At one point, Toujirou asks Jestress to remove her mask and is reminded of the first time they met after she does so.

In the epilogue, Jestress is seen using a Gauntlet and chasing after an unknown Gauntlet Knight.