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Jessica summons the demons of love Zepar and Furfur once again, this time to help make up with her friend Saki. The demons misunderstand her and think she wishes to enact forbidden love between maidens, which they will happily assist with; Jessica corrects them, saying she just wants to make amends with Saki since they had an argument and haven’t talked in over a week. The demons begin pulling out magic items but Jessica wishes to have just a simple charm instead, receiving a spell grimoire in response. Zepar and Furfur say the grimoire has lots of simple spells that are easy enough for people like Jessica to use. She finds the page with reconciling magic on it, noting that it’s very similar to the spells they have in girl’s magazines; the demons reply that those magazines were all copied from demonic grimoires.

Zepar and Furfur go away and Jessica tries out the reconciling spell, which requires her to think of the person she wants to make amends with, wear her socks inside out, and then privately give them her favorite candy. Jessica has no idea how this makes sense, but decides to go through with it since magic is all about believing. The next day, Jessica calls Saki over to the corner of the hallway where nobody can see and gives her the candy. Saki apologizes for their argument and Jessica apologizes as well, and then her inside-out socks are noticed. She tries to brush it off as her being in a hurry, and Saki laughs.

Jessica, happy that the reconciling spell worked, thinks about trying other spells in the grimoire. She sees one to make the caster dream of the person they love, hoping that Kanon will appear in her dreams. Jessica performs the spell and goes to sleep. She wakes up the next morning impressed and excited by how powerful the spell is, dreaming of having tea and talking with Kanon as Shannon brings them cookies. Zepar and Furfur suddenly reappear, happy that she’s using their grimoire for love. Jessica wants to use one more spell in the book, and the demons know which one she’s thinking of: a spell to make Kanon dream of her. The spell requires her to drop three drops of water on her pillow, then jump up and down three times.

Having completed the spell, Jessica meets Kanon the next morning to see if it worked. She asks if Kanon dreamed of anything, but the servant replies that his dreams were gray like TV static. Kanon doesn’t seem to show any newfound interest in Jessica, and she wonders if she did the spell wrong. She complains to Zepar and Furfur, who say the spell should’ve worked if Jessica did it right. Jessica swears she followed the instructions properly and points to a picture of a witch doing an incantation, chanting <Orihsot, Orihsot>. The demons asks who <Toshiro> is, and Jessica swears she’s heard that name before. They explain that the picture was just an example and that Jessica needed to chant the name of the person she loves backwards, which in this case would be <Nonak, Nonak>. Jessica is disappointed, but she swears that she will make Kanon fall for her without magical methods. Zepar and Furfur bid her good luck and disappear.

Meanwhile, <Toshiro> Gohda is in the kitchen trying to make sense of the dream he had last night. For some reason, he dreamed of Jessica talking with him about planning a vacation and being all romantic with him. He brushes off this dream of forbidden love between master and servant and tries to focus on his cooking, giving Jessica cantaloupe for dinner.

Background Music

  • Happy_Maria!(Instrumental)
  • HANE [Feathers]
  • birth_of_new_witch(inst)
  • Praise
  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer]
  • キ・ナの香り [Kina no Kaori]

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