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Story Mode

Jessica and Shannon


  • Shannon: Romance is what being a girl is all about. It would be wonderful if there were a ritual that could bring you love.
  • Jessica: Yeah, could there be something really convenient, like shooting an arrow through the heart of the person you're after?!
  • Shannon: Beatrice-sama, don't you have any magical items that could shoot an arrow through the heart of the opposite sex...?
  • Beatrice: Roses of the demon world do have the power to steal hearts. However, they only bloom rarely.
  • Jessica: A demon rose that can strike at the heart of the opposite sex... ...Let's look for it! And make our love come true!

Match 4 Prologue

  • Chiester 410: A rose of the demon world? I saw some just the other day nyeh.
  • Shannon: I-is that true?! 410-san, please tell me where they were...!
  • Jessica: If we could make a bouquet of those and give them out for Valentine's Day, that'd be just perfect! Eheheh!
  • 410: Nihihihi, not telling you where they are is what makes it a trial of love nyeeeh. If you wanna find them, look for yourself nyeh!
  • Jessica: Hah, are you saying we've gotta make you tell use by force?! Perfect. I'll show you my flaming fists of love...!

Match 4 Victory

  • Jessica: Come on, tell us! Where are the demon roses blooming?!
  • 410: I don't know where they're blooming nyeh... But I did see some fallen petals nyeh...
  • Shannon: Which proves that they're definitely blooming somewhere on this island...!
  • Jessica: Yeah! I'm getting all fired up! Let's keep searching. This has to be a trial of love! Let's go, let's go!
  • Lucifer: What the hell is going on here?! I was just standing next to her, and then I got beat up! Waaaah!!

Match 7 Prologue

  • Ronove: Roses of the demon world...? Well now, I'm afraid I haven't the slightest idea.
  • Shannon: Milady... Why do you think Ronove-sama would know...?
  • Jessica: I remembered something! ...That's right, this guy is the key to the demon roses!
  • Ronove: Ah. Come to think of it, roses do bloom from my blood, don';t they? I had completely forgotten.
  • Shannon: Y-yes, come to think of it...! So, if we're looking for demon roses on this island...!
  • Jessica: We've just gotta beat up this mustache-face, give him a bosebleed, and the demon roses will bloom right from there!! Fight us, Ronoveeeee!!!

Match 7 Victory

  • Ronove: ...I-in that case, I Ronove, will give it my all for the sake of making your love come true...
  • Jessica: I-incredible...Roses really are blooming from his nosebleed...
  • Shannon: I'm gonna give Kanon-kun a huge bouquet, so I'd better squeeze a bit more out! Come on, come on, come on!
  • Ronove: M-maidens can be quite ruthless creatures when it comes to romance...
  • Shannon: George-san, please accept this flower.
  • Jessica: Kanon-kun, please accept this bouquet...!!
  • George: This rose is beautiful. Thank you, Shannon.
  • Kanon: ...Thank you very much, Milady... But where did you find this many roses...?
  • Jessica: Th-that's a maiden's secret, eheheheh...!
  • Ronove: Giving life to the dreams of maidens can be quite a difficult task...
  • Virgilia: Hohohoh... the way, if you don't mind, I would like just one myself...
  • Ronove: ...I-it would seem all women are without mercy... i, Ronove, h-have been utterly defeated...

Generic Quotes

Jessica and Virgilia

  • Jessica: I still haven't finished running wild! Come on, who's our next opponent?!
  • Virgilia: P-perhaps we should take a quick break first...How about some tea and a nap...?

Jessica and Shannon

  • Shannon: Oh no, Milady! There's a scratch on your face...!
  • Jessica: I'm fine! Even if my face is scratched, nothing can leave a scar on my heart!

vs Ronove

Before Match

  • Jessica: Time for a return match. This time, I'm ripping off that mini-mustache!
  • Ronove: This is such a rare opportunity. Shall we treat ourselves to another good fight?


  • Ronove:
  • Jessica:

vs Ange

Before Match

  • Jessica: What are you looking all scary for? Let's have a bit more fun!
  • Ange: It's been 12 years...I've been wanting to play with you again.


  • Ange: I get the feeling that physical strength wasn't the only reason I lost...
  • Jessica: I told you, didn't I?! You've gotta set your heart on fire!

vs Shannon

Before Match

  • Jessica: Okay, this time're gonna tell me about that overnight trip!
  • Shannon: Milady, it's time for a break. Please go back to your room.


  • Jessica: It's a promise, okay?! Tell me about the hugging and kissing on your first date!
  • Shannon: L-like I said, I won't tell you about kissing...! And as for hugging, umm, well...

vs George

Before Match

  • Jessica: Let's see what my fists can do to you, George nii-san!
  • George: ...If you insist, I'll show you. Watch the magic of my kicks.


  • George:
  • Jessica:

vs Rosa

Before Match

  • Jessica: I suspect you too, Aunt Rosa. What do you say to that...?!
  • Rosa: This is no time for kids to butt in. Would you mind getting out of the way, right now?


  • Rosa: I definitely felt that one... That's the punch you inherited directly from Krauss nii-san, isn't it?
  • Jessica: This is the only thing I ever learned from Dad. ...Heheheh.

vs Erika

Before Match

  • Jessica: A guest? Let me give you an Ushiromiya-style welcome!
  • Erika: What a violent person. Don't tell me even your brain is made of muscles.


  • Jessica:
  • Erika:

vs EVA-Beatrice

Before Match

  • Jessica: A-Aunt Eva?! Comes to your senses! Why should we have to fight?!
  • EVA: I'm sorry, Jessica-chan! I've decided to make you the next sacrifice!


  • EVA: Not bad...I never thought you'd crush my closed room murder by punching it...
  • Jessica: Closed rooms are stupid! If you've got a problem, speak up with your fists...!

vs Virgilia

Before Match

  • Jessica: Go back to your house of sweets, you fairy tale witch...!
  • Virgilia: I can hardly call it wise to fill your heart with anger in an attempt to distract from your fear.


  • Virgilia:
  • Jessica:

vs Kanon

Before Match

  • Jessica: Hey, you're a boy, aren't you?! Show me what you've really got...!
  • Kanon: ...I can't lose. I'm the one who's going to protect you, Milady. So, no matter what...!


  • Kanon:
  • Jessica:

vs Lambdadelta

Before Match

  • Jessica: You look just like a witch I saw in a book long ago! Let's have a match!
  • Lambda: I don't want a boring match. If we're doing this, keep me entertained!


  • Jessica: You keep dropping candies all over the floor! I'll never forgive people who waste food!
  • Lambda: I'm not wasting them. I'll get my staff to gobble them up later! Isn't that right, my goats?!

vs Dlanor

Before Match 1

  • Jessica: Sorry. I may be dumb, but I'm not gonna lose when it comes to strength!
  • Dlanor: Do you know of the Knox DECALOGUE? It gives you the power to THINK.

Before Match 2

  • Jessica: And here's another weirdo! If you're a servant of the witch, I'm not holding back!
  • Dlanor: I merely said that your reasoning violates the DECALOGUE.


  • Jessica: I don't get any of this reasoning stuff! But I'll beat the heck out of evildoers!
  • Dlanor: How HEROIC. ...I believe you belong in a different TALE...
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