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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.
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"......Hohoho. Would you be so kind as to indulge an old lady in her tales of times past?'"

Jeanne Amakawa (ジャンヌ・天川 Jannu Amakawa) is the head of Primavera in 2012. She is interviewed by Julie Hayashibara to tell her story of how Primavera rose to power. She first appears in Season 1.


The young Jeanne has violet eyes and short violet hair, with a small strand tied in a pigtail. She wears a yellow t-shirt, a white blazer with red edges and a bright pink short skirt. Her shoes consist of maroon sandals on the platform. For accessories she wears light violet earrings and bracelet. She wear a light-pink apron while working at the bakery.

The old Jeanne wears a red and black coat with a blue rose on her left lapel and a black hat with blue earrings. She also wears sunglasses.


As a young woman, Jeanne was very assertive and protective of others. She became more refined as she grew older.




Season 1

Jeanne is first introduced in 2012 when Julie goes to interview her. Jeanne tells the story of how Rose Haibara transformed Primavera from a nightclub into a mafia group, starting with 1947 and inserting her own comments along the way.

Last Season

The young Jeanne is formally introduced in 1950 when Leo returns to Japan and runs into her. After hearing that Primavera has changed considerably from how it once was, Leo and Jeanne team up to overthrow it.

Rose also helps to overthrow Primavera and at the end presents Jeanne with the option of killing and usurping her. Instead, Jeanne spares Rose and wants to lie that she killed her anyway. Rose accepts this option and leaves Primavera in the hands of Jeanne.


  • The name Jeanne means "God Is Gracious" in French. Her surname Amakawa means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).