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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Jayden (ジェイデン Jeiden) is from AOU America and a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Warcat.


From AOU America

A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

Despite being an NPP, he made it into the top three in the AOU America Combined P3 Examination, which was completely dominated by CPPs.

In subsequent examinations, it was discovered that the chemicals produced in his brain and their receptors exhibited abnormal behavior. The AOU America Advanced Research Facility for National Defense determined that this was an extremely rare mental power, one that was neither superior nor inferior to CPPs, and they designated him as a special research subject.

However, following an incident where he drew indecent pictures with colored smoke over Florida while practicing for a flying exhibition, he has been permanently banned from flying over America itself.


Jayden has light purple hair and purple eyes. He wears a black vest over a long-sleeved, striped shirt and brown pants with black shoes. His Gauntlet resembles medieval knight armor, with the shoulder guard resembling a helmet.


Jayden is smart but tends to act impulsively, only giving things a second thought after he's already done it. He greatly values his relationships with his friends and worries about doing anything to ruin them.




Miyao and Jayden are best friends, and they duel during training often. He sometimes gets overwhelmed by Miyao's lectures, but he takes his advice regardless. Their friendship gets rocky once Jayden learns of Meow's existence and starts treating Miyao differently, but after a short fight Jayden learns to see his best friend and his love interest as truly separate people.


Jayden and Meow's initial encounter is awkward since Meow deliberately tries to avoid Miyao's friends and Jayden is not very knowledgeable about CPPs, but the two manage to start a mutual friendship.

When they start dating, Jayden initially shows concern over not knowing Meow's biological sex and wants to prove to himself that he loves Meow for who she is. They make a promise for Meow to reveal her sex on Christmas Day, and their relationship continues to develop over time.

Special Abilities

Supergenius Jayden (SS)

His average P3 levels are already extremely high, but when he's 'in the zone', as they say, he's able to reach explosively high P3 levels. However, in that state, dealing with anything else becomes a pain.

The Warcat's Two Claws (SS)

The word 'devastating' doesn't do justice to the scale of the saturation attack he and Miyao can launch when working together. But, according to Miyao, that's pointless overkill, and there isn't really any need for Jayden to be there shooting too.

Constant Surprise Attack Probing (S)

He likes being unconventional, so he's always using his parallel thinking to search for cunning tactics. He continually comes up with tactics like this at a certain rate throughout the battle. It's the so-called "*ping* I just thought of something stupid" trick.


Jayden was born in a factory in AOU America. He had a natural talent for P3 training, and he's seen as one of the best Gauntlet Knights in the world.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Jayden is introduced in the first chapter as a member of the squad Warcat. He has a short duel with Miyao and wins due to being taller than him, thus having longer arms.

During a break, Jayden relaxes at a game center and sees someone who looks like Miyao lurking around. He comes to realize that it's not Miyao but his alternate personality Meow, and the two start to get closer. Jayden changes his behavior around Miyao to the point of creeping him out, and they duke it out with Jayden learning to accept Miyao and Meow as different people. Jayden and Meow later go on a date while receiving advice from the other Gauntlet Knight aces, and they make a promise where Meow will reveal her biological sex on Christmas Day.

In Chapter 11, Jayden and Warcat are deployed for actual combat to the Glass Sea to destroy COU military vehicles.

In Chapter 15, Miyao officially forms the Order of the Public Bath and appoints Jayden as a Master. He recruits Valentina and Maricarmen into the Order since he'd been emailing them from time to time.

In Chapter 20, Miyao receives a video from his dad Toujirou of the explosion incident at the IPMA HQ, and Jayden and Gunhild watch it. After some deliberation, they're forced to accept that the explosion was an accident.

In Chapter 22, Warcat is deployed for another battle on the Glass Sea, and Jayden helps perpetuate a farce involving him launching guided missiles and Miyao taking control of a rival squad's Gauntlets to dodge them. In the next chapter, Jayden and Warcat suppress the drone revolt.

In Chapter 25, Jayden and Meow decide to postpone their Christmas date and instead hold a Christmas party. During the party, Miyao and Jayden talk about a hypothetical scenario where all of humanity is uploaded into a virtual world, and Jayden says he would gladly join Miyao there.

In the epilogue, Jayden appears with a blue body and a veil around his head, telling Miyao that he will go with him anywhere.

The Data Fragments show more of Jayden's relationships with his squad mates.


  • It is not implied in the English translation, as the Japanese honorifics aren't in the English patch. Jayden calls both Miyao and Meow as "Miyao-chan" and "Meow-chan," dropping the honorific occasionally.