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Not to be confused with Jirou Tomitake.
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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

James Tomitake (ジェームズ富竹 Jēmuzu Tomitake) is a mafia boss and the leader of Rich Bamboo, a gambling parlor allied with Caleb. He first appears in Season 2


They say he was the leader of Rich Bamboo, a smart, brainy mafioso.
Rather than settle things violently, he excelled at calmly assessing his opponents and burying them quietly.
He was very loyal to his friends and family, and was very strict with betrayal...
Suffered a lot of hardship when he was young. I can see he has a history of problems with women.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


James wears a black suit with a black hat and glasses.


James is a scheming man, always making deals behind people's backs and aiming to have people in his debt as much as possible..


James was a powerful mafia man with influence second to Caleb. He used to be rivals with Alfred's family.



Season 1

James is first mentioned in 1947 as one of many mafia bosses who submitted to Caleb's demands.

Season 2

James makes his first proper appearance, where Leo and Richard bribe him to provide information about Caleb's hideouts.

After Caleb's defeat, James joins Primavera and gives them his backing.

Season 3

In 1948 James helps to burn down Wang's storehouses when Rose begins a dispute with him.

In 1949 James provides some information about Davis Degawa when he proves to be troublesome. He later tries to bribe Davis to stop opposing Primavera in the hopes that Cyrus will be in debt to him.

Last Season

In 1950, James reunites with Leo and decides to help Rose's side when she plans to fight Richard and Primavera.

James later tries to bribe Keith and Maurice to join Rose, however they soon kill him as they have more loyalty towards Richard.