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It's Good To Have Friends...Right? (友達できたらイイ…カナ? Tomodachi de kitara ī… kana?) was the sixteenth event in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei, and the first collaboration event. It is a collab event with the company Sanrio, featuring Hello Kitty and her friends. The event ran from April 20, 2021 until May 3, 2021, and the SR card "We Are Dinosaurs" Keiichi Maebara was available to those who completed the event story.

Plot Summary[]

Main article: It's Good To Have Friends...Right?/Summary

Rena finds a magic wish-granting mirror and shows it to the other club members. She wishes for some new friends and winds up summoning Kitty and her cast of friends. After discovering that Rena's other wishes have caused chaos around the village, the club and Kitty's group set out to fix things.

Boosted Units[]

The following units increased event-related drops when brought into battle. They are units associated with this event.

All following units have a rarity of SSR.

Sprite Role & Character 5-Star 6-Star
Kazuho11 mei battle "KIRIMI-chan"
Kazuho Kimiyoshi
Mei0080 Mei0079
Rena14 mei battle "Hello Kitty"
Rena Ryuugu
Mei0073 Mei0074
Mion11 mei battle "Cinnamoroll"
Mion Sonozaki
Mei0075 Mei0076
Shion10 mei battle "Pompompurin"
Shion Sonozaki
Mei0077 Mei0078

The following unit was a reward for completing the event and has a rarity of SR.

Sprite Role & Character Card
Keiichi5 mei battle "We Are Dinosaurs"
Keiichi Maebara

Other Characters[]

The following characters appear in the story without having a unit: