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Isuzu Tsumuhana

Isuzu Tsumuhana (摘花 五十鈴 Tsumuhana Isuzu) is a 15-year-old girl who lives close to Hiroshi Kuzumi and the younger sister of Issei Tsumuhana who attended university before succumbing to his predatory instincts and attacking Hiroshi where she herself starts to submit and attacks Hiroshi, but she manages to stop herself and she is spared her brother's fate.


Isuzu is a girl with short blonde hair that has bangs spread out and brown eyes.

She wears a white and yellow shirt with brown trousers with black suspenders going down from her waist to her legs. she surprisingly has jingle bells attached to her wrists.


Isuzu was once a kind-hearted and energetic girl who tries to cuddle up with Hiroshi Kuzumi, hug him or even have fun with him. She is also tomboyish and extremely affectionate towards Hiroshi, sometimes to his dismay.

However, after Issei Tsumuhana's death by the hands of Nemuru Kushinada, her personality changes to a sad and bitter character until she confronted Nemuru and was hospitalized.