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Irotoutoshi-hen Chapter 4 (第4話 Dai Yon-wa) is the fourth chapter of Irotoutoshi-hen.


The chapter begins with a flashback of Kihiro's childhood with Rena and her husband. Rena asks her husband why he's lying, and he says to stop worrying about the little things and promises to do better. Rena interrogates him and asks if he's hiding something, and Kihiro interrupts their argument by showing them a kyute plushie. Kihiro narrates that his father's lies were always small and trivial, but his mother was very sensitive to lying and couldn't overlook anything. Happiness was always out of reach for Rena, and in the end Kihiro's parents divorced. Kihiro's father tells him that they still love each other, but being together is suffocating them. He says he needs to stay for work and suggests Kihiro and his mother return to Hinamizawa. Kihiro promises to protect Rena.

Kihiro believes that there are two types of lies, ones that he can forgive and ones he can't. In the present, June 14th after school, Kihiro tells Kururu to stop getting closer to Keitarou. Kururu is shocked, and worries that Kihiro found out she's just getting close to the club to gather information. She thinks about how Hinamizawa's people are not actually nice, having heard of the violence of the dam war and Oyashiro-sama's curse in the past. Kururu worries of what will happen if it's true that the villagers were complicit in murders, having overheard a recent conversation with her father that the Hinamizawans were on edge and may start something the night of their festival.

Kururu resolves to learn the club's secrets and fulfill her duty as part of the Ring of Stars to protect Polaris; she's prepared to attend the Hinamizawa festival if necessary. Realizing that she underestimated Kihiro, Kururu struggles for a way out of the conversation and fears becoming useless when she's found out. Kihiro repeats what he said, and Kururu starts acting innocent and telling lewd jokes. Kihiro keeps saying she's lying; he brings up how he has a similar knack as his mother for picking out lies, and can tell that Kururu's lying by forcing herself to make jokes, and that she doesn't actually care for Keitarou either.

Kururu admits defeat and comments on his intuition. She says she isn't actually into Keitarou but wants to fit in with Hinamizawa, and asks Kihiro why it's so bad to get close to him, while thinking that she can still maintain her cover and learn more about what Kihiro's planning. Kihiro says he doesn't hate Polaris and Kururu asks if he likes Keitarou then. Kihiro says he does love Keitarou, but not in that way.

Kihiro asks Kururu if she likes animals like dogs or cats and would date or do lewd things to them, but Kururu is shocked and thinks he's talking about something else. Kihiro says he feels the opposite, and that he's never had lustful feelings for another person. He doesn't feel anything for Keitarou beyond that love, and a flashback shows that long ago he went out with a girl who confessed to him. The girl urged him to date her but he didn't have any special feelings. The girl eventually dumped Kihiro for not acting like a prince and doing romantic things with her like holding her hand or kissing, and compared him to Keitarou. Kihiro has a video chat with Keitarou later and talks with him about it, asking if he feels those sorts of things. Keitarou says he does like girls but isn't into Sakiko or Tamaki, and Kihiro asks if he should act normal and should act more like Keitarou. Keitarou tells him not to worry and says the girl was just pishing her ideals onto Kihiro; plus, if Kihiro became more like Keitarou then there'd be two of them. Keitarou assures him that Kihiro being the way he is is what makes him and Keitarou the strongest when they're together.

Kihiro tells Kururu that this conversation with Keitarou is what saved him; he isn't sure if he'll ever feel romantic feelings for someone else in the future, but he's content with being Kihiro Ryuugu thanks to Keitarou. Kururu sees that Keitarou really does have some good sides, and Kihiro adds he also has some troubling sides. Keitarou comes into contact with many people thanks to his father's influence and isn't timid, which Kihiro likes.

Kihiro gets back on topic and says he loves Keitarou and all of his friends and wants to be with them, but he can tell that Kururu's forcing herself in. He's seen how Kururu defends Polaris kids and clearly cares for them, but doesn't understand why she's forcing herself to get closer to the club. He asks if that hurts her, and Kururu remembers her and her father's first meeting with the Holy Mother inviting them to Polaris. Kururu thinks that up to then, people have asked how she can talk to people outside of Polaris, and wonders if this is out of consideration for herself. Kihiro says his mother has a habit of pushing herself to act cheerful and thinks Kururu is similar, and is sure she's suffered some horrible heartbreak in the past but is acting like that's not true. Kihiro says Kururu's behavior is a forgivable lie but thinks it might be better if she didn't bottle up her pain. He asks Kururu to be more considerate of herself since the other Polaris kids want to protect her too, and will let her decide what to do now. Kihiro prepares to leave and Kururu cries, thinking that this is the first time she's been exposed yet she's happy about it; she says that there really are good people in Hinamizawa, which Kihiro smiles at. He offers to help her in any way possible whether she says it or writes it down, and bids farewell.