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Irotoutoshi-hen Chapter 13 (第13話 Dai Jyuu-San Wa) is the thirteenth chapter of Irotoutoshi-hen.


On Friday, June 21st, close to midnight, Inori and Kururu meet with Keitarou and the club, who are hiding in some bushes near the Ryuugu household. Tamaki tells the girls to turn off their flashlights and passes out night vision goggles to everyone, commenting that she took them from the Sonozaki home. Inori asks if they'll be able to catch the culprit behind the vandalism, and Kihiro assures her. Earlier he texted the suspect claiming that he got into an argument with a Polaris member and chewed them out, and that he wouldn't be surprised if his family got harassed in retaliation. Kihiro noticed a pattern of families who got into trouble with people from the other side getting harassed, and figured the culprit was pulling off their schemes in the middle of the night. Sakiko prepares her phone camera to record.

The group quiets down and watches as a van stops nearby, and a figure gets out and begins spraying graffiti on the Ryuugu house. They identify the culprit as Marutake and are shocked. Inori and Kururu know him, and explain that Marutake was invited as a special guest to the Polaris settlement since he wanted to cover the Polaris festival, and seemed to sympathize with the group while warning them about Hinamizawa's past and Oyashiro-sama's curse. The girls wonder if Marutake is an ally of the village as he rips open a garbage bag and spreads it out, but Keitarou and Sakiko say that he was sympathetic towards the village and warned everyone about the incidents Polaris caused. Sakiko especially realizes that her videos used Marutake's claims as a formation.

The group comes to the conclusion that Marutake was harassing both sides and instigating them, as he claps and smirks at his work. Sakiko says she's finished recording, and when Marutake prepares to return to his van, the group jumps out and confronts him. Sakiko announces that she got video of everything as Keitarou grabs Marutake, but he gets thrown to the ground. Marutake's demeanor changes as he laments that he got caught, and stares down at Keitarou menacingly. The kids tremble in fear, Inori especially, and Keitarou runs over to protect her.

Marutake asks what they'll do now that they've learned he's behind the harassment. He says that even if they report it to the police, they'll probably write it up as a misdemeanor and do nothing else, and that if the kids start anything else, they'll jeopardize Hinamizawa's chances of becoming a World Heritage Site. Keitarou doesn't understand, and Marutake explains that if articles about a secret feud between a village and a cult got out, it would generate a lot of publicity and cause tourists and writers from all over the place to descend upon Hinamizawa and ruin the idyllic image the residents have created. Keitarou says they can still take legal action against him, but Marutake doubts anyone will believe some kids, and even if the scandal did blow over, government agents have a habit of delaying things. Regardless, any story getting out means Hinamizawa will lose its chance to become a World Heritage Site.

Seeing how prepared Marutake was, Keitarou regrets rushing out like he did and thinks he should've taken their evidence to the adults first. Marutake says that he won't be able to move freely between Hinamizawa and Polaris anymore now that he's been exposed, and decides to disappear. He warns the kids that Hinamizawa will face a crisis soon and recommends not thinking about it, as that's the world he's living in too. He ominously says he's used to violence and leaves cackling. Only one day remains until the Watanagashi.