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Irotoutoshi-hen Chapter 12 (第12話 Dai Jyuu-Ni Wa) is the twelfth chapter of Irotoutoshi-hen.


On Tuesday, June 18th, Tamaki complains to her friends about more anti-Hinamizawa graffiti being found at her housekeeper's place. The housekeeper was sure Polaris did it, with Tamaki assuring her they'd find who was responsible. She's at a loss for what to do since they can't patrol at night, and so Keitarou suggests asking for help. Kururu and Inori show up later at Keitarou's request. The club is confused, and Keitarou says he won't force them to do anything, but it would be easier if they helped. Kihiro asks Kururu if she's really okay with this and reminds her that she doesn't have to force herself, and she replies that she's trying to live strong for her own sake as well. However, she does plan to head home if things get too much for her, and would like for Kihiro to step in if he thinks she's being risky. Kihiro agrees, reassured.

Keitarou explains that he wants to find the culprit behind the string of harassment incidents, knowing that both Hinamizawa and Polaris are suffering from it. Polaris says they're not interfering with the village, and the Three Family heads have ordered the villagers to not harass Polaris. Keitarou asks the girls if there's anyone who might ignore that and cause trouble. Kururu says that Polaris believes the villagers are organizing the harassment to drive them out, while Keitarou says the villagers think Polaris members are doing the same to take over the village. Keitarou determines that the culprit wants both sides to feel insecure about the other.

If the culprit were really from Hinamizawa then the other villagers would condemn them and be exiled for violating an order from the Three Families. As well, if the culprit were from Polaris, the other members wouldn't accept them as a comrade and also banish them, as the Holy Mother never ordered them to do harm to Hinamizawa. Kururu admits that Polaris once harassed their enemies before coming to the village, but that was because they were constantly being harassed and felt that making people see them as a cult would help distance them from outside interference. Tamaki remembers hearing that her great-grandmother Oryou employed similar strategies. Kururu professes that Polaris hasn't done anything to hurt Hinamizawa since the Holy Mother called it a safe haven. Keitarou is determined to resolve the misunderstandings between the two sides and find the culprit. Kururu and Inori smile and offer their assistance.

Some villagers are talking about the upcoming festival and their chances of Hinamizawa becoming a World Heritage Site. They hope no incidents will occur this year, but wonder if Oyashiro-sama's curse will claim Polaris members since harassment incidents are still occurring. They pray to the god for protection. Meanwhile, Canopus is talking to Polaris members; warns that the curse of Oyashiro-sama is a call for the villagers to act against external threats, and that the villagers may take radical action on the day of the festival. Canopus is then guided to the site of more anti-Polaris graffiti, the second incident that day. Some members think that villagers are sneaking in to do it by taking advantage of Polaris's distinct dress code. Kururu arrives and calms the panicking members, and takes a picture of the graffiti while assuring that there's no real proof the villagers are actually doing it. She asks the members to help her find the culprit by sharing what details they know.

Inori also arrives and explains that Keitarou from Hinamizawa is helping to find the culprit and is making an effort to understand Polaris, so they should do the same to him. Some of the members as well as Inori's mother are shocked that she's violating the doctrine by communicating with outsiders and tell her to clean herself, but the Holy Mother appears and defends her. She says that understanding and being considerate of others is more important than their doctrine. She additionally praises Inori and Kururu for wanting to understand others of their own free will, and assures them they can back out if they get overwhelmed.

The club and Polaris girls begin asking around and collecting information about the graffiti, marking their locations on a map. Kururu and Keitarou talk about having a group meeting to share their info, but Keitarou worries about it being difficult for the other Polaris members. Kururu mentions a classroom that the Polaris kids use after school while waiting for their parents to pick them up. On Thursday, June 20th, the gym teacher Uito provides Kururu and Inori with laptops to borrow. They and Polaris kids use the laptops to start a group chat with Keitarou and the club, who are sitting some distance away. Tamaki notes that this room is like Polaris's clubroom, while Kihiro notes that this way, they can text each other and not deal with the difficulties of face-to-face conversation. Keitarou says not to get too excited otherwise it'll defeat the purpose, and addresses Sakiko standing outside the classroom. Tamaki says this is her way of giving Polaris appropriate space.

In the chat, Kururu explains that they burned all evidence of the graffiti to cleanse the impurity, but they did take pictures. The graffiti seems to happen in the middle of the night and is discovered the next morning, with hard-to-see places being easy targets. Some people say they were victimized after hearing rumors about Hinnamizawa. Inori says the oldest photo is from a month ago as Sakiko says anti-Hinamizawa graffiti popped up around the same time, and posts the town council's pictures. They talk about how the graffiti's started to appear more often, and even several times a day. With how graffiti-covered sheets are appearing in broad daylight, Tamaki wonders if a group of people is doing this. Kihiro things that's too conspicuous and thinks one person could do this. The group concludes that the culprit could set up graffiti sheets in advance, hide them nearby, and swap them with clean sheets while nobody is around.

Keitarou mentions how all of the vandalism looks the same, and has the same handwriting. They figure that one person is indeed behind it all and trying to make relations crumble, and ask if anyone has any ideas. Kururu is certain that the culprit isn't anyone from Polaris and calls attention to the Polaris symbol drawn on the graffiti. She explains that the symbol on the graffiti is the Big Dipper when Polaris's symbol is actually Ursa Minor, which contains the North Star and looks similar. Kururu is angry that the culprit is someone who knows nothing about Polaris. Kihiro says he might know who it is and says he has a plan to trap and expose them as he texts someone on his phone.



  • Uito has a similar appearance to Willard H. Wright from Umineko When They Cry. In Japanese, Uito's name contains the first "ui" syllables in Will's first name and the "to" syllable at the very end of Will's last name.