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Irotoutoshi-hen Chapter 11 (第11話 Dai Jyuu-Ichi Wa) is the eleventh chapter of Irotoutoshi-hen.


At the Kimiyoshi household, Satoko is folding laundry while Sakiko gives her grandfather a massage. Sakiko talks about how happy she is that Keitarou's returned, allowing the kids to reunite for the Watanagashi Festival. Shoutarou goes to get some sleep, and Satoko asks Sakiko to also give her a shoulder rub. They talk about how successful Smile Shop's new video was, and Satoko praises her daughter for her video editing skills.

Satoko then pulls up an anti-Polaris video on her phone and asks Sakiko if she's familiar with it. She's determined that Sakiko was the one making all those videos, as her shoes are visible in some shows, and only she would be able to film Polaris in secret since she knows where they live. Satoko asks Sakiko why she'd do this, and Sakiko replies that she just finds them annoying and creepy, and they're ruining Hinamizawa's image as a tourist destination and wants them gone.

Satoko asks if they've ever done anything to Sakiko directly, and she denies it. Satoko then talks about how her own family used to be bullied by the entire village a long time ago. Her and Satoshi's parents were supporters of the dam project, and the whole village ostracized the family because of it. Satoko was able to get through it because of Rika and the club members. Sakiko is horrifed that this ever happened. She asks what Kisaku did, and Satoko replies that he went to a different school and wasn't involved, but is sure he would've defended her. Sakiko can't believe her mother was treated like this when she never did anything wrong, and Satoko affirms it. She takes Sakiko's hand and asks her to be considerate of others, and to show Polaris the same compassion she showed to her past.

Sakiko realizes she's acting just like the people who ostracized Satoko and starts to cry. Satoko says she doesn't have to like Polaris and can't be forced into liking them, but just like Keitarou said, she can keep her distance and not make herself uncomfortable. Taking her words to heart, Sakiko deletes all of the videos on her channel and hugs her mother.

Satoko tells Keiichi that Sakiko was behind the videos, but they've talked it out now. With one less person causing discord with Polaris, the next thing to take care of is the graffiti and garbage dumping. Satoko says Sakiko swore she never did any of that, which makes Keiichi wonder how they're going to find the real culprit. Six days remain until the Watanagashi.