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Irotoutoshi-hen Chapter 10 (第10話 Dai Jyuu-wa) is the tenth chapter of Irotoutoshi-hen.


Keitarou wonders who this unknown number calling him is, and hears outdoor noises from the other end. The voice finally introduces herself as Inori, who's calling from an outdoor phone. She blushes when Keitarou calls her name cute and reminds him that he helped her at school that morning. She threw away the business card he gave her since Polaris forbids taking things from outsiders, but she wrote his number on a note and called so she could thank him. Keitarou remembers that Polaris forbids communication and that members are afraid of interacting with others in general, and wonders how much courageous it must've taken for Inori to call him. He considers getting excited and talking to her, but calms himself down and reminds himself to go at Inori's pace. Keitarou calmly thanks Inori for being brave, making her happy. Inori is relieved and says she worried about what to say to him, and praises him for being able to carry conversations with others so well. Keitarou says that his dad and his friends called him out earlier about how to speak with Polaris members without hurting them, and still doesn't know how to do it well.

Inori asks if it's annoying talking to her, and Keitarou insists it's not the case. Inori says she does want to talk to people, but her voice is always so quiet, and she often got scolded for the way she spoke. Her father would get upset and abuse her no matter what she said, and so Inori started feeling that it was her fault that she was causing trouble to others and started keeping quiet. Keitarou praises her for trying her best, and Inori says that Polaris is full of people like her who are bad an interacting, even Kururu. Keitarou is surprised to hear Kururu's like that, and Inori explains that she pretends to be good at communication and is straining herself to act the way she does.

Inori talks about what Kururu's past family was like, and a brief flashback to the girls talking occurs. Kururu says her mother was strict and scary and would hit her when she did something wrong, and would also hit her father and force him to also hit Kururu; her mother only pretended to act nice around other people. A concerned Inori hugs her.

In the present, Inori says that Kururu created another self to escape from her abusive childhood memories, and still does her best for the rest of the Polaris kids. Keitarou looks back on his previous encounters with Kururu and realizes that even she had her own circumstances, and arbitrarily assumed she was special. Keitarou remembers his dad talking about one-sided perspectives being far from true communication, and thanks Inori for telling him all of this. He believes that the villagers can develop compassion for Polaris if they heard all of their stories of hardship, and Inori says she hopes they understand that Polaris doesn't believe in the phrase "there's no parent who doesn't love their child." Keitarou adds that they shouldn't force people to open up about things like that, and that they need trust from the other person; Keitarou hopes to become that kind of person, and hopes that Kururu will open up herself someday. Keitarou says that it's fine if Kururu never reveals that, and that they still have to respect each other as neighbors. Inori happily agrees. Inori thanks Keitarou for accepting her sudden call and prepares to hang up. Keitarou also thanks her and lets her call again any time. After ending the call, Keitarou rolls around in happiness.

Keitarou goes to the living room and asks Keiichi if there's really anybody in Polaris who'd want to mess with Hinamizawa. Keiichi doesn't think so, but he does believe someone could be tempted by evil influence, whether they're from Polaris or Hinamizawa. Keitarou begins to agree, but wonders if anybody would be that persistent with harassment just by someone's influence.

Inori is seen walking home. A shadowed figure puts up some anti-Polaris graffiti and walks away from the scene.