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This article is about a location in Higurashi When They Cry.
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The Irie Clinic (入江診療所 Irie Shinryōjo) is a doctor's office in Hinamizawa. Kyousuke Irie is director and proprietor of the clinic while Miyo Takano is employed as a nurse.


The Irie Clinic is a fairly large clinic with up-to-date facilities, contrasting with the many rural houses Hinamizawa has. The clinic is large enough that it can accommodate a parking lot and space for buses.[1]


The Irie Clinic was built in Hinamizawa sometime before the dam project ended. While the villagers were initially skeptical of the clinic due to it being staffed by outsiders, they've since warmed up to Irie and Takano. Satoko is a frequent patient at the clinic.

In Matsuribayashi, it is revealed that the clinic is also known as the Irie Institute (入江機関 Irie Kikan) and was funded by the organization "Tokyo" for the purposes of researching Hinamizawa Syndrome, a parasitic virus native to Hinamizawa. Satoko is a frequent patient due to her being a terminal patient of the syndrome who has also managed to escape the terminal stages and unknowingly provides the clinic with lots of data. The Irie Clinic with the help of the Mountain Dogs has also propagated Oyashiro-sama's curse as a cover-up for the disappearances of various people in their research into Hinamizawa Syndrome; the dam construction foreman's murderer and Rika's mother were dissected by them as the former was a terminal patient and the latter was the previous queen carrier for the Hinamizawa Syndrome parasites. Satoshi Houjou was also a terminal patient and instead of being dissected was placed in intensive care.


  • In the original Comiket 62 version of Onikakushi, the Irie Clinic was referred to as the Ootaka Clinic, with the background sign also changed to match.[2]


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