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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Inori Mikazuki (朏 依乃里 Mikadzuki Inori) is a character appearing in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. She is a shy girl and a member of the Polaris cult.


A beautiful girl with a mysterious aura who goes to the same school as Keitarou and the others.

(Translated from the Hoshiwatashi website).


Inori has amber eyes and long black hair tied into braids with blue bows at the end. In the Hoshiwatashi teaser image, she is shown wearing a white hat with a yellow 8-pointed star on it and a long white dress with blue cuffs. At other times, Inori wears a school uniform.


Inori is a very quiet and shy girl, getting frightened when non-Polaris members try to speak to her. After Keitarou's attempts at befriending her, Inori starts to open up and speak to him a bit, despite her discomfort.


Inori and her mom meeting the Holy Mother

Inori used to live in an abusive household, with her mom often being beaten by her dad. One day, Inori and her mom ran away from home and travelled for a while before meeting the Holy Mother of Polaris. They joined the cult and moved to Hinamizawa to live with other Polaris members, where Inori became friends with Kururu.[1] Inori then started attending the Okinomiya middle school.


Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


Keitarou is confused as to Inori's behavior

Inori is introduced leaving a classroom when Keitarou runs into her and tries to make friends with her. Inori is frightened by him and accidentally falls down a flight of stairs. Keitarou goes to help her as Inori mumbles inaudible things while clutching a keychain and giving frightened looks at him. Keitarou asks some nearby girls to help but they stare at him instead.

Keitarou carries Inori to the nurse's office to get her patched up and then tries to make friends with her again. Inori says nothing, and when Kururu and her friends appear, Inori starts speaking to them. Inori leaves the office and gives Keitarou a short bow.

Oniokoshi inori keychain.png

Keitarou notices that Inori left behind her keychain and puts it in his pocket.(Oniokoshi Chapter 1) After school, Keitarou tells his friends about Inori's strange behavior and learns about Polaris, a group that takes in domestic violence victims and refuses to talk to anybody outside their circle. Keitarou later sees Inori and Kururu inside a procession of Polaris cars.(Oniokoshi Chapter 2)

Inori and Kururu go shopping together, and Inori gets harassed by delinquents after being left alone. Keitarou and his friends happen to be nearby and rescue her, and when Keitarou sees it's Inori, he introduces her to the others. Inori thanks them for their help and runs away, leaving Kururu behind to explain her situation to Keitarou's group.(Oniokoshi Chapter 3)


Keitarou sees Inori exit a classroom and tries to make friends with her, but Inori is scared and falls down a flight of stairs. Keitarou tends to her wounds and is confused by Inori's friends standing by and watching rather than help.

Inori is carried by Keitarou to the nurse's office, where she gets treated for some bleeding and a sprain. Keitarou tries once more to become friends with her, and before Inori can say anything, her friends and Kururu arrive to gather her. Inori gives Keitarou a short bow before leaving.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 1)

At the store, Keitarou sees Inori with her mom and calls out to them, which causes them to drop their groceries in fright. Keitarou helps pick them up and apologizes for causing Inori to get hurt yesterday. As he's leaving, Inori thanks him for everything and exhausts herself as a result. After the Mikazukis drive off, Keitarou becomes more determined to becomes friends with her.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 2)

Inori and Kururu meet Keitarou after school

Keitarou tries to learn what Polaris kids feel about Hinamizawa by giving them surveys at school, and also gives one to Kururu. Kururu crumples it up in private however, and tells Inori about how suspicious Keitarou's group is before hugging her. The next day, Inori finds a letter from Keitarou inside her locker.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 3) Inori meets up with Kururu and the kids who got surveys earlier and reads out the letter, where Keitarou expresses his desire to better himself and become friends with the members of Polaris. Kururu takes note of Keitarou's value to Polaris and arranges for herself and Inori to meet him in private after school the next day.(Hoshiwatashi Chapter 4)


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