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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei.

The Holy Mother (聖母 Seibo), real name Utsui (宇津井)[1], is the founder and leader of Polaris. She appears in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei.


The Holy Mother appears to be a middle-aged woman and has a mole under her left eye. She's always seen wearing a cloak and hood.


The Holy Mother seems caring and understanding, and always has a calm face.


Hoshiwatashi ch4 holy mother

The Holy Mother welcomes Inori and her mom into Polaris.

The Holy Mother founded Polaris to be a place where domestic violence victims and those who have been hurt by communication can live together as a large family. They've since moved to Hinamizawa, comprising half of its population in 2019, which is causing animosity with the villagers due to Polaris's background and antisocial beliefs.


Role in the Story[]


The Holy Mother is seen in person for the first time when Canopus and members of the Ring of Stars inform her that preparations for the next day have been completed.(Oniokoshi-hen Chapter 4) The next day, on the night of the Watanagashi Festival, Kisaku goes missing and his aide is found dead by supposed suicide. Many assume that Polaris was responsible for masterminding it.

The Ring of Stars later invade Keitarou's house to murder his grandparents and execute him, declaring him a threat to the world. Keitarou wonders if the Holy Mother ordered this, but he doesn't get an answer. Keitarou and the Ring of Stars die when Keitarou's house burns down, with the police discovering that the group had left Polaris and so are being treated as acting independently.(Oniokoshi-hen Chapter 8)


Keitarou is invited to attend Polaris's festival and meets the Holy Mother. She thanks Keitarou for trying to understand Polaris and become friends with them.(Hoshiwatashi-hen Chapter 6) Marutake, who had also been invited, thanks her for letting him take pictures.(Hoshiwatashi-hen Chapter 7)

Hoshiwatashi 9-1 holy mother and inori

The Holy Mother tells Inori she will always be welcome in Polaris

On the night of the Watanagashi Festival, Kisaku goes missing and Rika is murdered, leading many Hinamizawans to assume Polaris masterminded it. An angry mob begins storming the Polaris settlement, with Sakiko intent on interrogating the Holy Mother to find out where her father is. Keitarou, Inori, and Kururu find the Holy Mother holing up in a church with many other members. Keitarou tries convincing them all to run away or else they'll die, but the Holy Mother refuses. When Inori is scolded by her mother for becoming "corrupted", the Holy Mother consoles her and says that even if Inori runs away, she'll still be a member of Polaris. Keitarou and Inori proceed to escape as the Hinamizawa mob starts breaking into the church. The Holy Mother prays with some of the remaining members and is ultimately killed.(Hoshiwatashi-hen Chapter 9)


  • Ciconia When They Cry references a similarly-named concept that was originally called the Holy Mother, before being changed to The Madonna.