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Key Person (やっぱりキーパーソン Yappari Kīpāson, lit. Real Key Person) is the second chapter of the Hirukowashi-hen manga adaptation.


Rika swears that she'll protect the treasure of Furude Shrine. The Magatama of Fuwarazu were sealed in the sky a hundred years ago, but now they've been unsealed and fell to the ground, causing Rena to fall in love. Rika tells Hanyuu she's confident Rena has the red magatama. There are two magatamas, one red and one white, and whoever holds the red one falls in love with the holder of the white one. Rena therefore has fallen in love. Rika worries that Rena will blow up the school if they don't do anything. The invisible Hanyuu goes up to Rena and confirms she has the red magatama, and is shocked to find it's inside her. When Rena swallowed it, the magatama dissolved and so its power is inside her, but there's a ritual they can use to pull it out. All they need to do is bring the red and white magatamas together.

Rika is frustrated that Hanyuu can't do anything to find the white magatama even though she created them and argues with her. Keiichi notices Rika standing in the hallway and pulls her inside the classroom, with Satoko asking what she knows about Rena's condition. Rika explains everything to the club and shows them a scroll, with the club commenting on the magatamas looking like fur seals.

The club wonders how they'll even find the holder of the white magatama. Mion tries to ask Rena directly, but Rena instead punches her several times. Rena then says she's going to leave early and quickly runs away. Satoko springs a jump rope trap to trip her, but Rena runs past and breaks it. Rumiko Chie appears and tells Rena not to run in the halls, but Rena confuses her by inviting her to her wedding party while running past her, leaving school.

The club chases after Rena. Rika says she has an idea of where she's going, and guides everyone to the Furude Shrine. There, Rena is snuggling up to a surprised Jirou Tomitake and asking him to teach her all about cameras. Rena then reaches inside of her shirt, shocking the club members, but then she pulls out some photography books that she used for studying. Tomitake becomes infatuated with her. The club worries about Takano finding out, but Miyo Takano herself shows up. Tomitake tries to say it's not what it looks like regarding Rena, but Takano suddenly gets a look of jealousy.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts Day 2-1 and part of Day 2-2 of the visual novel.

  • In the visual novel, the club figures out Rena is in love with Tomitake by looking at her photography books at school, and then use Hanyuu's "ghost radar" to detect Tomitake near the shrine. In the manga they immediately go to the shrine on instinct, and Rena shows off her books later.
  • In the visual novel, Tomita and Okamura have speaking lines. They do not appear at all in this manga.