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Sudden Change (豹変 Hyouhen) is the first chapter of the Hirukowashi-hen manga adaptation.


1983, Hinamizawa. In the ritual storehouse, Hanyuu tells Rika Furude about how the seal on the Magatama of Fuwarazu has been broken. An incense burner was used to seal them away, and now that one of the legs is broken, the seal has broken as well. The Magatama, passed down since ancient times, were sealed off by Heaven and have fallen into the village somewhere. If they don't recover the Magatama, then a horrific tragedy will occur.

Rena Ryuugu and Keiichi Maebara go treasure hunting at the junkyard. Keiichi was asked by Rena to go treasure hunting with her, with Keiichi falling over exhausted after digging. Rena refreshes him by feeding him tea and cookies. Keiichi admires Rena's niceness and remembers that during club games earlier that day, Rena gave him a helping hand despite the club having rules encouraging ruthlessness. Rena seemed like she genuinely wanted to have fun with everyone.

The day ends, and Rena tricks Keiichi into helping her go treasure hunting again tomorrow by making a concerned face and wondering if he'll really only help if she makes more cookies. Keiichi accepts it however, and comments that he doesn't see Rena smiling often at club.

Just then, Rena is suddenly struck by lightning and collapses, and Keiichi tends to her as she starts choking. Rena calms down and says she choked on something, with Keiichi wondering if something actually fell from the air. Rena says she's fine now since the pain went away, and bids farewell to Keiichi and goes home. Keiichi also goes home, still feeling anxious. Rika and Hanyuu search the junkyard later that night for the Magatama, with Hanyuu sensing its energy. Rika says they can't search since it's too dark, and decides to leave it for tomorrow.

The next day at school, the club notice Rena sitting by herself quietly and wonder what happened. Satoko Houjou says Rika had to stay home for some shrine business. Keiichi wonders if it's related to what happened to Rena yesterday. Mion Sonozaki asks if he knows anything, but Keiichi ignores her and asks Rena if she's hurt anywhere. Rena ominously says she has a pain in her heart that won't go away, even if she goes to the infirmary, and mutters that even Oyashiro-sama won't be able to help. The club is shocked, and Rena suddenly exclaims her pain is because of love. The club becomes confused. Rika and Hanyuu enter the room and realize that Rena swallowed the Magatama. They wonder what kind of comedy awaits them.



Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts Day 0, Day 1, and part of Day 2 of the visual novel.

  • In the visual novel, Takano and Tomitake appear and talk to Keiichi and Rena at the junkyard, and are present when Rena is hit with the magatama. They do not appear at all in this chapter.
  • In the visual novel, Rika is at school all day and doesn't stay home.