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The single-volume Hinamizawa Bus Stop ~Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Origins~ (雛見沢停留所~ひぐらしのなく頃に原典~) manga is an adaptation of Hinamizawa Bus Stop, the prototype script of Higurashi When They Cry that was originally written by Ryukishi07 as a stage play. This is the last non-spinoff Higurashi manga volume to be released and has not been published outside Japan.

The script was later adapted again as a visual novel in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou. The console port under the same name introduced character sprites done by the same artist as this manga in the same style.

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Given the nature of Hinamizawa Bus Stop as an alternate continuity to the original Higurashi, some content on this article may spoil the original story. Proceed with caution.



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The Sound of Rain (雨音 Amaoto)

Rika Furude, Mion Sonozaki, Katsumi Tonegawa, Kazuya Arakawa, and Mitsuru Yoshimura meet each other at a bus stop in a rainy day. The group argues about the Hinamizawa Dam project. Yoshimura brings up Oyashiro-sama's Curse.

The BEGINNING OF the Curse (祟りノ始マリ Tatari no Hajimari)

Rika, Arakawa, and Yoshimura inform Tonegawa about the original story of Oyashiro-sama and the tragedy of Kondo Yoshiyuki in November of the previous year.

The Past ERASED (消サレタ過去 Kesareta Kako)

The group discusses the tragedies of Kakinuma, Katou, and Mori, which have not been widely reported. Yoshimura claims to be planning to investigate the truth behind Oyashiro-sama's curse. Rika warns that he will die too.

Was SOMEBODY WATCHING? (誰カ見テタノ? Dareka Miteta no?)

Yoshimura and Mion discusses her trip to Tokyo earlier. Two policemen arrive at the bus stop and inform the group that the bus won't come and a street murder has happened in the city.

"To be", "To" not be (「いる」「い」ない "Iru" "I"nai)

Yoshimura evokes Arakawa's memories related to Oyashiro-sama's Curse when they are the only two people at the bus stop.

Trauma... (トラウマ… Torauma...)

Yoshimura evokes Arakawa's painful memories when he was a student, leading to the latter clawing his own throat.

I'll KILL YOU... (殺シテヤル… Koroshite yaru...)

Mion confronts Yoshimura for being suspicious but suffers immense pain.

FRIENDS... (トモダチ… Tomodachi...)

Okano and Hoshino arrests Yoshimura and come back with Hiroaki Nitta, Kasumi Hotoda, and Teruhiko Oda to explain the situations.

The Truth of the Curse (祟りノ真実 Tatari no Shinjitsu)

Rika confronts Nitta's group and exposes their true agenda.

If it's US BOTH... (二人ナラ… Futari nara...)

After the death of Rika, Mion kills everyone in Nitta's group for revenge.

Visual references

This adaptation of the stage play script includes various references to the main Higurashi series that don't have to do with the story itself.

  • The overall appearances of Rika and Mion resemble their main story counterparts, albeit being older.
  • The posters on the bus shelter feature Satoko Houjou and Rena Ryuugu.
  • The bus stop information board lists Okinomiya and Shishibone City as adjacent stops.
  • Oyashiro-sama's appearance resembles that of Hanyuu, most notably the horns. Additionally, a plush that resembles Hanyuu can be seen attached to Mion's bag shown on the cover art and to the cellphone of Mion's father shown in Chapter 4.
  • Kakinuma's wife shown in Chapter 3 looks identical to Rumiko Chie.
  • The overall appearance of Mion's mother shown in Chapter 4 resembles Akane Sonozaki.
  • The elevator panel has "HIGURASHI" displayed on it in Chapter 5.
  • Masks that resemble the faces of Jirou Tomitake, Keiichi Maebara, Rena Ryuugu, Satoko Houjou, Shion Sonozaki, Rumiko Chie, Miyo Takano, and Akane Sonozaki are used to cover the faces of minor characters in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6.
  • A sign with "Ryuugu" (竜宮, lit. dragon palace), Rena's surname, written on it can be seen in Chapter 9.


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