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The Hinamizawa Branch School (雛見沢分校 Hinamizawa Bunkō) is a school in Hinamizawa attended by the main cast of Higurashi When They Cry and where the Club plays most of their games.


The school is not a formal school and is located in a building rented from the Hinamizawa Forestry Service. As such, there is construction machinery parked nearby.[1] The entire class totals about 30 students from grades elementary to middle school.[2]

A garden is located in the back where the teacher Chie grows ingredients for curry.[3]


There used to be a larger, proper school in Hinamizawa that became dilapidated and was closed down during the dam conflict, being merged with the one in Okinomiya. Because of how far the other school was, the Onigafuchi Guardians rented a building from the forestry service to use as a schoolhouse which became opposed by the government. Rumiko Chie was a teacher for the other school and came to teach in the new school despite warnings from the Board of Education and was even suspended for it.[4]

After the end of the dam conflict, the Onigafuchi Guardians and the Three Families negotiated with the government again and allowed the school to begin proper operation.[5] The principal of the old Hinamizawa school would also become the principal of the new school.[4]


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